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Part 2: A seperation
After the events of the tournament, seven criminals have been named by the kingdom. But other events are happening than just common magic item theft.

Heading south; Lin, Malachai, Raef, Shiv take a ship to try and follow the trail of one of the criminals.

Taking the road south, Kringer, Rita, Cadfael and Rita track the dark ranger but his trail goes cold at the woods. However they find something out of the ordinary at an apple orchard. They take a detour through Limbo.

Raef and Shiv, the Halfling/gnome brothers find the fights they have been thrust into are not what they signed up for and they leave.

Finding a chest that holds great value, according to the captain of the ship (cough pirate cough), they seek out a master locksmith. Along their way they come across the new self proclaimed prince of thieves who will help them if they help him first.

Before the naga issue, back in Limbo, the party finds an old frail woman, a winged woman and even more oddities that are going on in the realm. They escape and find their net adventure chasing down the brother sister pair of criminals who have taken over a town and turned almost everyone into undead minions. The brother/sister villains proved too powerful at this stage in the game and as a last ditch effort, the party was teleported away to the opposite side of the continent within a breath.

Now, altogether with the help of new comers Horace and Maren, the group has taken care of a Naga problem that infested the clean drinking water of a desert city.


There is a plot rapidly developing in this world and only a handful of people are aware of this problem.

Hundreds of magical items have been stolen and up for grabs

There is a great treasure out in the middle of this desert that only a magic item can lead you to.