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Handbook: 7th Regiment
Forward and Introduction

While it has been my privilege to study, teach, and write about history, I had never contemplating writing a series of guides such as these. It has been a great privilege and honor to even be asked to do so, and through my research to produce such a series of accurate texts, I have only fallen more in love with the world of Haddings and its people. We are a unique culture, one that could only have developed in equally unique circumstances, and while there is no doubt that we have divisions between us, I believe that it is these differences that make us stronger as a whole. We are able to adapt, to look at things from different viewpoints, and to create in ways that many other worlds with homogeneous cultures cannot. I dare say that we are as unique as the birthplace of all humanity, and with all the potential that carries.

With that said, welcome to the the 12th Star Guards: A Guidebook to the the 7th Regiment and its District. Within these pages and attached files you will find a comprehensive guide of the modern Regiments and the Districts that house them. This will cover the daily life of the civilian, regional politics and religion, the make up of the Regiment and its place in Haddings. While a younger Regiment, the Seventh has the distinction of being the only Regiment to settle in an already populated region. This mix of the native populace, retired members of a pre-Clan Invasion Guards, and blooded veterans of the Jihad has created what many in the District feel is the truest Star Guard Regiment. Such opinions are of course entirely subjective, but there is no doubt that the 7th Regiment is just as diverse and strong as any other within the Guards' ranks.

So as you read this guide, peruse the various files, and learn more about your neighbors, I pray that you can see the same beauty in our unique Districts that I do.

Ewan Macleod, PHD
Chair of Military History
First Sword Military College

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Born Anew: The Modern History of the 7th Regiment

Complicated Circumstances

Like much of the Inner Sphere, the Jihad had hit the 12th Star Guards hard. By the end of the decade long conflict, they were short on machines and men, with none of the Regiments being at even 60% strength. It was a difficult time, and it is almost certain that many in Command gave a sigh of relief at finally having time to rest and refit, and as the Inner Sphere seemed to settle down to recover itself many believed they would have plenty of time. This belief would be proved both correct and incorrect at the same time.

The reason of course was the Treaty of 3084, and the resulting behavior of the Republic and their try at economic pressure to force Haddings into the Republic. The Command Council quickly decided that the Guards had to not only rebuild the strength of their three Regiments, but go even further to make themselves too much of a choking hazard for Stone's Republic to try and swallow. Even though the Regiments had yet to fully recover, certainly not the level of technology they would have preferred, they openly declared the reformation of the 7th Regiment.

While it would be a paper tiger for at least a decade, there was more to the re-creation of the Regiment than just the Guards 'puffing' themselves up to deter the Republic. In 3080, a second line Cluster from Clan Ghost Bear chose not to settle in the Republic when their parent Galaxy was gifted to the nascent state. Instead, it chose to join with the Haddings System, having experienced combat with the Regiments during Operation SCOUR, and finding some sort of connection with them. While the 5th Regiment had deep roots to the Clans, their recent creation of the Athemas House system put them at odds with the warriors that for the most part were made up of natural born men and women. Combined with the climate of District 2, and Colonel Vuorela's eager acceptance, these Ghost Bears would choose to settle near the growing city of Valhalla and join with the 2nd Regiment.

While Colonel Vuorela and much of the Second were pleased, there was a sizable minority who was not. Lead by Lindsey Winson, the daughter of Colonel Henry Winson, there were many who felt that there already was too much Clan influence within the Guards. This minority was mostly formed of older Guard families, survivors or orphaned dependents of the Clan Invasion, and while they had learned to accept those former Clan warriors who had fought and died for the 12th Star Guards over the decades since, they would not accept these Ghost Bear 'interlopers'. Heated words were exchanged between Major Winson and Colonel Vuorela in the Command Council more than once, until finally it was suggested that a Regiment be reactivated, with these disgruntled men and woman forming the core of its forces.

Who would lead this new command was not quite as simple a solution though. For several months there was a series of heated debates, easily the equal of those that occured during the Federated Commonwealth's Civil War, that narrowed the field to two possible candidates. The first was of course Lindsey Winson, who had not just the support of the Battalion of troops, but also surprisingly that of Colonel Vuorela. By this time the two women were often at odds, and even from an objective eye on records of the Command Council sessions gives one the sense that there was genuine enmity between them, but perhaps this was simply the Colonel's way of burying the hatchet.

It may have also been viewed as the lesser of two evils, because the other nomination was Major Conal Durrant, a name many might connect to the Shadow Cat animations as one of the child slaves that the 10th Company had rescued from Erewhon in their first mission. Conal would go on to join the 5th Regiment and eventually marry Caroline Durrant, taking her name as he never had one of his own, and was known as an admirable Mechwarrior and commander. His Third Battalion, the Midnight Watch, had gained a strong reputation and there was no doubt to his qualifications, but it possibly was the potential power bloc that might be created in the Council that prompted Vuorela's passionate support for Winson.

Regardless of Vuorela's reasons, the end result was that Lindsey Winson would become Colonel of the reformed 7th Regiment, taking nearly a full Battalion from the 2nd Regiment and two Companies worth of Mechwarriors from the 4th Regiment to fill the initial skeleton formations. The location Winson would choose to base her Regiment was in her own words, "A no-brainer," as she quickly laid rights to the site that would be named Leonto in District 3. District 3 was originally the remnants of the natives of Haddings, the only truly settled and easily developed land when the Guards came to the planet, and where many of the retired or crippled members of the Guards created their homesteads after the Clan Invasion. Blending with the local populace, except for those who would relocate to District 8 and become known as the Haddrites, there was a strong population and agriculture base.

Booming East

It really did not take the new Regiment much time to find its feet, and by 3090 construction on the majority of their base was finished. While one might assume it took it either great resources or poor workmanship, in truth the foundations of Leonto are actually an abandoned city that had grown out of the time of the Terran Hegemony. It had actually been surveyed by the Guards when they originally settled on the planet for their proposed city, but the advantages of the what would become Custos outweighed the easier construction options. As Winson, then a Lieutenant, had been part of the team to survey the site, it is easy to understand her choice when placing her own Regiment home there.

Recruits were quick to join, but machines were much slower. With Alci at max production for the moment when it came to Battlemechs, and their numbers being divided evenly, the Seventh chose to fill their ranks with heavy use of conventional armor and vehicles. While this was initially a stop gap measure, it would build a strong tanker corps that remains even today with their full compliment of BattleMechs.

Winson saw how incredibly important an economy was to support her Regiment, and during the late 3080's and early 3090's the Haddings economy was simply not that robust. To complicate this, Haddings had a tremendous amount of immigration during the years of, and after the Jihad, with few industries on the planet needing more workers. While Aerostar's Aerospace Fighter lines in Valhalla were growing, it wasn't at a pace that could cope with the immigration. Winson took advantage of the conditions, offering a series of incentives for anyone who was willing to settle and create a business around her Regiment's base. While many of these businesses were minor, there were two important industries that had their beginnings during this period.

