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Mon 14 Jan 2013
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These are the various contracts available for the different mercenary companies to choose from. Non-sponsored companies may choose any contract available (unless otherwise noted in unit thread).

You may use a terminal in the Lounge thread or set up a meeting with one of the Liason Officers to reserve a contract. Only one contract per mercenary company at any given time.

Unit Types:
Lance     -  4 mechs
Company   - 12 mechs 

There is only a select few contracts available at this time due to the sudden influx of new mercenaries flooding our system. New Contracts will be available as soon as Employment Traffic goes down. We do apologize for this inconvenience and hope that you may stay tune for further updates.

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Mon 14 Jan 2013
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Re: Contracts
[Mission Code 34-X58]  {Currently Reserved for the Aces Wilds}
Planet: New Avalon
Mission Type: Training
Enemy Forces: Davion Heavy Guards
Unit request: 1 Lance
Pay: 750,000 (Per Unit Mech)
Drop-weight Restrictions: 35 Ton per Mech Maximum.

Mission Info: The Davion Heavy Guards is preparing for a deployment and is looking for a merc unit to test  its command and support lance against.

Contract Closed:
[Mission Code 51-F30: Success]
Unit Participation: Kazimir
Planet: Antallos
Mission Type: Search and Destroy
Enemy Forces: Pirates
Unit Request: 1-2 Lances of Mechs
Pay: 1,500,000 (Lance Pay divided among Pilots), armor repairs covered for mission, 50% Salvage rights.
Drop-weight Restrictions: 45 Ton per Mech Maximum.

Mission Info: Pirates attacking the Draconis combine have been traced back to this planet. Orders are to engage and destroy all pirate Mechs. Expect 1 to 2 battles. Enemy strength is listed as a light recon lance and a light strike lance.

Contract Closed:
[Mission Code X1-X02: Success]
Unit Participation: Aces Wilds
Planet: Outreach
Mission Type: Training Skirmish
Enemy Forces: Natasha Kerensky and the Black Widows.
Unit request: 1-2 Lance
Pay: 900,000 (Per Unit), no salvage, 200,000 per kill, mission pay doubled for succeeding (-50k for each friendly unit lost)
Drop-weight Restrictions: 60 Ton per Mech Maximum.

Mission Info: The Black Widows are testing the Dragoon's new Heavy ER PPC weapon system.  The Black Widows have requested that Wolf's Dragoons supply up to 2 lances of victims Mechs to face off against the Black Widows (who's mechs are all equiped with the Heavy ER PPC).  All weapons will be powered down and damage will be simulated by the mech's computer. The force opposing the Black Widows are not expected to win but compensation will be given based on how well the unit does.  Winning the mock battle will allow the unit to avail and use the Heavy ER PPC.

The Heavy PPC is a larger, more potent version of the Particle Projector Cannon. The Heavy PPC has a bigger damage potential than the ER PPC however it has the same heat buildup of a Clan ER PPC and is heavier than the previous models.

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Sat 19 Jan 2013
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Re: Contracts
Merc Net Update, Thank you for your patience.

[Mission Code 22-55I]
Planet: Arcturus
Mission Type: Base Defense
Enemy Forces: Unknown
Unit request: 1 lance
Pay: 1,500,000 (Lance Pay), 50% salvage
Drop-weight Restrictions: 25 Ton per Mech Minimum

Mission Info: The planet Arcturus is being used as a research base. The base is looking for a small unit to provide protection against raids as well as test weapon systems.

Contract Closed:
[Mission Code A2-X5I: Success]
Unit Participation: Garuss and Nicholas
Planet: Harloc
Mission Type: Raid
Enemy Forces: Harloc Raiders
Unit Request: 1 Lance
Pay: 2,000,000 (Per Unit), 100% Salvage rights
Drop-weight Restrictions: 45 Ton per Mech Maximum

Mission Info: A dropship of supplies is expected to arrive to re-supply the Harloc Raiders. Orders are to capture or destroy the resupply convoy.

