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Rules and etiquette
Please place your stat block in your biography lines.

format example:

 GM, 15 posts
 P:19 I:16 Hp:57
 20(18/17/16) S:7 SV:14

The values should reflect:

perception insight hp
ac(F/R/W) surges(# of them) surge value

Combat Initiative Order

You will all give me an init roll.
I will make an init roll for the monsters, possibly 2-3 different ones depending on different types of monsters.
We will be divided into "stages," and you can post in any order when your stage is up.

For instance:
Player 1 rolls a 15.  Player 2 rolls a 19.  Player 3 rolls a 20.
Monsters A roll 12.  Monsters B roll 16.
That would make the stages:
Stage 1 - Player 2 & 3
Stage 2 - Monsters B
Stage 3 - Player 1
Stage 4 - Monsters A

Sometimes there will be only one roll for the monsters, as this can make combat go faster.  When stage 1 is up, player 2 or 3 can go whenever they can, without waiting on the other or on me.  If you want to delay your action until after another character has acted, post and say so.  You don't need to wait for the other character to post.

Power and Item Effects
Effect that ends at the end of your character's turn, will end at the end of the stage when the power was used.
Effect that ends at the start of your character's turn, will still end at the start of your character's turn.

Post in present tense, unless another tense is obviously necessary.
Use colored text (pick a color and stick with it) for your character's speech. Explanatory text should be normal black font.
If you post thought it is if you said them. Players may choose to say they read your body language or could see you thinking or you said it. Just know anything posted is fair game to other players to know.

Put OOC comments and game mechanics at the end of your post in orange text e.g. OOC: How many HP do you have?

Combat Posting Guidelines
Post your roleplaying, then post your game mechanic actions as OOC. For example:

Durdyn sneers at the kobolds as he shifts to get a better spot.  His stance changes, he lowers himself to the ground.  Then, in a flash, he pulls his crossbow and fires at the lizards.
Move: Shift to L12
Minor: Stance change to Dancing Serpent
Standard: Rapid Shot Dex vs AC K1 & K2

He smiles as the first bolt sinks into the lizard, but is disappointed when his 2nd veers right.

From here we can see that the actions (move, minor, std) are specifically laid out, the attack type and what it hits is listed, the enemies to attack are specified, and all rolls are included here.

You must include the name of the defense your attack rolls go against in the reason text slot.

Save ends
On your turn, if you forget various save ends things on your targets, then they saved. Likewise, if I forget to deal you ongoing damage, then you must have saved.

immediate reaction you can post those right after any combat post that triggers it along with your turn post.

immediate interrupts These just kind of suck for game flow. But post them anyway the sooner it gets posted the better.

*much of this has been borrowed and edited from other GMs.