The first of course is what the District is now know for, and that was the first large scale brewery on the planet which would lead to the boom of the beer industry in Leonto. The second was what would become the electronics giant Abate Enterprises, who initially started as a company creating raw goods to build the electronics found in most Aegis systems. Both of these industries required plenty of workers, as they found their products being bought up as quick as they could finish them. By 3094, Leonto was visibly recognizable as the city it is today, and the 7th Regiment had managed to expand to three Battalions, and the young economy of the District was growing at a more than healthy rate.

However this was a year of politics as well, as the Command Council recognized the need for central leadership in both the Guards and the System. This came as the result of several heated arguments between the Fifth and Second Regiment's commands, both having a distinct view of how the planet should be run. These debates spilled out into cross Regimental exercises that year when three pilots were killed despite the low powered weapons that were being used, including former Star Captain Paul Bekker, the father of two of Colonel Vuorela's grandchildren. This incident prompted former Colonel Virginia Sainze to come out of retirement to give a speech to the full Command Council regarding the need for unity, which then sparked the agreement for someone to fill the position of Lt. General to lead the Guards forward.

As one can imagine this led to to another series of debates, but after the inevitable political battles, it was the 7th Regiment's 2nd Battalion Commander Akram Arcand who would be nominated and confirmed as the first true overall Commander since Henry Winson. Arcand was quick to take the reigns and bring about some reforms in regards to the System's politics, but it would likely have been impossible had he not had the support of Colonel Winson and the 7th Regiment, who were his most avid of followers. By 3095, the 7th was in a good place politically, economically, and in numbers, but it would have its series of bumps and bruises in the future.


The Regiment would thrive under Winson, but in 3104 she would retire to focus on the creation of the Winson Military Institute, and it was possible that she retired at the worst possible time for the unit. In 3105, the first broadcasted series of the 12th Star Guards wargames would spark major interest in the civilian populace. Before this moment, BattleMech combat aimed to entertain the populace would be reserved for the facility that would become called 'The Ring', but afterwards there was an upswing in interest for not just the Regiments, but now individual Companies. Side games were born, like Fantasy Formation where a player could pick and choose Mechwarriors other personnel and create their own 'fantasy' units to combat against others during the wargame events, and soon Mechwarriors could become popular celebrities.

While the 7th Regiment had never performed truly poorly, there was a level of training and capability that was lower than the other three, with only a few scenarios being used that they could truly excel. While there is no doubt that their tank formations were elite, the BattleMech is king for a reason, and the 4th Regiment's large Battle Armor formations were devastating in their own right. The 7th became known as the unit you did not want to fight in specific battlegrounds, earning the respect of the other Regiments, but their limitations were well recognized. The populace however were exposed entirely to the wargames that were considered exciting, and often edited for effect. This practice began to color the perspective of the 7th Regiment, and with them often being considered the Green Regiment, untested and unready.

While this was not truly precise, it became known as a common fact, with the 7th often being disregarded before combat would even begin. While this did not extend to those who fought against them in those exercises, it caused a spike in tensions between the 7th and the rest of the Guards. It was also the birth of the True Guards movement, which soon gained traction among the tank crews in particular. By 3126, the 7th had only begun to blunt this reputation, mostly due to the relatively high number of Gunslingers they managed to obtain through the program. These warrior celebrities, and the shift of many Mechwarriors to melee and short ranged combat, has slowly turned around public opinion as well as raise the moral and pride of the unit. In fact, by 3130 the 7th Regiment had the second largest amount of Gunslingers within the five Regiments.

The Present Regiment

Today the 7th Regiment has crafted a unique and strong reputation for itself, with deep roots within the running of its district and the System itself. Well known as the swing vote in System Politics, the Regiment's command has taken advantage of its mostly internal focus to insure that the Regiment has exactly what it needs. The District is known as being one of the richer, not to mention being the breadbasket with its unique grains, which also provide the unique flavor that makes the higher quality beers popular throughout the Inner Sphere. While they often view themselves as being the 'truest' Regiment, the Seventh is also well known throughout the System for being the 'Founder's Regiment', often using the image that was first created by Lindsey Winson during her first years as Colonel.

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Leonto and The Territory of District 3


The District Capital and center of Regiment operations, Leonto was founded on top of a four hundred year old fortress and its city. While much of the city had turned to ruin, both the foundations and many central structures were restorable with considerable less expense and effort than building brand new structures. This has given the city a unique mix of modern and older styling to its architecture, and is the closest example of pre-Star League civilization on Haddings. Almost half a kilometer below the city lies an underground reservoir fed by natural springs, providing Leonto with a constant and clean source of water.

The City contains many of the Districts important locations, including the Winston Military Institute, the Winson Military Museum, Abate Enterprises headquarters and main manufacturing center, and of course it is the primary brewery for Einbeck beers.

The centerpiece of the city is the Lion Gate, a triumphal gate that leads into city proper, with a clear path made of local marble that leads directly to the walls of the Regiment's base. This path is normally kept clear with the exception of Holiday weekends and state holidays, where festivals and market days fill the space with people and merchants.

Hartung City

Hartung City is a major source of tourism on the planet, with not just lake side sports during the summer, but the close proximity to the Vendel Mount ski resort during the winter providing a great draw for the entire System. While it is perhaps often considered a 'poor man's 5' during the summer and a 'poor man's 2' in the winter, it is still a bustling and growing city that still retains its small town charm.


Much like Hartung City, Skypoint is primarily a tourism center based on aquatic activities. Unlike its counterpart, Skypoint is best know for the mighty waves and professional surfing its position provides. Set upon a cliff side, it is nearly a hundred meter drop to the sea and the shallow beach below, but because of its proximity to the burning ring fault line and the regular storms, the waves can become truly massive during the summer and winter seasons.

Veren's Point

Set against Lake Hartung, Veren's Point is a growing port and merchant city. Only founded twenty years ago, it is currently a source of work for the local area, as well as a well protected port. Due to its close proximity to the Sainze Pass River, most of its trade is between Custos, District 3, and down into the Vendorian Sea.

Large Farm Towns

While there are numerous small communities scattered throughout the plains of the District, there are only a few that have grown to the level that one could call them a town. In fact, Grainway even has a small civilian university, but its season population has kept it at the level that is considered a town by Haddings' population index. Due to this, many of the smaller villages and hamlets do not appear on most maps, as they are off the maintained and paved roadways.