[Mission Code 81-2XC] -Unavailable for Wolf Dragoon Sponsored Units-
Planet: Unknown
Mission Type: Destroy
Enemy Forces: Wolf's Dragoons
Unit Request: 2 to 3 lances of Mechs
Mission Pay: 8,000,000 C-Bills (Per Unit), 50% Salvage
Drop-weight Restrictions: 50 Ton per Mech Minimum

Mission Info: The Kell Hounds has decided to get rid of the thorn in its side known as the Wolf's Dragoons. Units who wish to accept the contract will follow any Merc unit related to the Dragoons where ever they deploy to. 2,000,000 C-Bill bonus for capturing any pilots alive.

[Mission Code 22-55I]
Planet: Sian
Mission Type: Raid/assault
Enemy Forces: Possibly 2 lance of Heavies
Unit Request: at least 2 Lance of Mechs
Pay: 4,000,000 (Per Unit), 25% Salvage rights
Drop-weight Restrictions: 70 Ton per Mech Maximum

Mission Info: A new research base has made a breakthrough concerning a new type of heat sink the discharges double the heat of existing heat sinks. The base must be destroyed and the plans captured. There is one company guarding the base with another company close by for fast response. Players will be able to purchase double heat sinks on mission success.

Double Heat Sinks cools down your Mech with double the effect while maintaining the same weight output as the Single Heat Sinks. They are however limited in availability and expensive to purchase.

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Wed 30 Jan 2013
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Re: Contracts
Merc Net Update, Thank you for your patience.

[Mission Code 52-F5G]
Planet: Nadir Point CC-332, Kittery
Mission Type: Distract and Delay
Enemy Forces: Federated Suns
Unit request: 1-2 lance
Pay: 500,000 (On Retreat, Per Unit), 2,000,000 (On Success, Per Unit), 350,000 (Per Kill) No salvage
Drop-weight Restrictions: 35 Ton per Mech Maximum

Mission Info: Fighting all along the Suns/Confederation border has increased in the past year, with firefights erupting pretty much on every world. The Confederation seems to be gearing up for a major push now; they are hiring several mercenary bands to begin raid and recon missions along the Periphery end of the border. These raids, must stop.

We like mercenaries to recon the vicinity in this sector, should you come in contact with any hostile forces, retreat immediately and report back for debrief. Bonus pay for any Mech destroyed during the course of the mission. However quite a large sum of rewards will be given if all hostiles have been eliminated in the area should you choose not to retreat.

[Mission Code 80-00A]
Planet: Gienah
Mission Type: Raid and Destroy
Enemy Forces: Lyran Alliance
Unit request: 2 Lances
Pay: 1,500,000 (Per Unit), 3,000,000 (All Hangers Destroyed), 100% Salvage (If all Base defenders are wiped out.)
Drop-weight Restrictions: 40 Ton per Mech Minimum

Mission Info: A Mr. Askai is hiring numerous mercenary units from nearby Lyran and League space to attack Gienah, specifically the Gienah Automotive and Gienah Combat Vehicles sites. Mercenaries will need to destroy at least 2 hangers. Bonus pay for destroying all 5. The Gienah militia, however, with support from corporate security forces will be there to defend the area.

[Mission Code XX-5ZA]
Planet: Kander Sea, Southern Hemisphere
Mission Type: Defend and Distract
Enemy Forces: Jade Falcons’ Alpha Galaxy
Unit request: 2 - 3 Lances
Pay: 20,500,000 (Per Lance), 60% Salvage, 1,000,000 (Per Clanner Kill)
Drop-weight Restrictions: 50 Ton per Mech Minimum

Mission Info: Blue Hole’s in trouble. Ever since the Falcons’ continuous raids, the entire Alliance border with the Falcon OZ is holding on its breath, waiting for the inevitable assault. With General Steiner’s reshuffling of the LAAF, local commands have taken it upon themselves to prepare for the inevitable.

