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The Last Judgment - Game Epilogue
After Imix was defeated Ben Hadaar and the forces of the plane of water arrived to put an end to the battle.
Zaaman Rul took the Throne of Fire bringing the relic's power into himself. The veterans were granted a great keep within the Crimson City and granted title. With their new found alliances and powers they were able to make their home in the Crimson City a staging point for adventures across the multiverse.

The group of heroes who had started in Banamor returned to Banamor. They helped to secure Princess Titania the throne after the chaos which had been caused by the murder of her father. Queen Titania pardoned the heroes, understanding that her father had betrayed them and put all the people of Lemora in danger. She made each of them peers of the realm. They were granted a fortress and lands. Jehaine was made Protector of the Realm and placed in charged of Banamor's army. So she remained when the others left for the land of the dragons. What becomes of them is unknown

The Titan went back to sleep. The devils of hell and the demons of the abyss began to calm down. Peace was restored to the land. Whatever darkness had moved against the world.

The people of Cloudmor remain in exile. They wander the world, traveling on enchanted clouds and bewitched carpets. They sell magic. The Skylord passed away without assigning a new Skylord. Runette Zelos remains the defacto-leader of the Cloudmor Exiles, although her control is loose as the Cloudmori now travel in many different caravans. Their floating markets bring magic and trade to even far away Villages.

Jon Griffin the leader of the Imperialists remains in control of Cloudmor. He's styled himself as the Emperor of the New Lemora Empire. Currently they control only the floating lands of Cloudmor, with footholds in Harmor and Northern Remorli. Their campaign of conquest has slowed to a stop as their treasury empties and their leadership is consumed by palace intrigue.

But for all the uncertainty that remains in the future, the people of Lemora have a chance in a future thanks to the decisive action of brave and capable individuals.


Feel free to add any personal Epilogues, (especially if you believe your character would not have remained in the plane of fire to explore the multiverse or gone back Zermorgan)