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Potions, Poisons, Drugs, etc.
Some more potions have been added. There are rules for brewing your own potions, but these are complicated and irrelevant to the current party members. Most of the items listed are produced for individual use in tiny quantities, but all of the items listed here are available somewhere. Some are extremely scarce, some are illegal, and the cost can vary enormously.

"Lag time" refers to the amount of time between drinking the potion and its taking effect.

"Volatility" refers to the severity of the consequences of allowing the potion to spoil. There is no effective way to tell whether a potion has spoiled other than drinking it, although older potions carry a greater risk.

The ingredient cost is what the brewer would normally expect to pay for the ingredients, although they may not always be so easy to find, and they will normally only all be readily available in large cities. These factors will have a knock-on effect on consumer price.


Also known as deadly nightshade, a single drop of this will cause the pupils to dilate, and is popular as a cosmetic in Estalia. As an ingested poison, it causes the victim to suffer profound dryness of mouth and throat, a scarlet rash, and violent convulsions. The victim must pass a Toughness test or die in TBx2 hours.

Black Lotus

An extremely dangerous poison harvested from a Southlands plant, Black Lotus is one of the favoured tools of assassins all across the Old World and beyond- if they can get hold of it, as it is needless to say strictly illegal. One dose of Black Lotus is good for one attack. If the attack deals one or more Wounds, the target must make a Toughness test at -10% or take an additional 4 Wounds automatically (unmodified by armour, TB or other effects). Drinking any more than tiny quantities of Black Lotus is almost invariably fatal, although sufficiently small quantities are actually used as drugs by certain foolish and desperate people.

Boar's Musk
Lag time: 2 hours
Volatility: Mild
Ingredient cost: 50gc

Causes beads of foul-smelling oil to appear on the drinker's skin. This imposes a -20% Fellowship penalty and -5% to WS and BS for everyone within four yards. The oil can be wiped off, but the smell remains for 1d10 hours.

Bottled Love

Initially marketed as a love potion, Bottled Love will indeed inflame the... ardour... of he who consumes it, but in an extremely painful way. It increases stimulation, but also induces a urinary tract infection. The victim must pass a Toughness test or suffer from convulsions for 1d10 rounds. If the test is failed the victim must pass another Toughness test at the end of the convulsions or die.

Channelpath Potion
Lag time: -
Volatility: Major
Ingredient cost: 300gc

Gain +15% to all Channelling tests for 1d10 minutes.

Chimera Spittle

This stuff is highly acidic and will burn the flesh on contact. Anyone spilling so much as the slightest drop on exposed flesh takes a Wound regardless of Toughness bonus (or AP). If wounded by a weapon carrying the spittle, the victim must take a Toughness test at -10% or take 1 Wound and die within 1d10 rounds.

Crimson Shade

Duration: 1 hour
Crimson Shade is a herb, produced from the bark of the Estalian Blood Oak. When smoked, it produces a sense of euphoria, but is dangerously addictive and the come-down effects are marked. The user gains a +5% increase to Strength and +10 on all rolls for Initiative for the duration of the effect, but once the effect has expired must take a WP test at -30%. If this test is failed, the user suffers a -10% penalty to Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill until another dose is taken. Repeated use may mean the test against addiction becomes harder, and the penalties for cold turkey become more severe.


Taken from laurel berries, bitter almonds, apple seeds and the like, this is a dangerous drug that can kill a man quickly. Anyone ingesting a substantial amount must pass a Toughness test at -10% or die in a number of rounds equal to TB.

Dark Venom

Difficult to come by in the Old World, Dark Venom is cultivated from the skin secretions of Helldrakes- small sea dragons partially domesticated by the Dark Elves. Getting it into the bloodstream is extremely painful, and generally causes fits and convulsions. Anyone wounded by Dark Venom takes a second Wound on the following turn.

Debauch's Friend
Lag time: 1d10 minutes
Volatility: Moderate
Ingredient cost: 50gc

Grants immunity to the negative effects of alcohol for 1d10 hours, although enjoyment is not diminished.

Draught of Lizard Limbs
Lag time: 24 hours
Volatility: Extreme
Ingredient cost: 500gc

Regrow a lost limb. Many of these potions are in some way faulty.