The government bureaucrats hit on a plan that only corporate stiffs could love—place a large bunker of military supplies deep on the coastal shelf near the Cokery Isle chain—a large series of flat rocks that served as landing ports for Ryan Cartel water ships centuries ago. By luring the Falcons there with the offer of a batchall, the corporate “strategists” hoped they could blow the bunker at the right time, taking out several Falcons and setting off an earthquake that would sink the Clan DropShips. Mercenaries will need to keep the Clanners busy until the appropriate moment.

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Sat 9 Feb 2013
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Re: Contracts
Merc Net Update, Thank you for your patience.

[Mission Code X2-S2F] {Currently Reserved for Nicholas}
Planet: Luthien
Mission Type: Test and Assess
Enemy Forces: Test Dummies/Bandits
Unit request: 4-12 Pilots
Pay: 700,000 No salvage. 100% Bonus pay for accepting live combat testing (Second Phase). A single ProtoMech unit will also be given to each participants should the test be successful on the second phase.
Mission Restrictions: ProtoMechs provided

Mission Info: Mercenaries will be testing a new kind of ProtoMech for the Draconis Combine. An Einherjar. It is unclear if either they engineered it themselves or salvaged from Clanners but they were able to procure 24-48 working units. The 1st phase of testing will be against stationary unmanned laser turrets.

The second phase of testing will be optional and will be decided by the testers' decisions. It will consist of a live combat drop on a small bandit outpost west of the testing base, they will have a number of light to medium armor assets to protect them. A Medium Mech has also been rumored.

ProtoMechs. A strictly Clan invention, stand four to six meters tall and mass from two to nine tons. Larger than a battle armor suit but smaller than a BattleMech, these “mini Mechs” have abilities in common with both unit types. Their small stature means they can hide where BattleMechs cannot, and they can even move through buildings without causing excessive collateral damage. Though tiny compared to even the smallest BattleMech, ProtoMechs can carry an impressive arsenal of weapons. Though they carry little armor compared to BattleMechs, they can survive the loss of limbs and even the head and remain effective.

[Mission Code 81-AAA]
Planet: York
Mission Type: Defend Base
Enemy Forces: Clan Wolf [Exiled]
Unit request: 2 Lances
Pay: 3,500,000 (Per Unit), 25% Salvage. (60% increase in salvage should the base structures come unharmed)
Drop-weight Restrictions: No Restrictions

Mission Info: The Lyran Alliance has been in constant attacks with an unknown enemy force, they believe them to be remnants of the exiled Clan Wolf opposition due to the technological weaponry they harbor during their raids. However this information solely on pure assumptions. Mercenaries are to defend their strategical base centered around the north western quadrant beyond C324-4. The Lyrance military expect a final push from the assailants and will probably consist of Medium to Heavy Mechs of Clan variants. An Assault Mech may even be rumored.

Mercenaries will be given command of the base's defense system which consist of two Gauss turrets, two pulse turrets, a long tom artillery and two mine-layers for deployment. Due to their extensive use from constant attacks, the gauss turrets and long tom has only a few shots left in them. Use them well and wisely.

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Sat 9 Feb 2013
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Re: Contracts
[Mission Code 08-1VB]
Planet: Bella Cortez, Nadir Point
Mission Type: Escort
Enemy Forces: Word of Blake
Unit request: 1-2 Lances
Pay: 1,500,000 (Per Unit), No Salvage, Double pay if all civilian transports arrive at the Dropships. Additional 1,000,000 if Dropship doesn't drop below 50% health.
Drop-weight Restrictions: 50 Ton Mech Maximum

Mission Info: Escort several civilian trucks for evacuation into Orbit. Hold off local defense forces until orbital take off is secured then retreat. Supplied forces will provide transportation to and from system. Prevent more than 50% loss on civilian transports. Early termination of convoy will invoke “failure to complete” clauses and forfeiture of payment balance. Current intelligence is Unknown. System is currently under blackout. This clause is non-negotiable.

