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Talents and Skills

Talents are natural abilities, either innate or learned through your career. You never need to test to use a Talent; its bonus is always applied.

Traits are those talents which cannot be picked up through advance schemes but are only available through base creature templates. These include Amphibious, Daemonic Aura, Ethereal, Flier, Hoverer, Natural Weapons, Scales, and others.


Acute Hearing - Gain a +20% bonus to Perception tests involving listening.

Aethyric Attunement- You gain +10% on Channelling and Magical Sense skill tests.

Alley Cat - Gain a 10% bonus to Concealment and Silent Move skill tests.

Ambidextrous - Lose the 20% penalty for using a weapon in your second hand.

Amphibious - Can breathe underwater for purposes of rules, and take actions underwater as normal. Retain normal characteristics when immersed in water.

Ancestor Spirit - Roll on an additional table when spending a Fortune Point to determine the reaction of your ancestor spirit.

Arcane Lore (Various) - You know a Lore of Magic and can cast any of its spells. You can only know one Lore at a time.

Armoured Casting - Casting Roll penalty for wearing armour is reduced by 3.

Artistic - Gain +20% to Trade (Artist) checks and +10% to Evaluate objects of art.

Contortionist - Gain +10% on relevant Performer tests and +20% on Agility tests to escape from bonds, wriggle through narrow spaces, etc..

Coolheaded - Gain +5% WP permanently.

Controlled Corruption - Roll twice when determining mutation and pick one result. Take a -10% penalty on further attempts to resist mutation.

Daemonic Aura - Increase your TB by 2 when hit with a non-magical weapon. Consider all your attacks to be magical; you are immune to poison and suffocation.

Dark Lore (Various) - You know a Dark Lore of Magic and can cast any of its spells. You can only know one Lore at a time.

Dark Magic - When making a Casting Roll, roll an extra D10 and discard the lowest result (all dice count for the purposes of Tzeentch's Curse).

Dealmaker - Gain +10% on Haggle and Evaluate tests.

Disarm - You may attempt to disarm your opponent in melee combat instead of inflicting damage. This is an Opposed Agility Test.

Divine Lore (Various) - You know a Divine Lore of Magic and can cast any of its spells. You can only know one Lore at a time.

Dwarfcraft - Gain +10% on the following Trade tests: Armourer, Brewer, Gem Cutter, Gunsmith, Miner, Smith, Stoneworker and Weaponsmith.

Ethereal - Can pass through solid objects, including walls and doors. Gain +30% to Concealment checks when partially hidden in objects. No need to test for Silent Move when intending to move silently. Immune to non-magical weapons; however an ethereal creature cannot normally inflict damage on anything in the mortal world.

Etiquette - Gain +10% to Charm and Gossip when conversing with the nobility. Also provides a bonus in some other relevant circumstances, such as when Disguised as a noble.

Excellent Vision: +10% to sight-based Perception tests and to Lip Reading.

Expert Climber - Scale Sheer Surface is a half action. May use this skill as a full action to climb a number of yards equal to Movement (per successful test).

Fast Hands: +20% to WS when casting spells.

Fearless: Immune to Fear and treat Terror as Fear. Also immune to Intimidate and Unsettling.

Flee! - Gain +1 to Movement for 1d10 rounds when running away.

Fleet Footed - Gain +1 Movement permanently.

Flier - You can fly.

Formless - You have no fixed shape. All hits count as Body hits; always use Sudden Death critical hit rules.

Fortunate - Gain an extra Fortune Point each day.*

Frenzy - May go into a frenzy in melee combat. Spend one turn psyching yourself up. For the rest of the combat you gain +10% S and WP but -10% Int and WS. You must attack the closest enemy and cannot flee. All attacks must be All-Out Attacks, Charge Attacks or Swift Attacks.

Frightening - You cause Fear.

Grudge-born Fury - +5% WS when attacking greenskins.

Hardy - Permanent +1 bonus to Wounds.