These towns are rich and diverse in their own ways, and they are quick to support the Guards, with most of their populations being made up of Guard descendants and Haddings natives who have intermarried and merged their peoples. Due to the prevalent use of Industrial Mechs to farm, these areas provide a sizable Mechwarrior recruit contingent, and more than a few have an older Battlemech in their barns next to its Industrial cousins.

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Ruling the Plains: The Governing Practices of the 7th.
Perhaps the most 'hands off' of the Regiments when it comes to governing, the 7th Regiment rarely exerts its authority outside of specific areas. Instead, it encourages different levels of a fairly democratic practice of town councils and village mayors, though only in the farming areas is this left entirely up to the local populace.

As one can imagine, the Law is where the 7th Regiment truly interacts with every level of its District's civilians. While Everwatch remains a separate organization which acts as the law enforcement, as it does in most places in the System, every other feature of the criminal and civil law system is run by the 7th Regiment's JAG offices. This system has put a heavy demand for personnel in the branch, as well as a rigorous exam required for any trained Advocate that wishes to be assigned to the region due to the large amount of civilian contracts that require legal work. In District 7, an Advocate in a criminal case one day can easily be filing a corporate lawsuit the next. This has forced the JAG Division in District 3 to not only be the best paid, but also the largest in the entire System, as well as creating a reliable source of income for the Regiment.

In fact, the utter lock on Legal matters the Regiment has is one of its major sources of income, with the fees and fines they charge for any legal process means they can keep actual income and property taxes some of the lowest in the System. That conversely they have the highest fines and fees, not to mention the variety of possible offenses, in the System is politely ignored by the populace, if not visiting offenders and applicants.


While most communities in District 3 are fairly autonomous in how they choose their local leaders, Leonto is the sole exception. While the civilian portion of the capital has a mayor and city council, the population is only allowed to vote for a candidate's nomination. It is actually up to the Regiment's Colonel to confirm the position, or if they so choose, pick someone entirely different. This ability to veto or choose a new candidate is powerful, and one not used all that often, as there are several unwritten rules that were established early on in the founding of the city that have remained constant.

The most blatant of these 'rules' is that never in the history of the city has a candidate been confirmed without some sort of prior service in the Guards. While civilian political movements have attempted to change this, even funding a huge election campaign in 3128 to fill all three candidate positions with non-veterans, Colonel Devon remained true to form and dismissed all three. This was severely damaging to the movement, as it sparked a wave of indignation among the city's voters against them with a record turn out the next election period that left a former Mechwarrior in the Mayor's office.

This sort of prejudice has even crept into business practices, as contracts with the Regiment, incentives, and exceptions are never offered to merchants who have not served at least a tour with the Guards in some fashion.

Despite this though, beyond a general presence as overseer and major economic contributor, the Regiment allows the city council and mayor to administrate the city with little to no interference. Minor laws and ordinances are also under the purview of the civilian governing structure, though these laws must all be reviewed by the JAG division to insure that they do not violate the Haddings Constitution or the System's civilian penal and civil code.

Growing Settlements

Across the District, along both Lake Hartung and Lake Amgrim, and further down the East Coast several communities have been founded in the past twenty years. Now surpassing the classification of village and town, and moving into the level of small cities, the Regiment has slowly turned its eye to their systems as well but have yet to exert any true power. While all settlements require both the presence of a JAG office and an Everwatch station, they provide normal services to each community, and not governance. However, in a trend started with the candidates of Leonto, all of these cities legally require their leaders to have served in the Guards before being elected. There is however no specific requirement to what this service entailed.

The Countryside

In the farming communities among the plains of the District, the majority of people live kilometers apart, making central populations difficult. Small towns and villages are the norm here, and very few of them lack in a council and mayor, these people often wearing the hats of local businesses that support the farms themselves. These tend to be easy elections, with voting being done in person at town hall gatherings in an open meeting, with the citizens of the community having multiple meetings a year to discuss issues. While requirements for community leaders vary depending on said community, like the rest of the District, veterans of the Regiment tend to have a certain level of automatic respect that can make them leaders. Beyond the two or three JAG officials, and Everwatch stations that staff up to four people, the only regular interference in how things are governed are the System wide education standards.

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Society and Class in District 3
The Origins of Class

As it seems almost inevitable in Human behavior, eventually most societies will develop and expand on a hierarchy and class structure, and in this District 3 is no different. While there can be complications because of this, and of course this will be touched upon, this document is not meant to stand in judgement. Rather, this is meant to simply explain the system that currently exists without bias.

As previously stated in the above history entry, before the formation of the Regiment, District 3 was mostly populated by the families and retired members of the 12th Star Guards who had survived and been rescued during the initial year of the Clan Invasion. When the Guards were granted Haddings as their own independent holding, these settlers had spent over a year trapped aboard the Guards' ragged fleet, and very much desired to live in wide open spaces. While the initial settlement would become Custos, within the first few months the settlers had already moved into the vast fields of District 3, and it was there they met the native people.

The people of Haddings had suffered greatly in the Succession Wars, with a biological attack in the early 29th Century wiping out the majority of the populace and causing a quarantine to be declared. With the loss of so many, their industrial base was devastated, and within a century they had regressed to technology and a way of life that was most similar to the European Cultures of the 15th Century. While the survivors of the original attack had proved immune to the weaponized disease, it had damaged their very DNA, causing a gradual case of near sterility over the various generations. With their own technology the Guards were quick to correct this, and within just a few years the settlers and natives were living in the same towns and had started the merging process, with the exception of the Haddrites who relocated to the northwest of the continent.

The first generation of these combined people were just reaching maturity when the reformed 7th Regiment founded Leonto on the ruins of the 'Ancestor's Home'. While farming may be the main occupation of these people, between the Haddrite's own marital attitudes based on once limited resources, and the Guard families who had passed on tales and pride in the unit, this generation was quick to volunteer for service. To this day they remain the largest recruiting pool for the 7th Regiment.

In the early 3090's the face of the District was changed with the massive settlement of first Leonto and then Skypoint, and later in the decade Hartung City and Veren's Point. These immigrants were not Haddings' natives nor from the Guards, but instead were refugees of the Jihad. Millions took advantage of Colonel Winson's incentive programs, and with a flurry of construction, Leonto was completed and soon heavily populated. With the Formation of Kenway Brewery Company and Abate Industries, the city had a bevy of job opportunities. Immediately a stratification of classes could be seen, as the few who had the capital to start industries and businesses found themselves catapulted to the upper class as these almost universally succeeded, while those who were the employees soon found themselves in a lower sphere. With these newer citizens living within the cities, there was a further class division from those of the farming communities that the District still depended on, as it does today.