Draught of Power
Lag time: 1 round
Volatility: Extreme
Ingredient cost: 550gc

Increase Magic characteristic by +1 for two rounds (assuming it is already at least 1)

Esmerelda's Calming Nectar

Duration: 1d10 minutes
A bright blue liquid for calming the mad. The drinker's Insanity Points are halved and he becomes lucid. When the duration expires, he must make a WP test at -10% or gain another Insanity Point.

Essence of Chaos

Duration: Minutes equal to drinker's Magic characteristic
Distilled from the brain of a beastman, this potion bombards the drinker with images of carnage and death. The drinker gains +5% to Magic Sense tests and +1 to the casting roll on any spell. The drinker also takes one automatic Wound and gains 1 Insanity Point.


Duration: 1d10 hours
This potion purports to give the user the eyes of an elf while its effects last. Eyesight becomes more acute, and the appearance of the eyes themselves alters subtly. The user gains +5% to Perception tests, but cannot sleep until the effects wear off.

God's Spit
Lag time: 1 round
Volatility: Mild
Ingredient cost: 100gc

When applied to the thumbs prior to a fistfight, the user counts as wearing gauntlets and gains +5% to Toughness and Agility for 1d10 minutes.

Green Scorpion Venom

A particularly nasty venom available from Araby, usually "distilled" via the bodies of slain mice and other test subjects. The victim must pass a Toughness test at -30% or die in a number of rounds equal to TB. If the Prepare Poison test is badly failed, the user poisons himself.

Greta's Boon

Duration: 1d10 rounds
An unusual mixture of aromatic and chemical compounds. When inhaled it gives a +5% bonus to Intelligence tests.

Hair Tonic
Lag time: 15 minutes
Volatility: Moderate
Ingredient cost: 75gc

Causes hair to grow profusely on the area to which is is applied. One dose is sufficient to cover a human scalp.


A mixture of two otherwise only moderately dangerous poisons- amphisbaera and jabberwock venom- this is one of the most dangerous poisons in the world. If drunk, the imbiber must take a Toughness test at -10% or die within 2d10 rounds as his heart stops.


Causes the victims to enter a deep sleep, this is a foul-tasting drug which only the spiciest foods can mask. The victim must take a Toughness test or become tired and delirious within 1d10 rounds (same effect as being Stinking Drunk). A double dose requires the same test, but a failed test causes the victim to fall into a coma for 1d10 months.

Kiss of the Courtier

A popular draught in Altdorf, this is a fine brandy infused with narcotics. The drinker gains confidence, but his intellect dulls. Drinkers gain +5% to Charm tests but -10% to Intelligence.

Liquid Courage

Duration: At least 1d10x10 minutes
Pure grain alcohol with a few herbal additives. The drinker gains +10% to WP tests made to resist Fear, but also suffers a -10% penalty to Intelligence and Agility. He must also pass a Toughness Test at -30% or become Stinking Drunk.

Love Potion

This potion covers a variety of different "love potions" although the basic effects are universally similar- the user loses control of their own emotions and falls in love. Who they fall in love with depends very much on the potion. The more sophisticated versions are able to specify the target as well as the "victim", but most such potions cause the user to fall in love with the first person they encounter after drinking- usually the first person of the opposite sex, but in some cases not even that much can be guaranteed. The potency and duration is also variable. Some potions wear off after only a few hours and leave the user embittered and ill-disposed towards the former target of their affections, some last for more than a day but effect no lasting change, while the most potent versions can give the impression of permanency.
The user must take a WP test at -30% or fall in love with the "target". Identity of the target and duration of the effect depends on the exact potion.

Lucidity Tonic
Lag time: 1 hour
Volatility: Major
Ingredient cost: 275gc

Gain +20% to Intelligence and WP tests for 3d10 hours. The user cannot sleep during that time, and when the tonic wears off they sleep without interruption for a further 3d10 hours.

Mamma Melchin's Cure For What Ails Ya

This cure-all (of which Mamma Melchin's is the best-known name) claims miraculous properties including driving away evil spirits, restoring fluids, and curing unseemly rashes. The effects, however, vary.

Mandrake Root

A popular drug which is relatively easy to obtain. Unfortunately it is highly addictive and turns its users into shadows of their former selves, wasting away as they seek ever more.

