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Fri 5 Jun 2015
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In the Land of Zu
It can't hurt to sit there at sea for a bit and just observe. There are two island towns close enough that the inhabitants could row out to the ship, but the main city is still a bit far away for that.

It's also hard to tell from this distance, but it does not look like the Land of Zu has any idea what technology is. The pall of industry that hangs over most towns and cities doesn't seem to be here.

The ships that you can see near the mainland all appear to be single-masted junk-rigged coasters, or single-masted lateen-rigged fishing boats. None of them are particularly seaworthy.
Katrin Eason
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Fri 5 Jun 2015
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Re: In the Land of Zu
"The captain has done his job and duty by delivering us here," Katrin said. "Now it's our turn."

"He as much as said that the strategy is up to us now. My thought is that we should make contact with one of these outlying island towns first. One of two things should be in effect: they are either independent or isolationist. The former seems the more likely, which means they will be more accepting of outsiders."

"Even if the other ship didn't stop there, they will have heard tales of it by now. And we can a sense of the culture, perhaps pick up a bit of the language, and find out what we might trade."

"However, if they don't have guns and gunpowder, we should keep that a secret unless we have to defend ourselves. I'm sure you imagine what home would be without all that smog-belching industry."

Tealon Holdron
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Mon 8 Jun 2015
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Re: In the Land of Zu
Being unable to cope anymore with the nausea, Tealon started coughing and retching. Knowing that nobody could see him, the Arcane Mechanik attacked the stairs on neck with his fist to break the invisibility spell. The thought in his head "I hope Bosh and Rogrr don't see me, I have a reputation to uphold".

Seeing the crew looking around and noticing the Captain, the tall Thurian held his dark waving hair out of his face, nodded to the captain and ran to the rail to help his stomach feel better.

Wiping his mouth on the sleeve of his greatcoat, eyeing those around him with steely eyes that shielded "don't you dare laugh", he walked confidently to the gathering of the Iron Fists.

"Greetings, I'm Tealon Holden, those who know me call me 'Blaster'" {stroking the grenades on his Bandolier as if to emphasise}

"I stayed as I were in case of additional attacks so as to hide our numbers for tactical advantage". "Bosh, Roger, good to see you again, how's the arm and servitors going with all this salt water around" hoping Roger remembers him from the start of training and Bosh from his test mission and the airship. On thinking of the airship, Tealon stated "excuse me" and ran to the side rail again.

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Danyka Ydrasyl
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Tue 9 Jun 2015
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Re: In the Land of Zu
Dany listened to Katrin and what the young pistoleer had to say.  She nodded slowly, "Making contact on the outer islands makes sense.  It will likely not tell us everything we need to know, but it is likely to be a reasonable and reasonably controllable place to start."

The Rynnish brunette pursed her lips when the topic of hiding their guns came up.  But, since the suggestion had come from another who relied heavily on firearms as their weapon of choice, Danyka knew that the matter was to be taken seriously.  After a thoughtful pause and a slightly plaintive sigh, the Llaelese gun mage was forced to agree.  "We should likely keep out firearms and other mechanikal artifacts in reserve." she agreed, looking to all of the mechanics, bodger and warcasters amongst her companions as well as the other gun mages, "There is little to be gained by tipping our hand too early..."

When Tealon appeared - quite literally - Dany looked slightly askance at the mechanik; she was more than slightly surprised that he hadn't gotten his sea legs already for it had been a couple of days since the arrival (and subsequent departure) of the airship.  Still, it mattered very little at this point.  Likely in a matter of hours, the Iron Fist would be back on dry land (and hot land, if the temperature held) doing reconnaissance.

She didn't really concern herself with the Thurian, especially as he seemed to have a prior history with Rrger and Bosh.  So, Danyka figured that those two would take the lead on making sure that Tealon was prepped and ready.

Dany looked to others gathered on the deck.  "Is there anything else?" the tall, raven-haired gun mage prompted her companions, "If not, there are plenty of preparations to be made before landfall.  Let's get to it..."  She clapped her hands together and rubbed them eagerly.
Tealon Holdron
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Tue 9 Jun 2015
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Re: In the Land of Zu
In reply to Danyka Ydrasyl (msg # 4):

Once he had gained his composure and rinsed his mouth, the clean shaven Thurian turned and muttered "If only the boat had been rocking more, I'd got used to that".

"I know I have only just appeared, literally, but if I may" he piped up "Find a bag or chest that you can fit your non-magical items into and I can make sure you have them to hand later when needed.  If we intend to make landfall today, the sooner they can be collected the better".  He the nonchalantly called to the captain: "Captain, I believe you may be in need of some coal, where would you like it putting?".  He then paused for thought and realised that nobody would realise that he had it on his person "ah well, they will find out soon enough" he thought to himself.

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Capt Milo Grant
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Mon 15 Jun 2015
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Re: In the Land of Zu
"That's a tough call," the captain replies to Tealon once the situation with the patches is explained to him. "We don't really need it right now. We've decided to stick with sails for the time being. On the other hand, if something happens to you, we lose that coal."

"I think I'd rather hold off on right now... keep it in reserve. We'll see what we can acquire here in Zu."

"Thanks for the offer. Nice piece of thinking there, Tealon. I have to say, it may not sound like much, but I think that just increased the chances of this mission being a success."

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Mon 15 Jun 2015
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Re: In the Land of Zu
After Tealon walked away from his meeting with the captain, Rrger approached.

"Say, Tealon, we've got a bit of time before we make landfall," Rrger says to the newbie on board, "I was thinking maybe we could go over a few things... like what to take with us, what we can conceal, what the natives can find that wouldn't make that big of a difference, and what we can keep in preparation on board and anything maybe we should trap so that the mech doesn't fall into their hands."

"We're not enemies with these people yet, but neither are we allies."

"Whatcha think?"