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Fri 4 Oct 2013
at 06:33
Clear Skies
So getting suddenly told that there's a prisoner in the ship holding cells was not the greatest thing to hear after everybody left for the planet. You dread to hear what the ground team did for first contact, because it just can't be pretty.

Still, there remains the question of what to do. Clearly the others are doing a lot of stuff, and you can get in touch with them easily enough, or even teleport to their position.

Alternatively, you could go look at the prisoner.

Or you could hide away in the engineering bay, but frankly, at this point you'd kinda like to do anything that isn't sitting alone in a ship where you have a far too well-developed sense of what could go wrong.

Claire has Temporary Perk: Nervous Energy

So yeah, sitting around isn't terribly appealing.

Wat do?
Claire Foulke
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Sun 27 Oct 2013
at 12:05
Re: Clear Skies
Finding the immunization kit wasn't that hard. Thing was labeled pretty clearly. Directions were on the lid on how to use it, too.

Now, I just had to go and inject them into the poor sod Blitzklinge and Sharpe beat unconscious and kidnapped.

Yeah, I'm sure waving a strange needle around a guy from an unadministrated world in the boonies can't possibly go wrong or end up with me stabbed in any way.

When I enter the brig, I rap the walls twice with my knuckles, before opening up telepathic communication.

<"Oi, you awake in there?">
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Sun 27 Oct 2013
at 12:38
Re: Clear Skies
The prisoner is, indeed, awake. And just a little unnerved.

He keeps glancing up at the electric lighting fixtures, the metal walls and the upholstered cot. At least there's standard gravity.

He hasn't replied to the telepathic message, but as he refocused to look at you when you sent it, you're fairly sure that he received it.

You're currently separated by the door, which has a large transparent section. The cell is nominally reinforced by a barrier, but you haven't actually turned it on, and the ship won't activate it automatically until it notes more energy in the cell. It's nonetheless doubtful that the prisoner can attack you. Of course, you need to go inside to poke needles into him.

You could probably trivially knock him out if you wanted to.

Alternatively, you can try talking more.
Claire Foulke
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Sun 27 Oct 2013
at 13:09
Re: Clear Skies

I am going to throttle Sharpe.

This guys looks like he's terrified out of his mind.

<"Alright, why don't you just take a deep breath and relax a little.">

While ensuring he's not going to die a horrible death of whatever random bug is lurking in the corners of our ship is important, if he has a panic attack while I try to dose him it won't do any good.

<"My name's Claire Foulke. Currently, you're on board the ship Clear Skies. Now, I'm sure you've got a bunch of questions, so whenever you feel like talking, I'm listening.">
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Sat 2 Nov 2013
at 11:47
Re: Clear Skies
<"...ship?"> He begins.

<"Wha, what happened?">

Surprisingly, he seems to have calmed down somewhat, and is largely more confused than afraid at the moment.
Claire Foulke
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Sat 2 Nov 2013
at 14:41
Re: Clear Skies
Well, at least he doesn't look like he's about to jump out of his skin now.

<"Right, so the last thing you probably remember is getting into a fight with a couple of really suspicious seeming guys, right?>" As I was broadcasting the message, I took a seat on a bench facing the cell. <"That guy, being kind of a dumb ass, transported you back to our ship, rather than just waiting outside for you to recover so he could ask questions.>" Ah, wait. These people's ships are probably just water vessels made of wood. They might not know their planet orbits the sun, much less how spaceships and the Dimension Sea work.

<"Speaking of which, you feeling alright? No broken bones or anything like that?"> I think I'll give him a little longer to recover before asking to stick needles in him.
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Thu 7 Nov 2013
at 20:52
Re: Clear Skies
<"...but there's no seas for weeks of travel."> He states, somewhat bemusedly.

<"Ah, um, I feel pretty good. Um, I thought I got hit by a sword. Why am I not dead?">

It seems that as the situation progresses, the prisoner is getting consistently more bemusedly confused than anything. Also, it's hard to tell if he actually believes anything you've said, or even if he considers his surroundings to be real. Might just think he's dreaming.