[Mission Code V3-59C]
Planet: Mather Swamp, Lowellstowne
Mission Type: Defend and Delay
Enemy Forces: Reed’s Brew Mercenaries
Unit request: 1-2 Lances
Pay: 5,000,000 (Lance Pay), Additional 2,000,000 Unit pay for capturing (cripple) an enemy pilot alive. 15% Salvage.
Drop-weight Restrictions: 30 Ton Mech Minimum

Mission Info: Requesting assist with defenses in the apparently defenseless Rim Commonality. The Eighth Orloff is the only unit in the area, and several pirates and hard-luck mercs have taken advantage of that fact by executing heavy raids. The bandits have absconded with enormous amounts of food and basic supplies, more than those groups would normally require. This means someone’s coordinating the raids.

[Mission Code GG-A3L]
Planet: Site 2B, Cassini Belt
Mission Type: Conquer and Capture
Enemy Forces: Second Davion Guards RCT
Unit request: 2-3 Lances
Pay: 10,000,000 (Unit Pay), 75% Salvage. 5,000,000 Additional pay for each unit if the area defenses are left intact.
Drop-weight Restrictions: 55 Ton Mech Minimum

Mission Info: A Unit is requested by the enigmatic Mr. Askai to break open Site 2B, part of the Caselton Mining Corporation’s string of germanium mines. Objectives are to push through the defenses and destroy the Headquarters deep in the facility. Defenders consists of a Company of Davion Mechs with Elite Experience, ranging from Medium to Assault Mechs. Base turrets has been refitted with Gauss technology, be advised.

[Mission Code 01-102]
Planet: HPG Compound AA-2, Tagus Metropolis
Mission Type: Defend Structure
Enemy Forces: Third Dismal Disinherited and Burton’s Brigade mercenary commands
Unit request: 1-2 Lances
Pay: 900,000 (Unit Pay), 30% Salvage. 1,500,000 Bonus pay for destroying all enemy forces before reinforcements arrive.
Drop-weight Restrictions: 55 Ton Mech Maximum

Mission Info: A few mercenaries which are part of the decimated AMC, heard about a gap in the coverage of the HPG defense line and decided to launch a raid. Enemies will be ill equipped, expect easy-medium resistance. However mission will cease to be successful should they end up capturing the up-link.

[Mission Code BH-DS4]
Planet: Mighty Spine Mountains, Badlands
Mission Type: Raid and Retreat
Enemy Forces: First Nova Cat Guards
Unit request: 1-2 Lances
Pay: 5,000,000 (Unit Pay), No Salvage
Drop-weight Restrictions: 40 Ton Mech Minimum

Mission Info: The Combine is hiring mercs for a covert mission. The Draconis have been doing some small-unit training on Nova Cat worlds and intelligence has recently confirmed of a huge supply cache in a nearby area within the badlands. This cache is currently being escorted out and transferred to a designated outpost in the northwestern region of the area. They would like for the mercenaries to intercept the convoy and take the cargo back. It is strictly out of the question on knowing what that cargo carries. Opening the cache will forfeit future contracts with the combine and void payment balance.

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Tue 19 Feb 2013
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Re: Contracts
Merc Net Update, Thank you for your patience.

[Mission Code BG-89K]
Planet: Agro Farm BB-8, Nag’s Head Plains, Donegal
Mission Type: Escort and Secure
Enemy Forces: Word of Blake Hunters
Unit request: 1-2 Lances
Pay: 3,000,000 20% Salvage.
Drop-weight Restrictions: 70 Ton Mech Maximum

Mission Info: Even though Donegal has been silent for a few weeks, many in the Alliance held out hope that the system’s HPG had only been knocked offline and that the planet was not “sterilized”by the Word of Blake as apparently happened on Alarion. When the LIC got word from an unknown source that a contingent of Very Important People were trying to get off the planet, they jumped at the chance to get some intel.

