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Dramatis Persona
Through the Drakwalk

Gerhard Schiller - A grizzled Veteran of 50. The very fact that he has managed to survive so long is testament to his great skill. Gerhard was born in Untergard and joined the town watch at the age of 15. He eventually attained the rank of Sergeant and took over the town's defense at the age of 29. Gerhard was instrumental in the defense of Untergard's western section and he has since then been assisting in the reconstruction. He is the defacto leader of Untergard by necessity.

Granny Moescher - A local healer of sixty years of age. She is a vigorous woman despite her age and a strict adherent of Ryha. She assists anyone regardless of whom they are, has delivered every single person in the entire village at this point, and has saved more lives than can be counted. Granny Moescher also was responsible for the care of the orphans and refugees from this war. There are up to six children at her small hut in the woods helping out with chores, while she sees to it that families are reunited or forged as need be. She also has made sure that everyone is with a home and the means to care for themselves. Many whisper that Granny Moescher was sent by Ryha herself to protect the people. Most dismiss this as blasphemy. None more so than Father Dietrich. She died gaining vengeance upon the Von Sternhauers in a ritual.

Father Dietrich - The local Priest of Sigmar. Father Dietrich was sent from Altdorf to guide the masses when Untergard's town priest was killed. Most people of the town respect him, however there is no warmth felt towards him. Ulric's worship holds sway in Midland and were it not for the fact that Father Dietrich, surprisingly for a Priest, is more than willing to do his share of hard work, there may not be so much respect. As it is, Father Dietrich has built a small shrine in the West which holds many of the relics that were salvage from the Temple of Sigmar in the Eastern half of the town. He has helped build the city up as best he can, his seemingly endless knowledge of carpentry slowly, but surely winning over friends. He died leading a charge into goblins.

Gilmir Leaf-Whisper - A Kithband Warrior who almost shot Granny Moescher. After seeing an elf in your midst he was far more amiable and left on seemingly good terms with your group. Fate unknown.

Engineer Goldut - A Dwarf from Zhulfbar whom had studied in Middenheim who came to Untergard to build a bridge. He stayed on with the promise of free beer. He fought in the War of Chaos with the promise of cracking heads.. He stayed on afterwords to sleep off the spectacular amounts of alcohol and many blows to the head. Goldut nearly died taking down the bridge. He blames this on Snidely and the cowardice of men. He has since taken to the drink very much. He secretly loves his son, Seamus, and was only harsh with him because of the fact he does not know how to be nice. He drinks because he feels the shame of his actions. Goldut is now at the Dwarven Engineering College, contributing as best he can.

Snidely - Engineer Goldut's human apprentice. It is largely forbidden for a Dwarf to take on a human apprentice by The Guild. Snidely's parents largely forbid him from seeking out an apprenticeship with Goldut. Both of them have a preference for not following the rules. This preference for following the rules has gotten Snidely in trouble. He is no forever drummed out as Goldut's apprentice. When the fight at the bridge came, Snidely ran for the wagon with Granny Moescher.

High Father Heindrich Folstat - An Anointed Priest in Altdorf. He tends to a segment of a wing of the mighty Cathedral of Sigmar. He is the mentor of Father Dietrich.

The Hoochlander - The leader of the mutants in Untergard. You have not gotten much in the way of a look at her, but you know she wields a long rifle.

Seamus - Goldut's adopted son. He had bright red hair and seemed to take the brunt of Goldut's abuses. He apparently died during a Night Goblin attack, though any attempts to ask after him ends in Goldut becoming incoherent and often passing out drunk. He became a slayer because he felt he was irredeemably incompetent in the eyes of his father. He was unable to save two friends during a Night Goblin attack and took the oath. You met him in Middenheim where he is looking for a good fight to die honorably in.

Rats in the Wall

Ulrich Schutzmann - Watch Commander and De Facto Leader of Middenheim while Boris Todbringer is out pursuing the remnants of the armies of Chaos.

Father Morten - A murdered Priest of Sigmar who was in charge of the relics. You did not get to know much about this mousy man other than that he existed and was killed by a dastardly Skaven.

Murdered College of Engineering Member - As of yet his name is not known to the party. He was killed in the Dwarven guild/college of engineering and was surely a full member. His name was Engineer Dobby Tulabul and he was planning on expanding and reinforcing segments of the sewers.

Hulger Kuldak - One of the doormen for the Dwarven Engineering Guild.

Watchman Davis Reichober - A member of the watch who was killed outside the Dwarven guild/college of engineering. He was patrolling outside and found when he did not show up late. His patrol was alone since this was supposed to be one of the safest parts of Middenheim. He was survived by a wife, elderly parents, and five children (four boys and a girl).