The Old Families

Because of the ties they have to the pre-Clan Invasion Guards and their heavy presence within the Regiment, the blended culture that permeates the most arable land in the District feels as they should have a certain level of prestige within District 3 Society. This however has been in conflict with their their distance from the main urban centers, and the lower income they receive due to their main occupation as farmers. Their communities have a strong connection with the land, and while some desire to move to the cities for work and opportunity, the large majority who leave do so to join the 7th Regiment. As is the case over almost the entire System, being a member of the Guards tend to put them at a social level equal to any member of high society in respect, if not necessarily in income.

However there is still a division between the 'city folk' or 'new blood' and the Old Families, that often forgotten when in the service, seems to still remain a divide afterwards. There is some disgruntled attitudes forming among the 'old families' due to this, but it seems little more than the age old conflict between the urban and the rural.

The New Blood

While they are often called 'New Blood' by those who belong to the 'Old Families', in truth these people have been in the District since Lindsey Winson first created the incentives that drew them there. Even then, these are often divided into two groups using two longtime descriptions of the Blue Collar and the White Collar. The vast majority of the urban population, there are many who volunteer to join the Guards, but unlike the generally long combat service given by those within the rural communities, those urban recruits tend to focus on service in the administrative and justice fields.

This is because there are few ways to advance your position in Leonto, or Haddings' society as a whole for that matter, unless one has seen at least a tour of duty with the service. That the administration and justice divisions provide good paying jobs that put one firmly in the middle class is just one more advantage.

This isn't to say that those who live within the cities will not join a combat service, and in fact they represent around 40% of combat personnel, but with a larger population of recruits coming from the cities, comparatively it remains a much lower number than those from the 'old families'.

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The 7th Regiment: Formation and Structure
First Battalion: The Pride (Veteran/Fanatical)

Part of the initial reformation and organization of the 7th Regiment, The Pride as it has become known, was created from two Companies each from both the 2nd and 4th Regiments. At the time each Company was made up of only two Lances, and were later supplemented with Tanks. Over the years the First Battalion has kept true to its early combined arms organization, even with full compliments of Battlemechs.

Named in memory of Colonel Henry Winson, whose callsign was 'Pride Lord', The Pride embraced the older traditions and rituals of the 12th Star Guards. It is during their ceremonies you will most often hear the old phrase of "so say we all". The Battalion as a whole prefers a very balanced force, with each Company having a variety of weight classes and flexibility, though it certainly loses in specialization and lack in overall firepower.

Only the best pilots in the Regiment are considered for the The Pride, and no one is allowed to transfer to the Battalion until they have served for at least two years. Combined with their devotion to the Guards and System, they are considered highly reliable and an anchor for the rest of the Regiment as well as a major asset for the Guards.

Command Company: Founder's Roar

There is some confusion on just which Winson the Command Company was named for. While one would be justified in imagining it was for Henry Winson, especially considering just how much is in Leonto, because the name was chosen by the the Company in a closed meeting and not its Commander, it could very well be meant for Lindsey Winson instead. Regardless though, the Founder's Roar would no doubt do either proud, as it is one of the finest units within the 12th Star Guards. Made up of mostly Heavy Cavalry, with a recon Lance of Mediums and a full compliment of tanks as well as a VTOL squadron to provide fire support.

1st Company: Dark Horses

Named for Henry Winson's original command while a Captain, the Dark Horses deviate from their predecessors in the use of two medium striker units alongside an assault Lance. Like much of the Seventh the Dark Horses also use conventional armor forces, they tend to favor fast and hover designs, and are known to experiment with Vehicle Jump Jets. Counter to their name, the Dark Horses are often fan favorites when their exercises are broadcasted, and few Companies underestimate them when they face off during a wargame.

2nd Company: Burning Lions

While not considered the best Company in the Seventh, it certainly is by only a narrow margin, because the Burning Lions are known for their intense blitzkrieg style of fighting. With a medium strike Lance, a heavy cavalry Lance, and an assault lance, the Burning Lions round out their compliment with heavy tanks that are often used as artillery support. One of the first units in the 7th Regiment to have a Gunslinger when the program began in 3118, they have continued to have one for the past 14 years. While they can often overwhelm an enemy and finish a fight soon, on occasion they have been defeated by a more patient Company who attempt to drag the fight out. This tends to only work on occasion, as the Burning Lions make it difficult to use their known 'weakness' against them.

3rd Company: The Hoary Claws

The only cold weather experts of the 7th Regiment, with a dedicated training regimen that includes time spent in the bitter north of District 1, the only unit that volunteers to garrison the base there every year. The Hoary Claws are devoted ambushes, using a recon Lance to bait opponents into engagements with their assault fire Lance and melee expert heavy Lance. The Hoary Claws are the only unit within First Battalion that does not use armor support, and instead they have an attached platoon of Battle Armor which makes them rather unique in the Seventh Regiment. Proponents for Battle Armor in the Regiment, their arguments to include more has yet to gain any serious traction with the majority of the Seventh outside of the Fourth Battalion.

Second Battalion: Steel Lords(Regular/Fanatical)

While perhaps considered not as skilled at the First Battalion, the Steel Lords are still a formidable unit. Favoring mostly heavy and assault designs, the Steel Lords take their name from a Battalion in the former 1st Regiment from before the Clan Invasion. Originally formed from two Companies from the 2nd Regiment, the Second Battalion had an amazing growth rate and were up to a full compliment of soldiers by the time its Commander, Akram Arcand, became the first Lt. General in 3095. While it would be several decades more before the Battalion would have a full compliment of Battlemechs, mainly due to their preferences in classes, the Steel Lords have always been a favorite in the District when it comes to assignment requests.

While they too contain the strong combined arms approach that the rest of the Regiment has, the Steel Lords are known for using fast and versatile vehicles, preferring to use them in the same way many use light and medium BattleMechs.

While there is no requirements to be assigned to the Second Battalion as there are in the First, there is certainly a standard that is required to be met. Each Mechwarrior must be prove their abilities before they are even considered, and even after they have been assigned a position, they are required to fight in the 'Gauntlet'. As one can imagine from the name this is a trial of endurance, and the tradition will often determine how the Mechwarrior is considered by his fellows. However, as the tradition was born during a time when every machine and piece of material was needed, this scenario is fought in a simulator. This aspect has often caused critics to view the Gauntlet as a half measure, but due to the difficulty inherent in the exercise, only the truly skilled are able to truly succeed and excel.

4th Company: Steel Giants

As with all the Companies of the Second Battalion, the Steel Giants were named after a previous Company within the 1st Regiment. The former direct command of General Akram Arcand, the 4th Company is best known for their all Assault BattleMech lineup. While this has made them slow on the field, and often require them to depend on their attached armor to act as scouts and bait, with their precise gunnery and firepower they are overwhelming when engaged. Lovers of artillery tactics as well, with nearly an entire Lance of Mechs equipped with Arrow IV systems, the Giants will also use their tank compliment as spotters.