Hedge Magic - Can cast Petty Magic spells without having the Speak Arcane Language skill. Roll an extra d10 when casting for the purposes of Tzeentch's Curse only.

Hoverer - You can fly low to the ground.

Inured to Chaos - If you have a mutation, gain +10% to further attempts to resist mutation.

Keen Senses - +20% bonus to Perception tests.

Lesser Magic (Various) - You know a spell common to all types of Magic. Requires Petty Magic.

Lightning Parry - When making a swift attack you may forego one attack to enter a Parrying stance.

Lightning Reflexes - Gain +5% Agility permanently.

Linguistics - Gain +10% on all Read/Write and Speak Language tests.

Luck - Gain an extra Fortune Point each day.

Marksman - Gain +5% BS permanently.

Master Gunner - Reduce the reload times of blackpowder weapons by a half action.

Master Orator - Affect 100 times the normal number of people when making Charm tests. Requires Public Speaking.

Meditation - Gain a bonus equal to your Magic points on a Casting Roll when casting ritual magic.

Menacing - Gain +10% to Intimidate and Torture rolls.

Mighty Missile - Gain +1 damage on magic missile spells.

Mighty Shot - Gain +1 damage with missile weapons.

Mimic - Gain +10% on Performer (Actor, Clown, Comedian, Jester, Storyteller), verbal Disguises, and Speak Language.

Natural Weapons - Count as being armed with a hand weapon when unarmed. Cannot be disarmed of natural weapons.

Night Vision - Can see normally for up to 30 yards in natural darkness.

Orientation - +10% bonus to Navigation tests.

Petty Magic (Various) - You may cast Petty Magic spells from one school (Arcane, Divine, Hedge)

Politic - Gain +10% to Charm, Blather and Haggle tests.

Public Speaking - Affect 10 times the normal number of people when using Charm.

Quick Draw - Use the Ready action once per round as a Free Action.

Rapid Reload - Reduce reload times for all missile weapons by a half action.

Resistance to Chaos - Gain a +10% bonus to WP tests to resist Chaos and other magical effects; immune to mutation. Can never become a spellcaster.

Resistance to Disease - Gain a +10% bonus to Toughness tests to resist disease.

Resistance to Magic - Gain +10% WP to resist magic.

Resistance to Poison - Gain +10% on Toughness tests to resist poison.

Rover - Gain +10% on Silent Move and Concealment in rural locations.

Savvy - Gain +5% Intelligence permanently.

Scales - Gain AP on each location equal to the number indicated.

Schemer - Gain +10% on intrigue-related Charm tests and to WP tests to resist the Charm of others.

Seasoned Traveller - +10% bonus to Speak Language and Common Knowledge tests.

Sharpshooter - Gain +20% instead of +10% to BS when using the Aim action.

Sixth Sense - Can sense trouble about to happen with a successful WP test.

Specialist Weapons Group (Various) - Can use a group of weapons requiring special training. Groups include: Cavalry, Crossbow, Engineer, Entangling, Fencing, Flail, Gunpowder, Longbow, Parrying, Sling, Throwing and Two-Handed.

Stout-Hearted - Gain +10% on Fear and Terror tests and on WP tests to resist Intimidate.

Street Fighting - Gain +10% and +1 damage on unarmed attacks.

Streetwise - Gain +10% on Charm and Gossip rolls when dealing with the criminal underworld.

Strike Mighty Blow - Gain +1 damage on melee attacks.

Strike to Injure - Gain +1 Critical Value on Critical Hits.

Strike to Stun - May attempt to strike for non-lethal damage in melee.

Strong-Minded - Increases the IP threshhold from 6 to 8.

Sturdy - Do not take movement penalties when wearing heavy or plate armour.

Suave - Permanent +5% Fel bonus.

Sure Shot - Ignore 1 armour point when shooting.

