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Lovecraft Country
Kindred History
For hundreds of years, a small area in New England existed largely unnoticed by the Kindred of the Camarilla and the Sabbat. This area - Lovecraft Country - was populated by the horrible Baali who worshiped ancient eldritch beings from beyond space and time, and the Baali went to great lengths to insure their stranglehold on the area went undetected.

Unfortunately, in the early 1920s, Baali activity increased significantly and mortal law enforcement agencies put certain unrelated facts together, revealing to them a picture of great evil in the area. As word of the mortal findings and activities spread, the area was finally noticed by Kindred eyes.

The Camarilla reached the area first and was able to quickly rebuff any Sabbat efforts to gain ground in Lovecraft Country. Once the area was secured for the Camarilla, they began investigations into the area and discovered the Baali influences. Since then, the Camarilla has waged a secret and silent war against the insidious Baali; while Lovecraft Country is claimed by the Camarilla, they have not yet been able to oust the Baali from the area and they exist to these very nights, a more evil and corrupting influence than the Followers of Set could ever hope to be.

In 1925, James Armitage - a Ventrue native to Lovecraft Country - claimed Praxis and became the first Prince of Arkham. His domain includes the city of Arkham proper and its outskirts; Dunwich and Innsmouth are both hotbeds of Baali activity.

In 1931, Prince Armitage was instrumental in the exposť and destruction of a cult lead by Keziah Mason, a particularly nasty Baali elder. Unfortunately, his Sheriff was destroyed in the process. Since then, two other Sheriffs have fallen in battle with the Baali. The current Sheriff is Lex Whateley, a Brujah native to Dunwich; some say he's the only worthwhile thing to have come out of that town.

Since the destruction of Keziah's cult, Baali activity has been on the decline.  Modern nights - especially post Y2K - have been relatively peaceful and calm.  The Camarilla is concerned that this might be the calm before the storm, and urges its Arkham representatives to remain ever vigilant.

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Re: Lovecraft Country
Important Kindred
Lovecraft Country, and Arkham in particular, is limited in the number of Kindred it can support due to its small population and geographical size. Being a relatively small domain, it has limited appeal for established Elders to uproot themselves and relocate to Arkham.

James Armitage, Ventrue
Prince of Arkham
A long-time resident of Arkham, James knows Lovecraft Country inside and out.  Originally from Akrham, James spent a few years in Innsmouth prior to his embrace and relocation to Arkham.

James is one of the Camarilla's youngest Princes; his successful, near 100-year Praxis is a good indication that the Camarilla did not go wrong when they declared him the first Prince of Arkham.

James is tall and thin with black hair and brown eyes, and tends to prefer expertly tailored suits in the navy blue and charcoal gray colors.  His hard-soled dress shoes are always polished.  When engaging in casual affairs, he dresses down by removing his tie and releasing the top button of his shirt.

Lex Whateley, Brujah
Sheriff of Arkham
Sheriff Whateley - as befitting a Dunwich native, especially a Whateley - is somewhat short and stout with a narrow face, short black hair, and bushy eyebrows.

Lex tends to dress more casually than does the Prince, favoring Dockers and sport coats to actual suits.  While he does have a suit which he wears for special events, he is none too fond of ties and, when worn, are usually loose with an unbuttoned collar.

He is Arkham's third Sheriff since the Camarilla stepped in to Arkham.


With so few Elders in Arkham, the Primogen Council is smaller than in other domains. In Arkham, each Primogen is expected to represent Kindred from other clans as well as those from their own clan. In theory, this is a progressive and workable approach. In practice, however, Prince Armitage is often frustrated with the Primogen's implementation.

Joseph Pickman, Toreador
An Arkham native, Joseph was one of the original Camarilla Kindred in Arkham, having assisted Prince Armitage in the battle against Keziah Mason in the early 1920s.

Howard Carter, Tremere
Howard is a thin man with sallow skin, and a large, hooked nose. He has shoulder-length, greasy black hair which frames his face, and cold, black eyes. He wears black, flowing robes which give him the appearance of "an overgrown bat".

Howard is a cold, calculating, precise, sarcastic, and bitter person.