Since the LAAF is tied up elsewhere on other important missions, the LIC (Lyran Intelligence Corps) is turning to the mercenary trade. Mercenaries are to go in, get the VIPs and secure the area. Further negotiations can be discussed.

[Mission Code 61-38B] {Currently Reserved for Richard's Unit}
Planet: An Ting, Algonquin Island
Mission Type: Pacify Riot
Enemy Forces: Civilian Militia
Unit request: 1-2 Lances
Pay: 1,000,000 (Per Unit), No Salvage. 5,000,000 per unit for accepting genocide -15 to Reputation.
Drop-weight Restrictions: No Restrictions

Mission Info: Four DropShips carrying refugees from the devastating Federated Suns attacks on Galedon landed on Algonquin Island. While planetary officials worked with the refugees who were short on food and shelter, and had left everything behind on the burned-out husk of a Combine prefecture capital—life began to regain some measure of sanity for the displaced citizenry until signs of the flu outbreak appeared.

The An Ting government is panicking and is hiring the first merc group that will be available at prior notice to help contain the mad rush, hoping also to contain the disease before it wiped out yet another world.

[Mission Code 32-J4X]
Planet: Kalidasa, Colbert Provincial County
Mission Type: Retribution
Enemy Forces: 3rd Division Blakist Militia
Unit request: 1-2 Lances
Pay: 5,000,000 (Per Lance), 30% Salvage. 1,500,000 Per Unit for successful capture of the Precentor. 500,000 Per Unit for successful kill of the Precentor.
Drop-weight Restrictions: 50 Ton Mech Maximum

Mission Info: Mr. Askai has returned with another lucrative contract. Only a month ago, Kalidasa seceded from the Free Worlds League and went over to the enlarging Word of Blake Protectorate, taking several League militia forces with it. However, much noise has been made among local Leaguers that the planetary government was coerced into secession by the heavy-handed tactics of the local Word of Blake HPG garrison unit. Askai (whomever he represents) wants the Blakists hammered. Capturing or killing the Precentor would net even more on the contract.

[Mission Code 52-T4T]
Planet: Sian, Capellan Confederation
Mission Type: Assasination
Enemy Forces: Death Commandos
Unit request: 2-4 Lances
Pay: 8,000,000 (Per Unit), No Salvage.
Drop-weight Restrictions: Light Mechs Only

Mission Info: The mysterious Mr. Askai has returned with yet another lucrative deal. Assist the Suns in an all-out assault on Sian. Retribution for the way the Capellans humiliated Duke George Hasek. Mr. Askai is asking a few mercenaries that are mainly a fast-strike force to hit secondary targets from the enemies backyard. Mercenaries are to receive assurances that a sizeable naval force will draw most of the aerospace defenses to facilitate their combat drop, but that’s all the employer is saying. There is a possibility of Heavy to Assault Mech encounters, but Mr. Askai assures that the drop point will be quite far from the main battle.

Mercenaries will target two points, then escape by the extraction zone which the coordinates will be transmitted upon success and a Free Capella transport will spirit the mercenaries away during the main assault.

[Mission Code II-H90]
Planet: Undisclosed
Mission Type: Secure and Reclaim
Enemy Forces: Smoke Jaguar 13th Regiment
Unit request: 1-2 Lances
Pay: 1,000,000 (Per Unit), 20% (Chance of Clan Technology).
Drop-weight Restrictions: 50 Ton Mech Maximum

Mission Info: A Combine representative is requesting a merc unit to tackle a grueling task of recapturing a research facility in an unknown parts (which will not be disclosed) of the Combine borders which has been taken by Clanners. Intel suggests light to medium Armor Assets and Mechs. They will consist of two Lances.

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