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Part 3: Sailing the Open Skies
After ending the Naga issue that was creating unsanitary drinking water and causing the city of Bah Agra  some panic, the thieves guild led by Weinger. He awarded the group an item they needed to find a device or key to unlock the chest found on the sinking ship all those long days ago in the hours following the original attack on the Castle Twal.

Now, the party of Rita the Deva, Valan the Bard, Malachai the spelltheif, Lin the adaptable druid, Cadfael the caster, Maren and Kara the psionics, travel through the desert aboard The Titan flying high above the hot desert sands in the clouds. The ship unloads the group on a floating, shifting multi-tiered land made up of every type of terrain imaginable.

Climb from tier to tier, through the quicksand and tombs, to the mountainous climb and drakes, splitting off and refinding each other in the tall grass meadows surrounded by rock like drakes and now into the icy tundra where two assaulting ice monsters have the party in their sights in the middle of the freezing cold night.

The last tier is a few hundred feet away, but in the driving snow storm in the middle of the night, it is proving difficult to get to, at least until the snow monsters are dealt with

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