Surgery - Gain +10% on Heal tests; when dealing with a heavily wounded patient heal 2 wounds instead of 1. Gives a +20% bonus to the patient's Toughness tests to resist limb loss.

Super Numerate - +10% to Navigation and Gamble tests and a +20% to estimation-based Perception tests.

Swashbuckler - Can use Jump/Leap as a half action and increase the distance of all jumps by one yard.

Terrifying - You cause Terror.

Trapfinder - +10% to Perception and Pick Lock tests to do with traps.

Trick Riding - Only need to take Ride tests under extreme circumstances and gain a +10% bonus to them.

Tunnel Rat - +10% to Concealment and Silent Move when underground.

Undead - You are Undead; immunity to Fear, Terror, stunning, poison, disease and all psychology-related spells and skills.

Unsettling - Opponents must take a WP test or suffer -10% to WS and BS attacks against you.

Unstoppable Blows - Opponents take a -30% penalty to Parry tests.

Very Resilient - Gain +5% Toughness permanently.

Very Strong - Gain +5% Strength permanently.

Warrior Born - Gain +5% WS permanently.

Will of Iron - Immune to Fear and Terror as well as Intimidate attempts and the Unsettling talent.

Witchcraft - Learn any spell from an Arcane Lore with a casting number of 15 or less, at a cost of 200xp each. Speak Arcane Language (Magick) is not required to cast these spells. Roll an extra d10 when casting for the purposes of Tzeentch's Curse which does not count towards the casting roll.

Wrestling - +10% to WS and Strength when Grappling.

* An unofficial Talent from the current WFRP designer. Every PC gains it automatically on completing their first career. It's differentiated with Luck simply so that it will stack with it.


Skills are learnt proficiencies that you can use by testing against the relevant characteristic. For instance, Intimidate uses Strength, so to intimidate someone successfully you would have to roll under your Strength characteristic. Basic skills can be used by anyone, albeit at a penalty, whereas advanced skills can only be taken by characters who are proficient in them.

If a new career offers you the chance to take a skill that you have already taken in a previous career, you can take it again for Skill Mastery, which gives you a 10% bonus when using the skill. You can take it a further time in a subsequent career for a 20% bonus (but no more than that).


Academic Knowledge (Int, Advanced)
Covers a variety of scholarly knowledge-based skills all of which must be taken separately. Includes: Arts, Astronomy, Daemonology, Engineering, Genealogy/Heraldry, History, Law, Magic, Necromancy, Philosophy, Runes, Science, Spirits, Strategy/Tactics, Theology.

Animal Care (Int, Basic)
Use this to care for domestic animals.

Animal Training (Fel, Advanced)
Use this to train an animal to perform tasks and tricks.

Blather (Fel, Advanced)
Use this to stall for time by talking nonsense. Those on the receiving end may take a WP test to see through the ruse. You can affect one person for every 10% of your Fel score.

Channelling (WP, Advanced)
Use this to cast spells.

Charm Animal (Fel, Basic)
Use to befriend an animal.

Command (Fel, Basic)
Use to make subordinates follow orders.

Common Knowledge (Int, Advanced)
A variety of skills covering common knowledge of basic topics, including: Border Princes, Bretonnia, Dwarfs, Elves, Empire, Estalia, Halflings, Kislev, Norsca, Ogres, Tilea and the Wasteland.

Concealement (Ag, Basic)
Use to hide behind things. This is often an opposed skill test against Perception.

Consume Alcohol (T, Basic)
Use this to resist the effects of alcohol.

Disguise (Fel, Basic)
Use to pass yourself off as someone else. Often an opposed test against Perception.

Dodge Blow (Ag, Advanced)
Use to avoid an attack in melee combat.

Drive (S, Basic)
Use this to control carts, wagons and the like.

Evaluate (Int, Basic)
Use to determine the value of goods.

Follow Trail (Int, Advanced)
Use this to track people or animals.