Of course that probably won't last.
Claire Foulke
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Fri 8 Nov 2013
at 05:57
Re: Clear Skies
<"Basically, he used a magic weapon designed to have minimal lethality.>" And that was the easy question.

I suppose I should at least be thankful he know what a ship is.

<"As for you other question..."> I drum my fingers on the bench, and they make a soft musical sound. Not quite a ring, but more than a quiet tap. "<Well, have you ever seen a balloon, or a glider?>" Balloons are primitive, right? And gliders are supposed to have been really simple, too.

Although I can't help but think this comparison is going to fall flat on it's face, and I'm going to have to resort to just saying 'magic' and waggling my hands.
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Fri 8 Nov 2013
at 11:09
Re: Clear Skies
There's a lot of incomprehension.

"Glider" and "balloon" transfer, of course, but as usual with rather foreign concepts, the prisoner seems to find them extremely bizarre to think about.

Seems the place doesn't have much of a tradition for non-magical flight, if even that. Or at least the place this guy is from.

After a bit of chewing on it, he seems to acclimate to the idea though.

<"So... things floating in the air?">

He blinks.

<" airship?"> He says musingly.
Claire Foulke
 player, 18 posts
Fri 8 Nov 2013
at 14:53
Re: Clear Skies
<"Basically, yes. Except that the Clear Skies, which is the ship's name, doesn't travel quite like a normal ship does."> Well, it's time show him how far the rabbit hole goes. <"Have you ever seen a mage teleport? This ship is designed to travel great distances in a way that's about the same.">

I think I'll save the major brain busting of interplanetary travel for a little bit later.

Oh... You know, it occurs to me.

I have no idea who this guy is, yet.

<"Ah, I'm sorry. I don't think I've asked you your name yet. You are?">
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Fri 8 Nov 2013
at 23:08
Re: Clear Skies
It's probably "teleport" that really does it.

"Balloon", "glider" and even "airship" are weird, but not unimaginable.

A ship that teleports, though? A bit too weird.

<"...I... I'm not dreaming?"> He hesitantly manages.

<"But then... who are you?">

His eyes are wide. Perhaps... fearful?

You cannot tell. You don't know what happens to people when things like this happen.
Claire Foulke
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Sat 9 Nov 2013
at 15:30
Re: Clear Skies
Shiiiit, I  broke him.

<"Like I said before, my name's Claire Foulke.>" I should probably amend that a bit though. <"I'm the ship's engineer. This means I fix things, and make sure our instruments are accurate. As for you just having a bad dream...>"

Well, I can't really think of a better way to put this. Which doesn't mean that what I'm about to say is a smart thing, or that it won't complicate matters.

<"Well, you seem fairly awake and lucid to me.">

Now, I watch him. I watch him, and hope to god he manages his paradigm shift without a clutch pretty well.
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Sat 9 Nov 2013
at 16:52
Re: Clear Skies
His eyes are still wide.

<"I... I'm sorry. My name is Chaniir."> He finally responds with.

He pauses for a while, huddling in on himself a bit.

<"Wha... what's going to happen to me?">
Claire Foulke
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Sun 10 Nov 2013
at 16:58
Re: Clear Skies
Right, so it looks like he managed the shift with relatively little brain breaking. So far.

This is good.

<"Well Chaniir, first we're going to immunize you. Then, you'll spend a few days up here, while the vaccinations set in, and then we'll scrub you down, and return you back to your people, hopefully no worse the wear."> And after that, we'll be scrubbing the shit out of your cell, and doing our best to decontaminate everything you could possibly have come in contact with.

And I'll hope to the Ribbon in his endless loop that I don't come down with anything.
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Sun 10 Nov 2013
at 21:41
Re: Clear Skies
He doesn't entirely seem to understand - in the end, telepathy relies on mutual frames of reference that would here require either more time or a deeper connection to establish - but he nods.

