A matter of concern for the Hadereum.   Posted by Plutocrat Remulos.Group: 0
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Mon 17 Jul 2017
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A matter of concern for the Hadereum
Remulos sat at his desk in his office in the semi-underground temle of Hades Dis Pater,  and rubbed his forehead.
The saturnine cult of the devourer had taken a firm grip on his city, opening a hellgate and causing street collapse in the Redlight district after slaughtering a small neighborhood, and desecrating an abandoned temple of Atlas just a few hundred yards away from the Hadereum itself.
 Acolyte Flavius had written dozens of licensing for adventurers to hunt them, and had even established licensing for resupplying stations in the undercity to keep the hunters at work, but it was time for the servants of Hades to put an end to the diabolical and nefarious necromantic activities of this upstart cult. Demons of several tupes hadbeen seen, along with undead whose very existence was an affront.