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"A true warrior without arms is nothing but courage and blood... and you'd do well to fear him."
-Elric Than, Master-At-Arms


Arming CapHead1 LAR 
Halfhelm or Kettle HatHead1 HAR + 1 LAR 
PothelmHead2 HAR + 2 LAR 
Coif*Head1 HAR 
Great Helm*Head3 HAR + 2 LAR 
Quilted ArmorTorso, Arms1 LAR 
Boiled Leather JerkinTorso2 LAR 
Studded LeatherTorso, Arms3 LAR 
Hauberk*Torso, Arms1 HAR 
Coat of Plates*Torso, Arms1 HAR + 1 LAR 
Breastplate*Torso3 HAR + 2 LAR 
Full Plate*All3 HAR + 2 LAR 

Armor can be stacked to a degree.

Clothing such as robes, simple leather jerkins, cloaks, tabbards, etc. provide no meaningful armor.  If extra thick or padded or layered heavily, it essentially counts as Quilted Armor.

Arms (melee)

KatarKillingAP 1 
Arming SwordKilling +1none 
Longsword*Shock/Killing +1Heavy 
ClubShock +2none 
StaffShock +1Long 
MaceShock/KillingAP 1 
MallotShock/Killingslow, Heavy 
GoedendagShock/KillingSlow, Heavy, AP 1 
FlailShock/Killingslow, +1d to disarm 
SpearKilling +2Long, AP 1 
Ahlspiess*Killing +2Long, Slow, AP 2 
HauburkShock/Killing +1Long, AP 1 
Hand AxeKilling +1none 
Great AxeShock/Killing +1AP 1, Heavy 
War Hammer*Shock/KillingNone 
Maul*Shock/Killing +2slow, Heavy 

2-Hand weapons require two hands to wield effectively, and may either become unweildly or less effective when used one-handed.

Long weapons require two hands to weild.  They provide +1 width for initiative only.  However, this becomes -1 if the engaged enemy has passed your guard (i.e. hit you last round).

Slow - for a melee weapons, means -1 initiative and -1 height when used to block.

Heavy weapons also require two hands.  Additionally, if an attack from a Heavy weapon is blocked, it will still deal a portion of its damage.

Arms (ranged)

BowShock/KillingAP 1
LongbowShock/Killing +2AP 2, Slow 1, Req. Body 4
Crossbow*Shock/Killing +1AP 2, Slow 3

Thrown knives, axes, spears, etc. deal the same damage as in melee.  Most thrown non-weapon objects will deal Shock damage.

The atlatl, used by Badlands raiders, effectively increases the range on thrown javelins.


TypeAutomatic Protection
Kite*Arm and  9
Tower*Arm, Torso, Legs

Cost and Availability

Cost for arms and armor will vary wildly across the Kingdom.  Basic weapons and armor (shortsword, boiled leather, spears) will, especially in times of war, be "mass-produced" in some form and thus easily available though not always cheap.  Weapons that are derrived from farming implements or tools (axes, clubs, mallots, etc.) are widely available and normally inexpensive.  Basic bows are a neccesity for those living outside of large cities (hunting, killing predators, etc.) and so are easily obtained.

Items marked with * are either very expensive, limited to military, only available as custom-made products, or all of the above.

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