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Re: Lovecraft Country
Kindred Haunts
Prince Armitage, Sheriff Whateley, and the Primogen expend their influence to insure that the below locations remain fairly safe and secure for the Camarilla Kindred of Arkham.

The Pump House Beerworks
"Get Pumped" at this popular microbrewery.
This popular establishment takes its name from the old water tower and pump house that stood on the site, derelict, for decades after the advent of the town reservoir. A suspicious blaze burned down the pump house in 1971, leaving only the 60-foot high water tower to collect rust and graffiti. A decade ago, young entrepreneur - and beer enthusiast - Randy Adams bought the site, restored the now-empty water tower, and rebuilt the pump house, enlarging it to accommodate 200+ customers. The Pump House Beerworks was born.

After years of business, the Pump House has its name emblazoned in bright blue paint on the water tank's silver side, and the microbrewery features a dozen billiard tables in an oversized loft that overlooks the main tap room and a small stage area where local bands play on weekends. The establishment thrives on these two days, with pretty waitresses in tight black tops sporting the slogan "Get Pumped" serving up a wide variety of appetizers and sandwiches and (of course) many varieties of domestic and imported beer. The house brew is "Keziah's Best," a pumpkin spiced ale served in mason jars.

The Pump House Beerworks is located at the corner of High Lane and W. Derby Street.

Potter's Field
Long rumored to be haunted, this "pauper's grave" provides for a quiet and out-of-the-way meeting place.
The town's old "pauper's grave," is almost completely filled up. It is a lonely place, virtually abandoned at sundown. Odd noises can be heard sometimes late at night, but no one seems to stay around long enough to identify or locate their origins. Though no longer known for this fact, a mad scientist made use of this graveyard many decades ago for his reanimation experiments. For many years after those events, even the groundskeepers could feel an eerie, but unreal, presence in the lot.

Potter's Field is located on the east side of N. Garrison St., north of W. Derby St.

Independence Square
Arkham's "Common" is a large park with trees and benches and the like.
Dotted with huge oaks and elms, the Common is a large, square grassy area with benches and oversize granite flower planters. In the warmer months, Arkham's homeless sometimes make use of the benches as a place to sleep; as long as they do not bother the young mothers who use the common to sit and stroll with their children, they are left in peace. During inclement weather, the homeless use the nearby public library as shelter.

Independence Square is located on Federal St., between E. Curwen St. and E. Armitage St.

Masonic Lodge
The Masonic Lodge is a three story building on the northside.
The Masons meet every third Monday of the month.  While non-members and women are barred from the main hall on the second floor all Kindred are allowed in the Camarilla-held third floor, which provides a comfortable lounge where Kindred can relax amongst their own kind.

The third floor is very warm and comfortable with waxed hardwood floors and forest green walls.  The ceiling is light brown in color and features recessed lighting. The many round, four-top tables are graced with white tablecloths and surrounded with comfortable, brown chairs.

Prince Armitage has declared the Masonic Lodge an Elysium.

The Masonic Lodge is located at 679 Brown Street.

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Re: Lovecraft Country
Kindred-Owned Spots
These locations are owned by other Kindred throughout Arkham.  While Prince Armitage and Sheriff Whateley do not personally police these locations, they should be safe for Kindred activity.

The Arkham Art Gallery
The Arkham Art Gallery is a very influential space, with a reputation for atracting young, undiscovered talent, and nurturing it. It is 2 floors, with a large open area for sculpture on the first floor, and a maze like set of walls for paintings on the second. No expence is spared in the pursuit of technology to protect the exibits, both from vandals and from the elements. The windows are deeply polarized, so much that a vampire might walk in front of them in full daylight. The security system and team are the best money can buy.

An active night club in Arkham that tends to cater to the college student population in Arkham. Most all are welcome and the club maintains a very lively and welcoming atmosphere with several levels each with its own bar. The upper floor tends to be for paid events and also houses the offices of Bryan Desmond from which he can look down onto the main dance floor from above. Most everyone knows not to cause trouble at the club due to the security and hired muscle as well as the reputation of its owner.

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