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The Titans and the World Today
The Titans were the first inhabitants of the world. They helped the gods to bring the material plane into order and then they went to sleep in hidden places across the super continent Lemora.

The Titans awoke during the Second War, which started as a mortal war over the throne of the Lemora empire. The Titans in order to restore peace divided Lemora into seven continents of various sizes.

The largest of the seven is Remorli, a large moutainous content where more than 50 percent of the mortals still alive live. Remorli is in the east of the world and is characterized by large moutain chains, large expanses of forest and a wide variety of cities and cultures.

The smallest continent is Almorza, far to the west a series of island chains and deserts and thick jungles. Almorza is populated mostly by elves and humans; ruled largely by tribes or clans except in the port towns where traders come to do business. Port towns are run by either Port Lords or Trade guilds. Almorza is also known for its pirates and smugglers.

To the south Banamor is a land made mostly of wide open plans and tall majestic moutains. Banamor is mostly humans and halflings with some elves. Banamor is a complicated feudal society, ruled by the King of Barinak Castle. Banamor is the one of two continents to also be one whole country. Banamor is a society based around honor and valor and hard days work. Banamor Knights are said to be the most stalwart in the world and their heavy cavalry has no rival on the material plane. Banamor are generally a very religious and pious people and the worship of Pelor and Bahamut are widespread.

In the north Harmor is cold mountainous place. Harmor is home to Humans and dwarves where they either cut their cities into the mountains or they lives the hard lives on the surface. Harmor is a combination of simple villages, barbarous tribes, and powerful city states. There is no central leadership although the city states occasionally ally with one another or go to war with each other.

Cloudmor is a continent in the clouds. Ruled by the descendants of the old Lemora aristocracy and the offspring of the Sky Titan who removed the old Lemora capital city from the conflict of the Second War. The Ruler of Cloudmor is referred to as the Sky Lord. Each Sky Lord Rules for a little over a hundred years. Cloudmor is the only country/continent that is a purely magical society. Almost everyone in Cloudmor has some magical ability. Cloudmor is inhabited by all of the races, although the Sky Lord has always been human. Cloudmor has unique power and prestige in the world. Being a powerful country Cloudmor is often involved in peace negotiations and the capital city of old Lemora has been the sight of numerous peace negotiations.

Dunmor, the Sunken Land, is a continent that was plunged into the sea during the Second War by a careless Titan. Its people drowned and its cities left in ruins. Dunmor is a cursed land that even the bravest sailors dare not sail over. It is a place of ghosts and undead. And most of the mortal evils of this world are said to originate in Dunmor. Some say that undead citizens of Dunmor still walk around its drowned cities as if nothing had happened.

Zermorgan is the land of dragons. It is a wandering continent, never in the same place more than once. This shrouded continent is a place of ancient and deep magic. The dragon inhabitants of this continent do not allow for any to trespass.

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