The Unknown Man - Another victim of the Skaven who was killed shortly after Father Morten. Nothing more is known about him than his body was given to the Temple of Morr.

Glindly - The head of the Sewer Jacks near where the Wynd and Temple of Sigmar meet. He's a portly halfling of many, many vices.

Smily Bob - One of the Middenheim Sewer Jacks serving under Glindly. Died helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade.

Kindly Ulpi - One of the Middenheim Sewer Jacks serving under Glindly. Died helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade.

Head Engineer Rulcar Gromlik - The dwarf in charge of the entirety of the Dwarven College of Engineering.

Lector Johan Goldrake - A Lector in Middenheim. He was the one you gave the frame to.

The Red Mark

Moktor the White Fang - A Flagellant devoted to Ulric. He was a soldier in the Great War before Skaven ambushed his squad. He was only saved thanks to the intervention of the White Wolves. He has since become convinced that the Skaven are the reason for most of the ills of society and Ulric has chosen him to fight the Skaven. He spends most of his days wandering the sewers looking for things to kill. The very fact he has survived for so long is testament to his fighting prowess, if not his intelligence and sanity.

Watchman Josef Harkus - A watchman for the town of Middenheim. He was the first one to bring Heinricus to Commander Schutzmann. His life is relatively plain and boring. He would like to keep it that way.

Agatha - An older woman who works as a receptionist at the Collegium Theologica. She enjoys interacting with people and being helpful.

Professor Ludmil Herzberg - A Professor of Criminology. He has many contacts in the watch and has been instrumental solving many high-profile crimes.

Martin - A guard at The Laughing Jackass. He distrust halfling and nobles. He loves Dwarf and is a devote Sigmarite. He was a part of the Twenty-First Middenland Volunteer Regiment.

Carl - A server at The Laughing Jackass. He walks with a bad limp on his left side and has surprisingly deft hands. He was a part of the Twenty-Third Middenland Volunteer Regiment.

Escal Hairyfoot - A Halfling Field Warden. He joined up with a group of Field Wardens craving adventure to help defend Middenheim from Archeon's forces. He did not enjoy his adventure and is now working to get back to the Moot.

Tumas Ulrict - A brutal looking Middenheimer who has befriended Escal.

Dieter Ostmann - The owner of The Laughing Jackass and a veteran. He, like the rest of his group, has a severely dislike for nobles, politicians, and overly rich merchants. He was a part of two regiments, one having been nearly wiped out except for him in a part of the war.

Fredrich - A guard at The Laughing Jackass. He is very young and seems to have been from one of the last foundings of the Middenland Volunteer Regiments.

Pavel Mokovoz - A mercenary from Kislev. He claims to be a former Chekist, which from you can gather is some kind of clandestine secret service dedicated to "matters of state security". He wields a mace named Brunnhilda. If you ask him why the name, you will merely receive the reply you would have to meet the woman to understand. Was badly injured helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade and has avoided you since.

Paolo Tullivani - An Estalian Mercenary. Good with a crossbow. Works with his brother. Not a woodsman.  Died helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade.

Geurdo Tullivani - An Estalian Mercenary. Good with a crossbow. Works with his brother. Not a woodsman. Died helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade.

Ahlborn Zerksen - A Norse Berserker famed for his mighty ax. Do not make him angry. Once chopped through a solid oak door to save children from a fire.

The Axes of the East - Three Ostlanders; Sigmund, Dedric, and Hans. They're woodsmen who specialized in fighting beastmen with ax and skill. All brothers, save Dedric, died in your fight with Snikkit Blackblade. Dedric has left Middenheim forever.

Steffan Muller - A Hochlander and expert shot. Has a tremendously bad alcohol problem. Lost his entire family in the War.

Kristoff Karlmark - A Drakwalkder. The amount of morality he possess is directly proportionate with the amount of gold you offer him. Like most Drakwalders, he is gruff and distrusting of everyone. Died helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade.

Kevin Sigurdsun - A man from Carroburg. He was originally planning to be a Scholar, but life chose a difference course for him. He enjoys fighting and seeks out the adrenaline rush.

The Black Blood Brothers - Jorge, Yarrick, and Kurt. They come from near Mordenheim. They're rumor to have served with a Witch Hunter and are Sigmarites. They devoutly believe in Sigmar's protection and walk into battle knowing full well that their good is looking after them. They used to number eight. Died helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade.

Stulgart Gutzmann - A Sewer Jack. The man is almost as short as a dwarf and almost muscled like one. Almost. He has a series of scars running up his hands and arms. Most noticeable is the missing pinky finger on his left hand, which he claims was to "remember himself". He has been a part of the Sewer Jacks for almost a year and is a part of Glindly's official crew. Died helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade.

