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OOC Rules: Gear Picks and Resource Points
I'm putting this up for those that don't have access to a book.

Gear Picks

     Missions are set up in phases: Mission Briefing phase, Gearing Up phase, and Departure phase. After Mission Briefing, the team heads to Supply to get their non-weapons gear, and then they go to the Armory for their weapons.

Gear Picks are used during the Gearing Up phase to requisition additional equipment that you think you might need on the mission. You can use a Gear Pick to gain equipment, armor or weapons, but not resources. You can't share your Gear Picks with others. You can add to or modify equipment in your personal bundle, but these are only temporary. They go away at the end of the mission.

Gear picks not spent during the Gearing Up phase are forfeit. Any gear you get for the mission goes away at the end of the mission and you have to do it again next mission.

Armor, Equipment and Weapons have a Gear Pick value, so it's not always one for one. The majority do cost only 1 or 2 Gear Picks, though. For example, snowshoes cost 1, 5 MREs cost 1, and a small tent costs 1. SCUBA suit costs 2 picks, weapon laser sight costs 2, night vision sight costs 2, etc.

Resource Points

     These are used to requisition large or expensive items, including alien devices. RPs may be pooled among team members.

Resources fall into two main catgories: SGC support and alien devices.

SGC Support includes Advanced Team Reports, Drone use (FRED, MALP, UAV), gate traffic priority, and emergency training.