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Thu 13 Jun 2013
at 22:21
School Registry
A place for all the NPCs.
The Headmaster
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Tue 25 Jun 2013
at 00:52
Re: School Registry
Alice - A very tall girl who has had an odd existance. She seems to be some sort of reanimated corpse, but not undead. Alice has no idea how to act "normal". What you have seen of her body is covered with stich-like scars.

Kendra - A nixie and a very perky girl. She seems to be a fan of romance and surfing.

Jo - The tomyboy werewolf you're currently dating. Likes meat and sports. Also, playing around in the woods.

Abigail - An upperclass vampire you're currently sharing a room with.

Billy - An odd shadow creature that doesn't know much about itself and can't leave the cave in the woods.
The Headmaster
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Tue 25 Jun 2013
at 00:54
Re: School Registry
Mr. Strange - ...a very strange teacher. He's very tall and guant. Also very boring. Teaches math oddly enough.

Ms. Devlin - A very attractive blonde woman who teaches Monster history.