5th Company: Titanium Ogres

Exactly as one might think from their namesake and insignia, the Titanium Ogres are experts in melee BattleMech combat. Using heavy and assault designs, at least half of which have a dedicated melee weapon, they are known to just as quickly rip out a tree to fight with as to use missiles and lasers. Known for being amazingly agile despite the size of the machines, the 5th Company are expert users of Jump Jet systems, and often use the terrain to its best advantage in order to pull the enemy close. Their tanks are often deployed as fire support, giving them at least some options for range.

6th Company: Adamantine Golems

Where firepower or ferocity are the ways of its fellow Companies, the Adamantine Golems have taken up the banner of the unstoppable and relentless. Anchoring each of their Lances with a 'Zombie' Assault or Heavy, the 6th Company are known to modify the systems of many of their Battlemechs, combining more rugged designs with hard hitting weapons, though they do sacrifice the number of weapon systems and thus some firepower. With their armor often taking up the position of striker or harasser for the Company, the Golems are best known for fortified assault and defense.

Third Battalion: Ironmongers(Green/Reliable)

Formed in 3098, the Ironmongers were almost entirely a conventional armor Battalion, with only a total of twelve BattleMechs being parsed out among its Companies. While today they have a full compliment of BattlMechs, the Third Battalion has never quite reached the levels of training and abilities that its fellow Battalions have. This is often the subject of some confusion, as at the same time the Ironmongers were formed, so was the Fourth Battalion who have achieved a much stronger reputation in the intervening years. In truth though, the Third Battalion is often used as an introductory and training Battalion by the Regiment. Soldiers and Mechwarriors who graduate at a less than stellar ranking from NCA or FSMC are assigned to the Ironmongers in order to not only train them rigorously, but to also adapt them to the combined arms formations often used throughout the rest of the Regiment.

This has caused some concern among the civilian populace, as they often see the Companies of the Third Battalion beaten during the vid showings of the popular exercises, though those losses help to season the members before they are transferred to other commands. The Ironmongers are also the heaviest users of conventional armor, actually including two attached vehicle lances for each Company. Unlike the Mechwarriors, the armor forces tend to remain assigned to the Battalion, though they often are the stand out elements during exercises.

7th Company: Ironhearts

Like all of the Companies of the Third Battalion, the Ironhearts suffer from the same lack of specialization or known qualities that the rest of the Regiment's Companies have. This is of course due to it being used more as a training Battalion, which has left the tactics it primarily uses as being considered 'standard', as well as an eclectic mix of BattleMechs. Still, to dismiss them entirely would be foolish, as they are highly effective in using the combination of Heavy Armor and faster BattleMechs to trap targets in unfavorable terrain.

8th Company: Ironclads

Much like the 7th and 9th Companies, the Ironclads use what they are given, though in their case what they are given are often the heavier designs. One of the main recruiting beds for the Steel Lords after seasoning, the Ironclads have seen an increase in equipment and second hand BattleMechs from the Third Battalion. With the addition of their lighter armor, they are often called the "junior lords", with an emphasis on the lower case. While they may be a less skilled formation, they are still quite effective on the battlefield using the same tactics as the various Companies of the Steel Lords.

9th Company: The Iron Fists

Perhaps surprisingly, it is the 9th Company that is considered the best of the Battalion, as it is often looked to as a seasoning ground for the First and Fourth Battalions. This distinction has included the addition of a platoon of Battle Armor alongside their armor compliment, making it the largest Company in terms of numbers among the entire Regiment. Made up almost entirely of fast cavalry, the Iron Fists use their armor as fire support, while Battle Armor is either ferried by VTOL transport or are designs meant to ride on the BattleMechs of the unit. Their more expansive combined arms formation has brought some interest from the Colonel Devon as well as the 2nd Regiment.

Fourth Battalion: Storm Raiders(Veterans/Fanatical)

Also formed in 3098, the Storm Raiders have a unique history among even the entirety of the 12th Star Guards. Formed from Veterans who had come from the 4th Regiment, as well as several lances and a Battle Armor Company from that same Regiment, the Storm Raiders were far better equipped than its sibling Battalion, the Ironmongers. Along with this initial boost of trained and experienced personnel, which included an appreciation for Battle Armor, they were also the first unit who would receive recruits from the native populace who would become known as Haddrites. While the majority of those who choose to live in the old ways had been relocated to District 8 and had built the city of Dresden, there were still a few pockets of those who chose to live on the same land they always had. With their inclusion came a unique view of warfare compared to the rest of the Regiment as well as several traditions that have become associated with the individual companies.

Composed of mostly Heavy and Medium Battlemechs, the Storm Raiders have adopted the doctrine of hit and run warfare. As their name implies, they are Raiders, meant to strike fast then fade away, and often strike where the enemy feels most safe. Unlike the rest of the Regiment, they do not have a heavy armor presence, but they continued to increase their Battle Armor forces to include six full Platoons, divided evenly among the Companies. The Fourth Battalion also has a large contingent of support VTOL's and Aerospace fighters, allowing them flexibility in movement and attack, as well as air superiority over many other formations.

10th Company: Burning Wind

As the premier raiding force among the Battalion, the Burning Wind Company is best know for its fast and hard hitting Medium BattleMech Lances, though this is backed up by the Heavy Cavalry Lance that is quick to take advantage of the enemy who strings itself out to chase down the faster Lances. Often modifying their Machines to include heavier weapons, the Burning Wind are experts at cooperative fire, often collectively putting down the first enemy encountered before rushing away. Though they can carry Battle Armor support, the Company tends to transport their Platoons behind lines to strike at a target after the rest of the Company has drawn its defenders off.

Like the other two Companies in the Fourth Battalion, the 10th Company has its own traditions adopted from the Haddrite recruits who helped to found the Battalion. For the Burning Wind, all members are taught an elaborate and fascinating dance using scimitars coated in a sort of sticky fuel. Performed at night, this display of athletics, coordination, and fire is amazing to watch and it certainly symbolizes the Company's actions while in battle.

11th Company: Typhoon Company

Like the 10th Company, Typhoon Company focuses on speedy attacks, but instead of attempting to string the enemy formation out, they prefer to attack with speed and precision as they try to always use the terrain and gain the high ground. With a preference for quick movement, there are often several modified Mechs within their ranks that fill the purpose of fire support, including two of the captured Timber Wolf Omnimechs that have yet to be assigned outside of the Company. This is a testament to their pilots, which also include two of the current generation of Gunslingers.

Unlike the 10th Company, the tradition Typhoon adopted from its Haddrite influence is a swirling tattoo that is inked onto both of their forearms. These represent the chain wielders who once fought during the years of Haddings' regression, though they had died out a decade before the Guards had landed on the planet and saved the native population. That the marks also are reminiscent of their insignia is not a coincidence, though which came first is a point of dispute in Company history.

