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Wed 9 Sep 2015
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Miller's Circus
Randall's Island has been used for numerous public works and athletic fields, but some believe this is the most ambitious project yet. When Madame Astra suggested the circus encamp, permanently, in New York city the original owners were flabbergasted. No true circus had a permanent camp away from their winter home, it just wasn't done.
For reasons known only to the principals involved, Madame Astra's suggestion was accepted, and Carl Icahn himself actually pledged resources to insure the successful completion of the needed facilities.
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Thu 10 Sep 2015
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Miller's Circus
Time was always a hard thing to quantify. But the congruent time line said to be present at the circus to help people with magical issues. Being as he was the only real accredited instructor and owner of the states magic school... He kinda had to be there.

So he was walking about with a full arm load of carnie food.
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Thu 10 Sep 2015
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Miller's Circus
"You know," Terry mused aloud as the jet touched down, "I always thought a fully robotic carnival would be extremely popular.  And don't go the android route either, no, make them the old-school slightly clunky variety.  Think about it; robot clowns.  Ha! kids wouldn't sleep for a week."

With a sigh he adds, "But you mention anything like that and someone brings up Westworld and body counts.  Most backers won't even consider automating the rides to be self-adjusting to react to the median trill-tolerance of their current riders."

"Well," he shrugs as the group exits into the parking lot, "until then I guess you just have to settle for the anticipation of wondering if the bolts are going to fall out before your ride stops."

Glancing to Strongman he quickly adds, "NOT that anything like that would happen at this carnival," followed immediately by a general, "Who wants something fried?"
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Thu 10 Sep 2015
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Miller's Circus
Sariel walked right up and handed Terry one of the funnel cakes that hovered off to his left. "Hard part about a robotic circus is that there already is one. Robotics and science fair. Even then, most robots are designed to do something. Not nearly so interesting as seeing things done that are not designed to do it, like a man sticking his head in a lions mouth."
The Strongman
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Thu 10 Sep 2015
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Miller's Circus
Milo smiles and corrects Battlemaster.

"Circus. Not a carnival. We have a lot more performers than a carnival, and folks, well they won't say anything most of the time, but they can get a little annoyed if you call it a carnival. My family have traveled the world, from the Steppes to the South, have displayed their skills for kings and presidents... and we're still the new family in the circus.

It's a proud tradition for some. And for others it's just a way to make a buck."

He shrugs with one powerfully over-muscled shoulder.

"I'm sure the Master would be happy to try out any robot clowns you might devise. For now, though, we should go talk to Madama Astra... she sent me to collect all of you and then return, it seems, so this must be important.

A warning - when I said some have a long, proud tradition? Madam Astra's divinations are part of one of them. Offend her and if we're lucky, she'll just send us away again."

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Thu 10 Sep 2015
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Miller's Circus
Sariel gestured at the strong man with a hot dog. "She was a rather lovely woman when she was eighteen. I wonder if she still has the Cathulu deck of tarot cards I gave her back when they first came out." Another funnel cake was offered to the strong man. "Broken reality right? The card I got said you should have a partial mage here who needs a hand."
Darryl Starre
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Fri 11 Sep 2015
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Miller's Circus
"Well, this will be a treat. Always loved corn dogs at the circus. The carnival people never seem to make them right....always skimpy on the batter. Last circus I attended was one without animals. David Larrabee was one of the clowns...great performer. It was a French circus, I believe. Lead the way to Madam Astra, if you would be so kind. I take it she is Romanian or Russian?" Darryl guesses. He looks at the big tent for a moment, as if weighing an issue for importance, then shakes his head. "Business first" he says mysteriously.
Agent Force
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Fri 11 Sep 2015
at 03:07
Miller's Circus
An odd gentleman approaches Sariel, and speaks to him, [Language unknown:  Pobe folo moent ng inson. Meek sserpa n entereeve stril eauwaserskorlat, mincll.]
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Fri 11 Sep 2015
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Miller's Circus
Sariel turned his head to look at agent force, a bit of confusion drawn on his face. "Dra un rwath lando mahhareth. Rot un rannahi..."

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Amazo The Magician
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Fri 11 Sep 2015
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Miller's Circus
Somehow, (magicians are like magnets, they draw together until they present identical sides, then they repel each other) Amazo has returned to the circus almost as quickly as those in the jet. He is carrying a cage of pigeons, but they appear to have been caught from the roof of one of the cities many buildings. Perhaps he intends to bleach them so he'll have the whitest doves possible; only time will tell.
"Ah, Mr. Sariel. Through no fault of my own, I appear to have some actual ability. You must understand what a detriment that is in my profession! It would be like Ivan the Invulnerable1 taking a job as a stuntman! No one wants to see a car crash without the possible of actual injury!"
"I require some way to vet my tricks, prove that the only magic involved is stagecraft. Otherwise, no one will believe my more difficult illusions are anything but real magic! I'll be ruined!"

1Ivan the Invulnerable is a small time superhero who's power is that nothing hurts him.
Unfortunately, that's the only power he has. He's not even good with his hands, or a quick study, or anything else. He's just Ivan the Invulnerable.