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Streets of Orlane
Cunningham Hickoryhock Approaches a pleasant looking farm (Location 1) where the sound of goats can be heard from the barn, and shadows move behind the windows. Upon knocking at the door a farmer answers and politely but stubbornly refuses any help or trade with Hickoryhock.

Moving further down the street, past the Constable's (Location 2), he sees:

Weavers House and Shop : (Location 5)
A sign with a spinning wheel and a loom hangs outside this new building. Several bales of wool are stacked on the wide porch. No people are visible.

The Golden Grain Inn : (Location 6)
This is a large wooden inn. It is decorated with carvings of sheaves of wheat along the eaves of the roof. The inn was whitewashed at one time, but much of the paint has peeled. A sign picturing a cluster of wheat and a pitcher of beer or ale hangs over the door. A corral and stable, apparently empty, are off to the side.

The Jeweler & Moneychanger : (Location 7)
A gem-encrusted ring is pictured on a sign outside of this establishment. The doors and windows are open. The building is small, but looks extremely sturdy; the shutters and doors are of heavy wood, reinforced with iron bands.
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Re: Streets of Orlane
Laas and Galileo move out onto the street, passing Hickoryhock.
Besides the locations Hickoryhock is examining, the two also pass the following locations:

Livery Stable: (Location 8)
This is an exceedingly run-down structure of wood. Faint traces of a former paint job cling to small parts of the walls, but in some places the bare wood has started to rot. A fenced walkway leads from the road to the back of the house, and horse manure is scattered liberally about. A little boy, his face covered with dirt, is playing on the front porch. As you approach, he toddles out to the road, smiles, and says "hi!"

Small Cottage: (Location 9)
This small, square building has been freshly whitewashed. Heavy curtains hang over the windows, and the door is shut.

Mayor's Residence: (Location 10)
This house is set well back from the road, and is partially screened by a pair of medium-sized elms.
This is by far the most imposing house in the village. The walls have been regularly whitewashed and the roof gleams with new wooden shingles. A wide porch crosses the entire front of the house, and columns of wood support the overhanging roof. The columns have been carved into leafy patterns by a skilled craftsman.

Tailor Shop: (Location 11)
A sign crudely depicting a needle piercing the seat of a pair of pants hangs before this establishment, a small, ramshackle building in need of considerable repair. A shutter hangs loosely, shingles are missing from the roof, and the walls show signs of rot in several places.

Village Store: (Location 12)
This is a fairly well-kept establishment with an assortment of farm implements and cooking utensils on the wide porch. The door stands open, and a well-painted sign depicting a pot, a plow, a sack, and a lantern hangs over all.

Rundown Farmhouse: (Location 13)
This house is in desperate need of repair. The front door, porch steps, and visible roof supports are missing. The barn is in even worse condition, but the many chickens in the yard suggest that the place is indeed inhabited.

Carpenter's Shop: (Location 14)
A wooden board in the shape of a saw hangs before this well-constructed building. The front part of the structure is unwalled, and inside of this breezy area the carpenter is at work. Many tools (saws, hammers, nails, prybars,
etc.) are scattered about, and some boards are mounted on sawhorses.

Blacksmith's Shop: (Location 15)
This is obviously a smithy, though no sign hangs here. The shop part of the building is unwalled, and two brawny lads operate a bellows while a giant of a man hammers thunderously upon a piece of metal that will soon become the blade of a shovel. Soot and smoke abound.

Battered and Weatherbeaten Structure: (Location 16)
The doors and windows of this large building are boarded up. A sign lies face-down in the weeds before the porch, which may be reached by climbing three broken steps. The roof has several gaping holes, and the general appearance of the place suggests that it has been long abandoned.
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Re: Streets of Orlane
The halfling pats his belly as he meanders down the road, bemused by the general lack of activity and folk. Perhaps they're all afield. Freshly filled with cheese, he resists the natural urge to turn his hairy feet toward the inn and continues down the road. Many a house and barn are in dire need of a square buttressing. The schematics flood his mind already like quick ink on fresh parcment. The waterwheel and river dam catch his eye; an interesting bit of engineering worth a look later.

Emboldened by the empty road and absence of eyes, he ambles near past the small cottage (9), listening for any activity, let alone juicy gossip-worthy conversation taking place behind the curtains.
Curtains like that demand a little snooping into whatever's being kept private.

From the cottage, his interest settles on the apparently abandoned building (16), sitting between the blacksmith and the carpenter. Curious as is a halfling's wont, he inconspicuously slides that way, watching for observers and a subtle way in. (If none are payin attention, he'll lift the fallen sign for a sense of the place.)