Manticore Spoor

Harvested from the dung of manticores, this poison is neither easy nor pleasant to collect, but it is an effective way of disposing of enemies. Even the slightest scratch from a weapon coated in the stuff causes the victim to become drowsy, and most of them fall asleep and never wake up. Anyone wounded by the stuff must take a WP test at -10% or fall asleep; if they then fail a further Toughness test at -20% they die in their sleep.

Marienburg Milk

Most milk in the Empire spoils before it can be transported to a metropolis and drunk, so it is usually churned into cheese or butter before leaving the farm. That milk which does reach the city has usually been skimmed of cream and boiled, which is generally accepted to ruin the flavour. Marienburg milk, however, despite being very rich and creamy anyway, seems to stay fresh for much longer than milk from other regions, reportedly up to six months if treated sensitively. It is therefore very much in demand in cities, by everyone from cooks and chefs to nobles wanting something to put in their tea.

Moot Milk

Lag time: 1d10 rounds
Duration: 3d10 rounds
An extremely chalky, white mixture that resembles milk in colour but in little else. The drinker benefits from heightened reflexes and a better sense of balance, granting +5% to Agility tests. It also dulls the senses and resolve, imposing a -10% penalty to WP tests.

Nectar of Beauty
Lag time: 1 hour
Volatility: Moderate
Ingredient cost: 110gc

Moves facial blemishes and scars to somewhere less obtrusive on the body. Gain +10% to Fellowship tests with characters normally attracted to your gender for 3d10 hours. While in bright light take -5% penalty to all stats.

Potency Draught
Lag time: 1d10/2 rounds
Volatility: Minor
Ingredient cost: 250gc

Increase Strength and Toughness by +15% each for 1d10 hours.

Potion of Comeliness
Lag time: 1 round
Volatility: Major
Ingredient cost: 750gc

Gain +20% to Fellowship tests for 2d10 hours. Take a T test at -10% or suffer -5% to Intelligence permanently. Addictive.

Potion of Pain Denied
Lag time: 1d10/2 rounds
Volatility: Major
Ingredient cost: 300gc

Feel no pain for 1d10 hours. Increase Toughness by +20% and ignore any pain-related penalties and torture.

Potion of Perceptive Clarity
Lag time: 1 round
Volatility: Moderate
Ingredient cost: 175gc

Gain Acute Hearing and Excellent Vision for 1d10/2 hours. Does not provide a cumulative bonus if these talents are already possessed.

Potion of Teeth
Lag time: 1 hour
Volatility: Minor
Ingredient cost: 70gc

Grow a tooth wherever the potion is applied. A broken or rotted tooth treated with this potion will regrow.

Rabid Dog Saliva

A virulent slow-acting poison, and a terribly cruel way to die. Anyone ingesting (or wounded by a weapon coated in) Rabid Dog Saliva must take a Toughness test at -20% or contract the disease. Thereafter he must pass a WP test each day or gain 1 Insanity Point. Each Insanity Point gains also reduces his Wounds by -1. When the victim reaches 6 Insanity Points he automatically gains the Blasphemous Rage insanity. When his Wounds reach zero, he is dead. Anyone coming into contact with the saliva must make the same test.

Ruby Sulphur Extract

A tasteless, odourless, colourless powder, ruby sulphur extract, or arsenic, is the poison of choice for those who can afford it. When ingested or inhaled, the victim must take a Toughness test at -10% or die in a number of hours equal to his TB.


A foul-tasting, powerful poison whose effects are generally painless. If ingested, the victim must take a Toughness test at -20% or begin to lose feeling in his extremities. In a number of minutes equal to half his TB he loses feeling in his arms and legs, can no longer walk or carry anything and imparting a penalty of -10% to all his characteristics. In a total number of minutes equal to his TB he dies.

Sigmar's Blood

Sigmar's Blood, or quicksilver as it is called by non-superstitious physicians and alchemists, is commonly used as a treatment for various ailments, most notably for cleansing the bowels and for curing syphilis, although all manner of healing properties are ascribed to it. Unfortunately it is actually extremely poisonous, and those unlucky enough to ingest it experience a variety of problems. Common symptoms include skin discoloration and peeling and severe itching; taking several doses can induce blindness, insanity, and all manner of other ills. Those more observant than the physicians have taken note, and it is a popular poison.