12th Company: Thunderstruck

Using speed to quickly come in close, the Thunderstruck name refers not to their style of combat, but to the scene they often leave behind. With man-made lightning and physical weapons, the 12th Company takes up the same reputation of much of the 7th Regiment and its love of melee combat. Unlike the other two Companies within the Battalion, they also prefer to use the Wolverine Battle Armor, using both Platoons to savage the enemy from behind while their targets are distracted trying get space from the Thunderstruck Battlemechs. this of course necessitates the use of several VTOL transports, but the Company has also included several VTOL harassing craft to provide escorts. They are also great lovers of the Aerospace strafe, and it is rare when at least one fighter isn't pulling such a duty.

Formed from Haddrites who had once had a strong tradition of mounted cavalry, horses are an important feature of a member's life and duties. The Company keeps a herd near Leonto, and after two years of practice and service, a Warrior must choose a horse, capture it, and break it for riding. Once this is done, a cord made from the horse's mane is made into a necklace that the Warrior's dogtags are hung from.

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Uniformly Apart

While most of the Regiments have variations on uniform, for either cultural or environmental reasons, the Seventh keeps to a standard that goes back to before the Clan Invasion. In recent years, there has been a growing shift for the standard duty uniform to be adopted for use while in Leonto proper. This is not surprising, as Lt. General Arcand had made it the initial policy of the 1st Regiment, and while that has been relaxed slightly under General Durrant, the Seventh  seem to have taken up the practice themselves.

As with all the Regiments, the 7th uses a small color variation on the standard 12th Star Guards insignia on all of their machines and uniforms. These color variations come in the rings that serve as a backdrop to the star and planets that are so iconic, with the 7th Regiment using a brick red color in the rings.

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Education: Minds and Might
Winson Military Institute

Named like many things in District 7 after the legendary Henry Winson, the WMI has a unique distinction apart from the other district military schools. While the various other schools that are supported by the Regiments only take in residents of their own Districts, or in some cases neighboring lesser districts, the Winson Military Institute is the only military school on Haddings that will accept any citizen of the planet. This system is part of what helped make the 7th Regiment quickly grow, as the majority of lesser district students who would go on to either the NCA or FSMC would then be quick to return to the 7th Regiment. Of course any student outside of District 3 must pass difficult entry requirements and tests, pay a much higher tuition, and must compete for the limited openings.

Through the use of simulators, the only school that uses them extensively, graduates of WMI are known for their accuracy with weapons and use of terrain in combat. While they are perhaps not the most stringent of schools when it comes to many factors, their graduates are known to have a high success rate in further military education.

Leonto Institute of Culinary Arts

While it is not the only Culinary school on Haddings, the school in Leonto is perhaps the finest. Well known for its Terran Mediterranean styling, as well as the classic cooking style of the French, and most recently it has been starting several courses on what is still considered Asian cuisine.

Open to anyone in the System the Institute does have a high tuition, rating around 3,000 Kroner a semester, with a three semester school year. While most students can finish with just four semesters of work, they often break it up into two separate years to make costs more affordable as well as obtain work experience with the many restaurants of Leonto.

Grainway University

While it is not the broadest of Universities, Grainway is one of the premiere schools of Agricultural Science and as a byproduct various fields of Biology. Available to anyone in System with an affordable tuition, costing only 1,000 Kroner a year, the University has recently expanded into Marine Biology, with several satellite campuses and research centers across Haddings.

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Arts and Food
Gustav Gallery

One of the largest art galleries in the System, with only the Galerie d'Artémis in New Rome decidedly greater, the Gustav Gallery was initially just a display for the various carvings and sculptures created by Gustav Colt, who had been working on the different pieces since before the Clan Invasion up until his death in 3102. With their theme centering around some of the most poignant moments  of the 12th Star Guards for over fifty years as well as being made by a war hero, it was an incredibly popular exhibition. Colonel Winson would be so touched and inspired by a sculpture made to commemorate the death of her father that she immediately commissioned the start of a new gallery to house the pieces at her own personal cost, naming it after the artist who had created the piece she so loved. Over the years various other patrons have donated both pieces and money, and a recent major donation by Abate Industries has added an entirely new wing.

While the majority of artwork housed in the Gallery are sculptures, there has been a growing fad of the wealthy in the District to search out rare and historical paintings to purchase and then donate. There is also a rotating exhibition that features the budding new artists of the Haddings System, as well as several pieces from neighboring planets that have been scouted out by the Gallery's acquisition team.

Food and Restaurant Culture

Highly influenced by the Leonto Institute of Culinary Arts, it is hotly debated just who has some of the best variety and quality of food culture between Leonto and Custos. While Custos has a wider range due to both the immigration periods as well as its central location to all the other Districts, Leonto can be argued to have the better quality and technique. One thing is certain though, those who live in the District Capital love food.

Whether it is street food during the market days, where the aroma can often overwhelm the unprepared and fresh food can be prepared for a meal right there, or its in the finest Mediterranean and French restaurants in the Catellan district, the people of Leonto have high standards for what they put in their mouths. It is rare that there is not a good cook to come from the City, and it is often a point of contention that the people of Leonto are never happy eating anywhere else.

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Must See Sites of District 3
While there are certainly areas to travel to for the tourist or thrill seeker in District 3, those tend to be connected to one of the cities along either the ocean or lake coasts. There are however two other major draws in the district, the Sanderson Hunting Preserve, and the recently constructed Callahan Reservoir.

Sanderson Hunting Preserve

The Sanderson Hunting Preserve was created in 3103 when the retired Major Kieth Sanderson, one of the few remaining retirees and veterans of the Fourth Succesion War, willed the property to the District with several stipulations. One of the most limiting in use of the land was the limitation of structures that would be allowed to be put within region, ending many attempts to use it to create a new settlement.

After several years of proposals the idea of a hunting preserve, where some of the more unique animals of Haddings could be kept, was inspired by the rising trend of hunting that had spread across the entire District. While most people hunt during the appropriate seasons, and most often stalk the local deer and elk populations based in the western hills, those who are willing to pay the high prices and fees may hunt in the preserve. There they can find the big game of the planet, including the Curupira Tiger. There have been attempts to add the Armored Bjorn, but between climate and the vehement objections and political actions of the 2nd Regiment has stymied the introduction of the apex predator.

Callahan Reservoir

Finished in 3124, the Callahan Reservoir was initially a local project developed by the towns of Greenway, Centerville, Halfhill, and Grainway to provide better irrigation opportunities for the grain fields of the central part of the district. The project soon drew the interest of the 12th Star Guards, and while the 7th Regiment certainly aided in funding, it was the Combat Engineers of 'El Magnifico' who planned and built the structure with the aid of local work crews.