And, well, he certainly seems pretty non-hostile and subdued.

On the other hand, he was taken prisoner after a fight, so there's that.

In any case, he appears to be waiting, and looking up somewhat apprehensively.

Wat do?
Claire Foulke
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Thu 14 Nov 2013
at 18:38
Re: Clear Skies
<"Right. So.">

If I'm going to go into the cell...


"Yeah, Boss?" My Device warbles a response. I've had Crow for a long time. Building her with Dad was some of the most fun I'd ever had tinkering. Too many people just use stock Devices, or get one built for them. Making one yourself lets you really creates a bond between User and Device. It also means you customize your features.

So, instead of getting the factory standard gruff male, my little Crow has such a sweet sounding voice that I could listen to for hours.

I'm kinda worried about shocking Chaniir a little with this, but I'm going to want a Barrier Jacker if I'm going to be getting close to him.

... And I'm probably going to want to set up a quarantine to keep any bugs he has locked up tight in his cell.

"Engage Barrier Jacket."

"You got it, Boss!"

And with a little flash of light, I'm in my Jacket.

<"Right, so this is my Barrier Jacket. Think of it like a magical set of clothes that protects me."> I reached down to pick up the kit. <"Anyway, I'm going to use one of the Auto-injectors in this box to vaccinate you. It'll hurt a little bit, and might make you a little sick. But, it's meant to stop you from getting a lot sicker, so just keep that in mind, OK?>"

My finger hovers over a button that will disengage the door so I can step inside, but I pause for a second.

<"I'm going to come in now. Try anything funny...>" And... what.... <"And you won't like it.>"


That was lame.
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Thu 14 Nov 2013
at 20:54
Re: Clear Skies
Chaniir's eyes widen as Claire suddenly suits up in a flash of light.

The largely stupefied silence makes the next fifteen or so minutes rather straightforward. Claire walks in, Chaniir stares, Claire picks up the first shot and squints at the instructions, Chaniir stares, Claire inserts the shot and softly grabs Chaniir's arm, Chaniir stares, Claire presses the trigger and the vaccine is injected, and Chaniir stares.

He's not exactly stunned or unable to think. It seems more that he's feeling so out of his depth that shutting up and waiting for something more comprehensible to occur seems like the ideal course of action to him.

This makes the entire exercise a tad awkward.

Still, the initial batch of vaccines goes through with no obvious problems, and the next batch isn't due for a while, according to the instructions. Hopefully the medical professional will be back to administer them at that point.

The entire mess ends with Claire throwing in some painfully bland - but hopefully also safe - blocks of nutrients, and a large bottle of purified water, locking the cell door and running back up to Engineering.

Appropriately, this is about when Mattias remembers to send her a message that the ground team has made genuine first contact with a local, without attacking them.

The choice then ultimately presents itself.

Go down and talk with Chaniir more?
Interfere with the groundteam and the new local ally?
Hide in Engineering and hope the problems go away?
Claire Foulke
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Fri 15 Nov 2013
at 09:39
Re: Clear Skies
Right, so that's done at least.

The first round of vaccinations is done. And I only nigh irreparably shattered Chaniir's worldview. Cool.

At this rate, he might make it back to the surface almost totally insane.

Yeah, for all that I bitched at Sharpe for being a moron, I'm not that much better, am I?

Well, at least I've cleaned myself off and erected a miniature quarantine around Chaniir. That'll hopefully stop whatever dirt-side bugs he has from going too far.

In the meantime...

I have satellite probe's to disassemble!

Won't get parts for that jet-bike any other way, now will I?

And I'm certainly not doing this to avoid- OK, no point in lying to myself of all people about this. I've kind of broken Chaniir's brain, and don't really want to deal with the fall out right now.

It's sort of scary seeing him like that.

In a few hours, I'll check back in on him and make sure he's doing alright.