Slimming Liquor
Lag time: 8 hours
Volatility: Moderate
Ingredient cost: 200gc

Body fat liquefies and oozes from the pores. (This does nothing to repair any stretched skin!) The smell of the fat imparts a -10% Fel penalty for 1d10 hours. The lost fat is regained through normal means.

Spider Spittle

A dangerous paralytic venom applied to weapons. An opponent thus injured must take a Toughness test at -10% or take 1 Wound, and be paralysed for a number of rounds equal to 2d10-TB.


Derived from a toxic herb called Monk's Hood, this has a distinctive and strong taste. If ingested, the victim must pass a Toughness test or die in a number of days equal to his TB.

Traitor's Hap

Possibly the deadliest poison in the Old World, and very difficult to defend against, although correspondingly difficult to obtain, Traitor's Hap comprises three component poisons, each of which are harmless individually, but any two of which are fatal when taken within a few hours of each other. Taking the third component also renders the poison inert. Fortunately the components themselves are rare, but so sought after that they can change hands for many hundreds of crowns each.

Viper Kiss

Drawn straight from the fangs of a black stripe viper, this vile liquid burns to the touch and stings the eyes. When struck by an envenomed weapon, the victim must take a Toughness test at -20% or die in a number of minutes equal to TB. Each minute until he dies, he takes a cumulative -10% penalty to all characteristics and -1 to Wounds.

Antitoxin Kit

Includes a small knife, some herbs, and live leeches. If poisoned, and the associated Toughness test is failed, the antitoxin kit may be able to ward off harmful effects. Two rounds after the antitoxin is taken, the Toughness test may be re-rolled, and if successful no ill effects are suffered. If the target dies within the two rounds, too bad...


Used to sprinkle water in temples, some devout followers of the gods have fashioned these into weapons. Each hit from such a weapon sprinkles holy water onto the target, dealing 1 automatic Wound to the Undead. An aspergilla is good for four hits before it is depleted.


A small rock made of lime and extracted from the gullet of a goat or similar creature. If added to a poisoned drink, each stone offers a 10% chance to neutralise the poison.

Blessed Water

Water blessed by a priest. If sprinkled on Undead it causes 1 Wound automatically.

Bone charm
Sacred to: Morr

A small charm fashioned from bone, usually worn as a brooch or attached to a chain. The wearer gains +10% to tests made to resist Fear and Terror.


A metal, usually brass, pan supported on a tripod. Provides about as much light as a candle.


A more intricate device capable of holding several candles. Silver, copper, brass, gold and even gromril are appropriate.

Carved Horn
Sacred to: Taal

A small horn-shaped charm (usually itself fashioned from horn). The wearer gains +10% to Outdoor Survival checks.


An incense burner attached to a length of chain. Some priests and flagellants use these as weapons. Counts as an improvised weapon with a 20% chance of being destroyed with each hit.


A length of wood used to help a character who has a wounded or missing foot walk. A character using a crutch has a Movement of 1 and incurs a -20% penalty to Dodge Blow tests. The hand holding the crutch is also unavailable for any other use. Using two crutches, a character can move at M2 although there is a -30% penalty to Dodge Blow, and both hands will be occupied.

Ear Horn

A carved wooden or bone horn to be inserted into the ear. Grants +5% on tests made to hear something.

Eye Patch

The simplest way to cover an empty eyesocket. These are often decorated with personal or military heraldry.

False Eye

If the wearer is lucky/rich enough, this will be made of glass and not wood.

False Leg

The simplest false legs are little more than a stick. The finest ones cost many hundreds of crowns and may even have limited articulation. A simple, knee-length peg leg inflicts a penalty of -1 to Movement and -10% to Dodge Blow rolls. Other tests requiring full use of both legs, like Climbing, and walking long distances, will also incur penalties.

A longer peg-leg extending above the knee inflicts a -2 penalty to Movement and -20% to Dodge Blow, as well as the associated difficulties with walking, climbing etc. Using crutches reduce these penalties -1 and -10%.


Hung outside the homes of peasants to ward off the Undead and other evil spirits.

