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Handouts: Altaruk Regional Map

  1.      North Gate - Road to Tyr and Urik. Earthen walls are 30' high at the base of the canyon, with towers reaching another 20' higher
  2.      Tower of Maltaris - an imposing guard tower rising 80' above the canyon floor
  3.      Gald Hall - the North Barracks and assembly hall.
  4.      Altaruk City Stables - sufficient to house pack animals of many caravans
  5.      Inn By The Rock - Proprietor Stella Bloodmont, a young widow and ex gladiator
  6.      The Grave - Meadhouse and gambling hall
  7.      Fort Altaruk Armory - the original outpost and fortress, which is still used as an armory
  8.      Fort Altaruk Stables - military training and mounts for standing cavalry.
  9.      House Rees estate
  10.      House Wavir Estate
  11.      The Noble's Tower - a six-story complex of wooden and earthen buildings, catwalks, back alleys and hidden rooms. It is a vibrant location at all hours of the day and night. It boasts several taverns, a luxurious inn and parlor, a private barracks and armory, a stable, an artesian well an many other amenities.
  12.      Halgar's Guild Hall - A gambling house
  13.      Private Residence
  14.      Bloodsand Arena - Altaruk's arena
  15.      House Tombaldor Estate
  16.      Temple of the Way - a sanctuary for students of the way
  17.      Warehouse
  18.      Private Residences
  19.      The Last Hope - Inn and tavern, Proprietor Jiri Kuhaz
  20.      Trader's Row - weapons, perfumes, leather and hide goods, tattoos, arrows, pottery, herbs, scrolls and paper, ink, metal and stone items, clothing, textiles and footwear
  21.      Minister of Trade Offices
  22.      Traders Commons - livestock, grains, plants, seeds, slaves, fermented beverages
  23.      Sand Runners Market - a sprawling mini-city of tents within a large earthen-walled field.
  24.      Private Residences
  25.      Private Residences
  26.      Mergalt Hall - South Barracks, Armory and Stables
  27.      South Gate - Passage to Balic
  28.      South Keep - Stone walls built 50' high with parapets and half-giant guards
  29.      Falris Family Livestock Yards - purveyors of trained Gold-Tail Inix
  30.      Wex Family Livestock Yards - purveyors of trained Gold-Tail Inix
  31.      Tradesmen Guild Hall
  32.      Black Neri's - Meadhall, Proprietor Neri the Gaunt
  33.      Private Residences
  34.      Mercenary Guild Hall
  35.      Private Residences

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