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Wed 3 Apr 2013
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Okay, this is basically a traditional tabletop RPG adventure, set in what I call the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha setting. This may differ somewhat from what other people call the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha setting, to say nothing of the canonical one, but nevermind that. The rules are fairly simple, the setup is fairly simple, and hopefully the game will prove fairly simple until something unexpected blows up in the players’ collective face.

Create a character as according to the guidelines in the google document at the bottom of the OP, and PM it, because certain character details are to be secret~

Player Slots:
There are no more player slots.

This is not an entirely open game. I will require “auditions” for people whose general writing ability I am unsure of, and the waiting list is not a queue, but rather a pool from which I select the players I want in the game, for whatever, possibly arbitrary, reason I care to use.

The game is based on freeform narrative. However due to completely freeform narrative being an unmanageable mess, unless treated like a writing exercise and not a roleplaying game, certain constraints must be observed by the players.

Players are free to describe and determine the results of all actions that are negligible to the greater plot. Upon request, they may create and write any given NPC however they like, as long as the NPC has a plausible origin. Plot significant NPCs must always be discussed thoroughly with me first.

Ordinary actions are considered automatically successful, and the players may resolve any number of them without consulting me. Player-player interaction that doesn’t escalate to combat or other complex tasks that require outside adjudication may also be handled and resolved entirely by the players.

Things that require GM activity are thus mainly the success or failure of significant actions, interaction with NPCs that have not been declared free use, and combat.

Whenever a player attempts any of these, they must submit some manner of action plan, which will then be considered and resolved based on character abilities, circumstantial modifiers, the plan itself, and whatever other factors I deem relevant. The resolution will then be presented to the player, either as a GM post in the IC-thread, or a summation of the results elsewhere, for the player to use.

Certain NPC interactions may also be resolved by IM chat.

When in doubt, ask.

Another important rule is the concept of “declaring”. When something is declared, it has become a permanent fixture of the game world, and all following declarations and events must take it into account if relevant.

There are limits to the amount of things a player is allowed to declare, but in general they should feel free to suggest things. There is no requirement that players should declare anything before game start, and they may keep declarations in reserve until such a time as they want it to come into play, although they should keep in mind that there will be more things declarations will need to take into account the more time has passed.

As the more observant may have noticed, there is an element of secrecy in this game. This is entirely because I find limited information to be amusing, and to facilitate a little more character drama among the players. It is not so people who like backstabbing can ruin everything. Unless you all agree to that, anyway.

With that said, the secrecy rules should be observed for all finalized action plans, for the sake of consistency, but should only be used when there's an actually interesting reason for them. Further, while it is permissible to lie in public IC posts, anyone with a character that should note the discrepancies between what really happens and what is said to happen will be immediately informed by me, so don't abuse it.

Finally, I am rather unwilling to run entire adventures secretly by PM, so extended hidden operations will only be done with the caveat that the players must think up a suitably interesting cover story to post regularly in the public IC. Also, whenever the game ends, for whatever reason, I have every intention of publicizing all remaining secrets. This will, of course, be discussed with each player beforehand, but I hope that nobody will make trouble over it.