Prologue I - A Long Road - Thorismund - Year 2946.   Posted by LoreMaster.Group: 0
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Prologue I - A Long Road - Thorismund - Year 2946
This is Thorismund's Tale leading up to Chapter 1...
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Re: Prologue I - A Long Road - Thorismund - Year 2946
The flight left Thorismund feeling dizzy and very chilly. It took several minutes for him to regain his balance after flying for such a long time on the back of the great Eagle, Hrenril. As the majestic creature launched into the air and flapped its way into the sky it let out a piercing shriek of farewell.

From the Beorning's vantage atop a rock outcropping where the Eagle had landed, Thorismund could see behind him a long road. It would have taken him many many days to reach this point had it not been for the favor returned by Hrenril to Thorismund's Master, Beorn himself. Turning then to the east, Thorismund looked across a lightly wooded hill country which bordered the blackened and sickly region known around Erebor as the Desolation of Smaug. It had begun to recover in the five years since the dragon's demise, but it would take many more to fully heal. Further ahead rose the majestic Lonely Mountain, Thorismund's destination.

He stood for a few moments watching the setting sun sink lower into the sky when far below something caught his eye. It was a movement that his hunting instincts picked up on. He tried to focus his eyes in the failing light and then he saw it emerge from under the cover of a large tree growing at a strange angle, surely a casualty of the Battle of Five Armies. As Thorismund recognized the moving creature his blood chilled slightly. It was a warg and it was being ridden by a small goblin who looked to be slumped in his harness, wounded or dying or already dead, it was difficult to tell from this distance.

Thorismund has been tasked by Beorn to deliver his response to the upcoming Celebration of the Battle of Five Armies invitation he was given by King Bard and King Dain Ironfoot II that will take place this fall. Beorn arranged the Eagle flight which allowed Thorismund to bypass the perils of Mirkwood and save valuable time that would have been lost to traveling the dark and dangerous trails.

Night will be falling soon. You should find a place to camp but the knowledge of a warg and rider, alive or otherwise, in the area should make you very nervous.

BTW, I'm keeping your backstory in the wings and your introduction Tale short so that we can move forward with the story. We can go back and do a "flashback" at a later time and fill in the gaps up to this point. Welcome aboard!