The largest gravity arch dam on Haddings, the Callahan Dam provides power and electricity to all four of its contributing towns. While the reservoir not only provides water for irrigation, but has also become the local vacation spot. Camping, fishing, and even hunting is popular at nearly all times of the year, and there have even been several Widge races held there as there are attempts to create a fan-base for the sport.

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Prominent Religions of the District
Like any any place on Haddings, religions are diverse throughout District 3, and the following should in no way be considered the only faiths that exist within its borders. Instead, these are simply the largest populated belief systems according to the last census conducted in 3130.


One of the most predominant religions on Haddings, District 3 citizens tend to favor either the liberal Evangelical or Presbyterian denominations. The former is often found in either Leonto, or the other District's cities, while the latter is far more popular in the farming villages. The Presbyterian church is in fact the faith of the native people of Haddings when the Guards rediscovered the planet. Many of those who settled among the natives would take up this faith themselves.


While it is not well known, the faith of Islam has long been a part of the 12th Star Guards, being the chosen faith of many of the oldest families. One of the most famous was the Arcand family, and while the population is a minority in comparison to their Christian counterparts, the Muslims of Leonto are a sizeable minority. Perhaps considered 'liberal' by many other sects of the Muslim faith, the community on Haddings hold strong to their teaching and ways. Perhaps most interestingly, the roof of the Leonto Mosque was actually created out of a BattleMech, donated by Lt. General Akram Arcand in 3198.

Image Shown: The Leonto Mosque

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Politics and Movements
Regimental Politicals

As is the case in any community of human beings, politics inevitably form around popular ideas and people. The Regiments are no different, and while there are some movements or philosophies that stretch across all branches of the Military, there are ones that are unique to the cultures of the Regiment and its District. For the Seventh, the three largest or most organized are the Traditionalists, Manifestors, and the United True Guards. As once can surmise, these political ideals may not always have the most positive of intentions.


Taking their name from one of the two main philosophies within the 12th Star Guards before the Clan Invasion, the traditionalists are the largest and most active group in 7th Regiment politics. While the original Traditionalists desired to see the establishment of a true homeworld for the Guards, with that goal fulfilled, the current generation is more concerned with preserving what they believe to be the original ways of the Guards.

However, were one to ask the average member of the group to describe what that means, few of them would be able to give a comprehensive list. In truth, the Traditionalists are ambiguous in their platform because it so easily expands to various ideals. They promote cooperation and respect towards the the other Regiments, and are known to work with both the Dreamer and the Guards First movements. Because of its strong presence, the 7th Regiment is one of the few that continues to use the tradition of robes and the Colonel's mask for the command dress uniforms.

Recently the Traditionalists have been in support of Haddings making efforts to reconnect with the planets of the former 12 Star Alliance. This includes the lowering of export prices on Aegis goods, the expansion of the diplomatic service along with establishing minor embassies, and a the possibilities of a mutual defense pact. Of course, the latter two run afoul of the Republic and are unlikely to be implimented, but there are rumors that Aegis may be open to better trade relations with some neighboring planets.

About 82% of the 7th Regiment claim to be Traditionalists, making it the largest political group in the District.


Where some dream of a restored Star League and others concern themselves with the Haddings System alone, there are some who feel the Guards should become a larger, more powerful state. How one might ask? Simply by conquering and defeating part or all of the Republic, though how far these new borders should be drawn seem to vary from person to person. Taking their name from the belief that the Guards should not only go to war for power they 'deserve', but that it is the will of God and thus Manifest Destiny, the Manifestors are the widest spread political group and movement in the System. It is also the smallest, with a total percentage of only 6% of the total population of inhabitants claiming membership or belief.

Thus, while it is hardly exclusive to the 7th Regiment, the Manifestors have managed their highest numbers of support in Leonto. It is still rather low though, as that support only accounts for 11% of the Seventh's personnel keeping the movement at a severe minority. Still, like in many areas of the System and especially among the Regiments, it is the younger generations that seem to follow it so fervently. That the movement has been growing at a slow, but steady, pace has neem a concern of the Guards' current Command Council.

United True Guards

As radical as the Manifestors, but at even a smaller population, the United True Guards is a movement that believes the other Regiments should be stripped of the right to be called 12th Star Guard units. They view the 2nd and 5th Regiments as tainted by their Clan enemy, and some of the most extreme view anyone descended from the Clans to be an abomination. However, due to their small size, variously virulent viewpoints, and general lack of real leadership the United True Guards remain messy and disorganized. Because they tend to espouse intolerant viewpoints and prejudiced speech, the few times they have managed any public event has been quickly dispersed by the Everwatch.

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Economy and Industry
Abate Enterprises

Initially started as a company to create the raw goods to build the electronics found in most Aegis systems, Abate Enterprises would quickly move from just simply producing chip and electronic components, to producing full fledged products. While they continue to produce the raw goods needed for the electronics and control systems for Aegis Vehicles and products, they have nearly cornered the civilian market on common day electronics. In fact, there have been rumored meetings with Aegis, as Abate Enterprises might just become the next Aegis partner.

It is through Abate that the majority of electronic devices have remained affordable to the majority of the population, as outside of Haddings prices have only soared in the past three decades. Still, this has not meant that there have been no challengers on planet, and Abate has had to start developing both the quality, and advancement of their products. Winning the bid to supply the Guardian's Heart Fortress with much of its communication and visual equipment has certainly helped in this regard, as being even the unofficial product used by the Guards is a public relations coup.

Kenway Brewing Company

Established by James Kenway, once a Mercenary Mechwarrior who would become part of the 3rd Alliance Militia during the Jihad and then immigrate to Haddings along with much of his unit, the Kenway Brewing Company produces the most drunken beer on Haddings, Einbeck. While no one would ever suggest the common beer of Haddings was sophisticated, not even Kenway itself as they produce many craft and sophisticated brews as well, it had two things that helped to establish itself so strongly in the System. The first was the unique amber grain grown in the District's farmlands, and the second was that Kenway was quick to offer the brew to the Guards at a very reduced rate. Now known at the 'official' beer of the 12th Star Guards, Einbeck is drunk across the planet and is on tap in literally every bar or tavern in the System, though it is not the beer of choice for exports.

Kenway Brewing Company does produce the Mikkeler label that is one of the most exported goods of the System, and which is incredibly popular across Prefecture VIII, IX, and the Lyran Commonwealth. Considered far more sophisticated than their Flagship label, and possibly on par with the famous Timbiqui Dark, Mikkelers is often considered a 'snooty' drink by the blue collar workers of Haddings and Alci. While their craft beers are reasonably popular, Kenway entered late into a far more competitive market, and are often discarded despite their quality due to Kenway's reputation as a mass producer.