Gamble (Int, Basic)
Use this to participate in games of chance. This is always an opposed skill test against Gamble. You can throw the game and lose automatically.

Gossip (Fel, Basic)
Use to gather information and rumours.

Haggle (Fel, Basic)
Use to barter down the price of goods. For tricky deals this may be an opposed test.

Heal (Int, Advanced)
Use to provide medical attention to the wounded. A successful test restores 1d10 wounds to a lightly wounded character or 1 wound to a heavily wounded one. Each character can only receive healing once after each encounter or event in which damage is taken.

Hypnotism (WP, Advanced)
Use to put people into a trance. Unwilling victims may resist using Will Power.

Intimidate (S/Fel, Basic)
Use to coerce or frighten others. Strength is used when trying to intimidate enemies using physical threats, Fellowship when trying to intimidate through force of personality.

Lip Reading (Int, Advanced)
Use to "listen in" on distant conversations.

Magical Sense (WP, Advanced)
Use to detect the presence of magic.

Navigation (Int, Advanced)
Use to find your way using stars, maps, sense of direction and so on. Can also be used to estimate travel times.

Outdoor Survival (Int, Basic)
Use to subsist in the wild; includes building a basic shelter, fishing, foraging etc.

Perception (Int, Basic)
Use to examine your surroundings and companions.

Performer (Fel, Advanced)
Various skills used to entertain spectators: Acrobat, Actor, Clown, Comedian, Dancer, Fire Eater, Jester, Juggler, Mime, Musician, Palm Reader, Singer and Storyteller.

Pick Locks (Ag, Advanced)
Use this to open locks and disarm mechanical traps.

Prepare Poison (Int, Advanced)
Use this to ready poison; includes preparation of animal venoms, natural and chemical poisons.

Read/Write (Int, Advanced)
Use this to read or write. Skill tests are not usually required except under difficult circumstances.

Ride (Ag, Basic)
Use to ride horses and the like. Skill tests only required under difficult circumstances.

Row (S, Basic)
Use this to propel boats using oars. Skill tests only required under difficult circumstances.

Sail (Ag, Advanced)
Use to propel boats using sails. Skill tests only required under difficult circumstances.

Scale Sheer Surface (S, Basic)
Use to climb walls, fences and other vertical obstables. Skill tests required once per round.

Search (Int, Basic)
Use to check an area for treasure, clues etc.

Secret Language (Int, Advanced)
The most common secret languages are Battle Tongue, Guild Tongue, Ranger Tongue and Thieves' Tongue.

Secret Signs (Int, Advanced)
Use this to read or leave coded messages. The most common Secret Signs are Scout, Templar, Thief and Ranger.

Set Trap (Ag, Advanced)
Use to prepare and bait animal traps.

Silent Move (Ag, Basic)
Use to move quietly. Your movement will be limited while using this skill.

Shadowing (Ag, Advanced)
Use to follow someone without being seen. Often an opposed test vs. Perception.

Sleight of Hand (Ag, Advanced)
Use to palm objects and pick pockets. Often an opposed test vs. Perception.

Speak Arcane Language (Int, Advanced)
Speak one of the following languages: Lingua Praestantia (commonly known as "Magick", Daemonic, and Arcane Elf.

Speak Language (Int, Advanced)
Speak one of the following languages: Breton, Eltharin, Estalian, Halfling, Khazalid, Kislevian, Norse, Reikspeil, Tilean, Classical, The Dark Tongue, Goblin Tongue, Grumbarth

Swim (S, Basic)
Skill tests only required under difficult circumstances.

Torture (Fel, Advanced)
Use to torture information out of someone. A victim may resist with a WP test.

Trade (Varies, Advanced)
Use this skill to practise a trade. The characteristic used will depend on the trade in question.

Ventriloquism (Fel, Advanced)
Use to throw your voice. Often an opposed test against Perception.

House Rule: Blather, Navigation, Performer, Shadowing and Torture may be used "untrained" at 1/4 characteristic value.