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Part 1: The Gathering
As is the cutom in the land, it is the cutom for everybody to make their trek to the Castle Twal. No matter the point of view on life(alignment) everyone one comes to the castle during this celebration year to help renew their magical aura, rejuvinate the mind and soul. It is said that coming to the castle helps you better intune with your magics. Now this is just a rumor that your magic is dependent on the castle's magical essence, but no caster really wants to temp the fates.

Those who do not visit the castle seem to suffer some unlucky events and are generally not helped by the realm.

On one of the last days of the celebration, the 10 awesome armors are brought about on display. Everyone pushes the lines to get a glimpse, to see the suits, to guess how they are enchanted. The parade ends near the front of the castle where vendors selling roasted pigs legs, odd hats and trinkets, various masks and costumes. its a fun affair for all, even the morbid necromancers dust off the grave dust and take in the festivities during this time.

There are horse shows, jousting events, archery competitions, presdigitiation fairs, and combat events. All sorts of skillful trades are showcased throughout the day. This brings the best of the best as the final day is a day of champions. Victors in each event are named. And to the victors, they get an amazing, once in a lifetime prize of an item from the wonderous vault of the castle. A bow beyond compare, a greatsword more intelligent than most beings, a wizards robes that has more talent in its threads than some schools.

There are even gardens where the more nature attuned beings venture to enjoy the lively plants and the pure living gardens. Druids and plant enthusiasts come to compete in the tournement of green thumbs, where the competition is based on how well you can commune with the plants.


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Re: Part 1: The Gathering
Wanted for Crimes against the kingdom:"Seven point star clan"
1) Name unknown, mage, summons fiendish and evil creatures to do his bidding. Identidifable by the shooting star robes he was last seen wearing. Most dangerous. Seen near the lands surrounds Bah Agri Castle

2) name unknown. Knight of questionable knighthood. Black warhorse adorned with the black and good colors of his group. Identified by his heavy steel shield and full plate armor likewise colored. Abilities unknown. Boastful tempetwin.angerous and assumed personal guard to summoner.

3) Name Bruticus, gladiatorial graduate. Expert combatant. Very large human with accelerated speed. Identified by black and gold breastplate armor that exudes fear and his ruinous great sword unnaturally heavy. Threatening alone, serious danger when paired with his twin. Seen near Maharajah castle

4) name Ar-see. Contract protector, acceptes only the highly dangerous targets to showcase her skills with her thin blade and rapier. Reflexes off the charts. Wears black and gold Vest with mithral underarmor. Professional defender. Deadly alone, seriously dangerous with her twin. Seen between Maharajah and Tocpe region

5) Name unknown. Gnomish race, lightly armored, black leather with gold trim and buttons. Has an air, literally, of darkness about him. Assumed shadowmancer. Vulnerable in light, treacherous when an ounce of darkness is about. Assumed shadowplanes is home. Seen through various regions

6) Name unknown, Elven archer. Identified with his beautifully worked bow and arrows with fletching of gold and black. Very lightly armored, wears a hood around his shoulders. Swift and trackless. Showcases very dexterious hands and keen eye. Puts no effort into tasks that seen under him or not of his skill. Last seen with dire wolverine accompanying him into the woods. Formidable pair. Seen rarely hiuntinfg in the words between Castle progress and Castle Beast

7) Name unknown. Lionfolk druid. Presumed affinitive with plane of elemental fire. Creatures summoned had half elemental traits. Showed signs of arrogance to other races. Uses small axes as weapons. Wears minimal armor, black and gold colored arm guard. No companion seen. Violent and feral attack patterns, narrow focused combatant. Not seen before. Catfolk and other prides of cats seen in the Mambassa region s

Items stolen:
Archery reward- bow and glove set
Combat arena reward- boots and gauntlets
Knights reward- Lance and helm set
Garden reward- Treant's necklace
Mages reward- Rod of unknown quality

Plethora of magic items from the vaults of Castle Twal

Warning, do not tery to apprehend wanted. Contact local law enforcement if seen or any vital information is obtained.

Recovery of stolen items seeks reward of lesser magical items and other wonderous items left within the vaults.