Gilded Nose

A trend which has come northwards from Tilea and Estalia, where it is common for those who can afford to do so to replace noses lost in duelling with this precious metal alternative. So popular did the trend become, in fact, that some nobles took to cutting their own noses off and replacing them with gold or silver versions, to prove that they could afford to.

Healing Draught

Restores 4 Wounds to a lightly wounded character; has no effect on a heavily wounded character. Drinking two draughts in one day incurs a -10% penalty to Int, WP and Fel as the potion induces a mild "high". Drinking three draughts incurs a -10% penalty to all primary stats. A character drinking more than two healing draughts in a day must pass a T and WP test at +30%; if both these are failed they become addicted and will suffer -10% to Fel and WP on any day they do not take a draught.

Healing Poultice

Healing poultices contain a variety of herbs, together with a binding ingredient (often some sort of dung) and must be made up fresh and used within two hours at most of creation. When used it will halve the healing time for Wounds- Lightly Wounded characters will recover 2 Wounds per day, and heavily wounded characters 2 Wounds per week (1 Wound per 31/2 days, in fact).


The most common replacement for a missing hand, hooks vary in complexity from a simple bit of bent metal to a complex engineering structure (see Veteran's Hand). Counts as an Improvised weapon in close combat and can occasionally be useful for simple manipulation, but is good for little else.


A common part of priests' gear, incense is supposed to help clear the mind and encourage devout thought. It also helps banish unpleasant smells from the priest's vicinity. A single stick or block of incense lasts for around 30 minutes.

Lucky Charm

The wearer of a Lucky Charm may re-roll one test, or ignore one hit (must be declared before damage is calculated). After that the luck in the charm is considered to be used up.

Merciful pillow
Sacred to: Morr

A small symbolic pillow. This shortens the amount of time taken to bleed to death.

Miragliano Glass

This glass is so sensitive that it has a good chance of shattering if poison is added to a drink held in it. There is a 30% chance that this will occur.

Powdered Emerald

If mixed with wine or another beverage, powdered emeralds have a 20% chance of neutralising any poison within. Heal tests made to those who have ingested the emeralds have a +10% bonus.

Prayer Beads

Used to mark time in meditation for Sigmar's faithful. Many of them include small images of comets or warhammers. Other religions, such as Morr and Shallya, also use these beads.

Purity Seal

Some consolation for those respectful of the Gods and facing death on a regular basis. Some paint religious symbols on their armour, while some pour hot wax onto their armour and seal it with a holy symbol.

Religious Relic

Often the bones of some saint, or in some credulous cases purported to be part of the god itself. These items have no value in and of themselves, but followers of the same religion are more inclined to react favourably to anyone wearing one- the wearer gains +5% to Charm and Gossip tests when dealing with them.

Seal of devotion
Sacred to: Sigmar

A wax seal signifying the wearer's faith in Sigmar. The wearer gains +1AP to the worn location (up to a maximum of 5).

Skid Board

A board on wheels, used as a basic means of propulsion for beggars who have lost their legs.


A ward against evil spirits, magic and poisons. When worn, provides a +5% bonus to tests to resist poison or disease.

Veteran's Hand

A complicated device which enables an individual who has otherwise lost their hand to perform a simple grabbing action. They are extremely expensive and sadly few veterans can actually afford them.

Weapon Prosthetics

Some enthusiastic and/or insane soldiers have weapons directly attached to their arm so that they can continue fighting even without a hand, often replacing an existing prosthetic. These allow the character to fight at normal but with a -10% WS penalty. Gunpowder weapons may also be attached, but these incur a -10% BS penalty and take longer (two to three times as long) to reload.


These range from simple carts to ornate chairs on wheels, but their function remains pretty much the same. A character in a wheelchair counts all Dodge Blow tests at -30% and all WS tests at -10%. Speed will vary depending on the terrain. Some complex wheelchairs have the facility to be pulled by animals, in which case they will move at the animal's speed -1.

Wolf-head charm
Sacred to: Ulric

A small metal charm, usually affixed to other jewellery. The wearer gains +1 damage in close combat while wearing it.

Religious charms and amulets pertaining to skill tests, damage rolls, etc. have a random chance of activating on any relevant roll (if they work at all). Wearing multiple amulets do not cause the effect to stack, although do provide an additional chance of activation.