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Unique Animal Life
Needle Maned Lion

  Homeworld: Haddings

  Preferred Environment: Temperate Forests and Plains

The Needle Maned Lion, or more commonly known as a Needle Lion, is a remarkable creature that has captured the hearts of the 7th Regiment and its District from the moment the first dependents settled into their farms in 3052. Revered as a sacred animal by the native inhabitants, it was viewed as a literal gift from God when the first prides were pushed from their previous grounds of the west due to climate change. Finding the plains to be plentiful with vermin, their main source of food, all which were viewed as spreaders of disease and signs of a blight, the Needle Lion population quickly boomed and provided a great service to the human population. While it has never been truly domesticated, they have found a comfortable dynamic with Humans, often building their dens nearby settlements and farms, and have known to even tolerate people among their cubs.

Called a Lion thanks to the similar look of the mane on the males, in truth the native feline is rarely heavier than 11kg (24lbs), 105cm (41in) in length, and a shoulder height of 56cm (22in). Once believed to have poisoned needles as a defense against greater predators, in truth the strong sedative they carry is excreted in the saliva, and spread to their sharp needle like hair while cleaning themselves. Remarkably, observed prides have shown that they will bathe each other to insure that the ridge back of shorter and sharper spines is fully coated in the sedative.

It is a severe criminal offense to hunt a Needle Lion, not just in District 3 but on the entirety of Haddings and while its largest population is within the plains and riverside forests of the District, there are two related species that can be found in District 1 and Curupira. Their naturally produced sedative has been the subject of much research, with recent synthetic versions now being used for civilian and military medical use.

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Favored Vehicles
Thane Drendar

Starting life as a Kariban Solar, Thane Enhanced Engineering removes much of the body weight, as well as the backseats, and with a tuning package force the electric motors to produce even more horsepower. The Result is the Drendar, the first and most sold hover sports car built on Haddings. By using a light carbon fiber body, the Drendar can move at incredible speeds, and has surprisingly good handling for a hovercar. Considered the affordable sports car, it still is quite an investment, but it is often seen within Leonto or the other cities of District 3.

Bell Harvester

By 3052, the 12th Star Guards realized that while they may have the support, and even the population, they often did not have the equipment needed to create a permanent infrastructure. While both Kariban Motors and Bell Dynamic had the production facilities to create the Industrial Mechs that were needed, they were in full war production with the process of rebuilding the military taking precedence. As a result, hundreds of Industrial designs of all types were bought or traded for, and for a time this was sufficient to deal with the population of the time.

During the Jihad however, most of these Industrial Mechs were confiscated and armed with true weaponry, acting as militia forces and garrison units when the majority of the Guards were fighting on the front lines. The population booms that had occurred in the late 3050's, 3060's,  and then again after the Jihad meant that even had these machines been restored to their former purpose, it simply would not be enough. By 3079, with the Jihad all but finished, Bell Dynamic made an adjustment to several of its Alci lines to fill the gap and help restore the Haddings economy. This proved to be fortuitous, as nearly a decade later Industrial designs would save Bell Dynamic from bankruptcy, and though the majority of those were aimed towards law enforcement.

In District 3, where enormous fields of grain are grown every year, the Bell Harvester is incredibly popular. Few families lack one, as it has become an integral part the farming style and system of the area, and while it can be found throughout Haddings, it is nearly iconic to the District. A side effect of this is that many Guardsmen from the 7th Regiment have rudimentary Mech Piloting skills just from working on their farms.

Equipped with a lift hoist that can pull up over 15 tons, a fluid sprayer used most often to wet the ground and keep dust down during plowing, and an entire arm taken up by a combine, the Bell Harvester is not terribly different from other models on the market at face value. However, it is in one specialized piece of equipment that the design becomes unique, as installed in its feet is a specialized track system. When its pilot engages the system, the body of the Harvester will shift forward and lock its knees in a bent position, using the tracks to propel itself forward. While this lowers the top speed, it does allow the Mech to be attached to a plow with its trailer hitch, eliminating the need for a more traditional tractor.

Amusingly, the young members of these farming families have taken to racing these designs against each other with the tracked mode engaged on weekend nights.

Bell Harvester HVS-Bell

Mass: 35 tons
Tech Base: Mixed
Chassis Config: Biped IndustrialMech
Rules Level: Experimental Tech
Era: Dark Ages
Tech Rating/Era Availability: E/X-F-E-A
Production Year: 3079
Cost: 1,884,782 C-Bills
Battle Value: 382

Chassis: Bell Industrial-A Industrial
Power Plant: KM 140 Fuel Cell Engine
Walking Speed: 43.2 km/h
Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets: None
    Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Delta I Standard Armor
    1  Combine
    1  Lift Hoist
    1  Sprayer
    1  Extended Fuel Tank
Manufacturer: Bell Dynamic
    Primary Factory: Alci
Communications System: Magni CB
Targeting and Tracking System: Magni Industrial

Equipment           Type                         Rating                   Mass
Internal Structure: Industrial                    58 points                7.00
Engine:             Fuel-Cell Engine             140                       6.00
    Walking MP: 4
    Running MP: 6
    Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks:         (IS) Single Heat Sink        1                         0.00
Gyro:               Standard                                               2.00
Cockpit:            Industrial                                             3.00
    Actuators:      L: SH+UA+LA    R: SH+UA+LA+H
    TSM Locations: 1 HD, 1 CT, 2 LT, 2 RT, 2 LA, 2 RA, 1 LL, 1 RL
Armor:              Standard Armor               AV -  88                  5.50

                                                      Internal       Armor
                                                      Structure      Factor
                                                Head     3            9
                                        Center Torso     11           13
                                 Center Torso (rear)                  4
                                           L/R Torso     8            11
                                    L/R Torso (rear)                  3
                                             L/R Arm     6            7
                                             L/R Leg     8            10

Equipment                                 Location    Heat    Critical    Mass
Extended Fuel Tank                           CT        0         1         1.00
Sprayer                                      RT        0         1         0.50
Lift Hoist                                   RA        0         3         3.00
Combine                                      LA        -         4         2.50
@Sprayer (Water) (10)                        RT        -         1         1.00
Tracks                                       *         -         2         3.50
                                            Free Critical Slots: 24

* Tracks occupy 1 slot in every leg location.

BattleForce Statistics
MV      S (+0)  M (+2)  L (+4)  E (+6)   Wt.   Ov   Armor:      3    Points: 4
4          0       0       0       0      1     0   Structure:  3
Special Abilities: I-TSM, MEL, ENE, SRCH, EE

This Design is subject to the following Design Quirks: Trailer Hitch.

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