Andreas Litsun - A Sewer Jack. The man is short and spindly, but surprisingly agile. He has been a part of the Sewer Jacks for only a month, having previously been a part of the Watch until "the incident". He does not like to talk about it. He is a part of Glindly's official crew. Died helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade.

The Barkspawn - Glindly's dogs. Died helping your group take down Snikkit Blackblade.

Welgar Kuldak - A cousin of Hulger Kuldak and one of the guards at the door to the Dwarven Engineering Guild/College. The stewardship of the door is a family duty shared with the Kuldak clan.

Gelvin Ironsmit - One of the Heralds working for the Dwarven College/Guild of Engineering.

High Engineer Ubaki Blackdust - A sturdy looking dwarf who has two bronze horns protruding from his ears, giving him the appearance of an insect. He is in charge of the Dwarven Artillery in Middenheim.

Master Runesmith Furdark Vespiar - A white haired dwarf whose beard and long hair are tied into intricate shapes. He is a representative and grandson of Runelord Holi Vespiar, the woman in charge of all rune smithing in Middenheim.

Into the Breach

Sergeant Gultrik Steelbeard - A Shieldbreaker Sergeant. A veteran of the Storm of Chaos and breaker of a previous Skaven invasion, he is accustomed to fighting in tunnels and has recently finished training a squad. They await to be blooded. They have been blooded well and good while assisting you in taking down Snikkit Blackblade. The squad escaped with only one being downed, having taken down almost two dozen Skaven by himself. Gunnar Thornbeard is an unofficial member of this squad. The Sergeant eagerly awaits to use Gunnar at some point.

Ulgi Silvervein - An Apprentice Runesmith who has yet to create his first rune, but is clearly itching to do so. He assisted you in taking down Snikkit Blackblade and is favorably disposed towards you group. He was instrumental in having a fellow apprentice, Magnar, sent to assist your group.

The Shrine in the Wood

Father Ranulf - A senior priest of the Temple of Ulric. He has known Father Odo since they were both trainees and wishes to help his friend. Thus he has contacted you to destroy the chaos artifact that haunts his friend's dreams.

Father Odo - A blind priest of the Temple of Ulric. His mind is being assaulted by a creature of chaos residing in an artifact beneath a Herdstone. You must capture the artifact before he goes insane. He awaits back at the Sleeping Wolf Inn.

Hans Skulfrin - The innkeeper of the Sleeping Wolf Inn. He is a devoted Ulrican, having been saved many times by Wolf-Kin during his operations.

Sjkorfic Ulricson - A Wolf-Kin (Zealous devotee of Ulric and an order considered a cousin-branch to the Dwarf Slayers). He and his fellow zealots defended the Sleeping Wolf Inn from beastmen. A man with white-blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. He died beneath the shadow of the Monolith.

Gazk Redhorn - A Minotaur and guardian of the monolith erected as a resting place for Kazron Gorespite. He was slain by your group.

Kazron Gorespite - A Chaos Warlord from the age of Magnus the Pious. His tomb was invaded by all of you. In particular, Heinricus desecrated his tomb, earning him in particular the anger of the Blood God. What this mean for Henri... and your group... remains to be seen.

A Dark Storm Cometh

Edgar Wolfspite - A sentry at the Sleeping Wolf Inn. He took a job at the inn because he likes alcohol. He was hoping to spend some of his time staring blankly at the road when a pretty lady doesn't enter and be in an alcoholic haze for the rest of the time. The Storm of Chaos has not been kind with this.

Taalgat - Protector of an Initiate of Morr from a royal family. He hates his job and wonders why he hadn't pursued a proper career.

The Initiate - A member of a royal house you can't quite remember. He speaks with the voice of Morr and saved you from the skull.

Lorinoc Leaf-Whisper - A lone Kithband warrior who has seen combat. After a particularly grueling battle he has sought sanctuary at the Sleeping Wolf inn. His first official meeting with your group is attempting to pummel Ariarnhod to death.

Mathias - A high ranking Priest in the Ordo Fidelis, a group of Witch Hunters. He has tracked you down from your original investigation with the Skaven.

Jakob - A Champion of the Ordo Fidelis. He bears the scars of a life lived by the blade.

Ulrich - A doktor of the Ordo Fidelis. His knowledge of lore and the human body makes him valuable to the order.

Captain Kveldulrf - Captain of the Blood Axes. They all claim descent from Ulric himself and Treize is no exception. He shows no mercy to enemies of Ulric (be they the forces of darkenss or followers of other gods), but has the utmost respect for the followers of Ulric.

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