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Sat 12 Dec 2015
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Dungeons & Dragons - Resources, Videos and Ideas
SRD stands for System Resource Document. d20srd is remarkable because it's approachable (only the first three books) and easily navigable. When I was first learning the 3.5 system I used this site exclusively and I still refer to it for every game.

Dndtools, catch all site, a bunch (possibly too much) stuff on it.

Realmshelp, slightly more limited in scope, but arguably better at some things than other sites. Particular the list of Templates, obviously not exhaustive, but pretty great anyway.

Critical Hit by Ghost Mice.
A song about never giving up, no matter the odds, sung about Dungeons & Dragons, characters/players. - To me, this song never gets less awesome.

Can Dungeons & Dragons Make You a More Confident and Successful Person? - By PBS's Idea Channel.
This is a video dedicated to understanding the possible effects of D&D on its players, and there's some really awesome stuff in here.

Are Comic Book Characters Like D&D Players? - By PBS's Idea Channel
A piece about responsible story telling with characters that aren't yours. An interesting piece of DMing.

Vin Diesel plays a pretty spectacular game of D&D (30 minutes)

11 Ways to be a better roleplayer
This is my favorite article on how to be a good roleplayer and character in D&D, but also just RP games generally. I try to incorporate and encourage these practices in all my games. I'm really glad I found it again for this post.

Other ideas-
I've been on a kind of nostalgia trip for classic D&D adventures. And I'm interested in games which borrow more completely from LotR or Arthurian mythos. With elements of old superstition that they become new again. Such as dead being raised from bodies buried in non-holy ground.

I've also been entertaining the idea of a game based off A Night on Bald Mountain, where the Villain is actually Chernabog. A simple uncomplicated being embodying pure evil. But other than the idea of Chernabog as the main villain, I have no idea what the rest of the game would be. PM me if you have any ideas.

I will try to find some more good articles for this section.

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Sat 12 Dec 2015
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This is a shameless self plug for the other games I GM:

Dungeons and Dragons: Almengard, Very High powered, starting level 5 game, in pulp near-apocalypse fantasy setting, loosely based on the setting of "Nights of Villjamur" a novel by Mark Charan Newton and Dragon Age II, a game by Bioware. Story focuses on a personal narrative of characters surviving in a dying world. (Rather than say, trying to save the world.) The game will focus on combat, exploration and politics. Players will play as refugees in one of the last bastions of civilized races, Almengard, and must try to make a new life for themselves and survive as tensions in the city reach a boiling point. (This game is rated Adult)
link to another game

Dungeons and Dragons: Judgement Day, High Powered, starting level either 13 or 18 (currently 16 and 20), in a classic fantasy setting of my own creation. The story focuses on a two bands of heroes trying to save the world from forces who would tear it apart, both from the outside and from within. The game will focus on combat, with light politics, while the players will delve deep into the history of the world in order to save its future. Players will play as either Veterans of the last War, or as younger heroes coming into their own during this new conflict. They must try to stop the conflicts which threatens to engulf the multiverse or face the ultimate day of reckoning.
Link back to this game

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Fri 29 Jan 2016
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I stumbled across this, it was too good not to share.