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The Dwarven College of Engineering
You all make your way to the Dwarven College of Engineering from your meeting with Captain Schutzmann. The darts weigh heavily upon your minds, the knowledge that the foe is beneath your feet and capable of striking at any time not soothing any nerves.

The building itself is a mighty rock edifice that rises from the ground to block out the sun as you get close. The entire thing has been carefully carved out of stone to a point beyond most human craftsmen. You can see obvious windows where crossbowmen could open fire on the streets below and you're sure there are more windows that are not obvious. All are shuttered with metal sheets that look as though they could absorb the blasts of anything short of a cannon. The door itself is huge and the only obvious weak point of the entire structure. You have heard rumors by many of the people you asked directions from that there's a gatling gun stationed behind this door, forcing any invaders to have to literally wade through their own blood to get inside.

You are also warned that these people do not take kindly to elves. Not in the slightest. The ancient racism is still heavy.

Many knock at the door, a smaller door opening a slit at human crotch-height. Naturally dwarves find no problem with this.

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