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The World of Lemora: Expanded
Remorli: Remorli is the largest of the continents by far and contains slightly more than half of the world's population. There are four provinces of Remorli: Phrima, Sacunda, Tertia, and Quaran.

Phrima a combination of low hill-lands and fertile river valleys. It has a diverse population and a relatively egalitarian society. The political structure is based on local lords who rule only what land they can maintain and keep order. The nobility are primarily human, but Dwarven and Elven Lords are commonly accepted, and even Halfling and Gnomish Lords although rarer still occur and are treated with respect. The Lords have no hierarchy with one another, although some claim distant relation to the Old Lemora Empire this grants them no extra authority. Only grain, gold and steel can give you power. While the province is mostly peaceful, wars do break out between the lords. Phrima is a land of much trade wealth and prosperity.

Sacunda is a large Kingdom in the more Northern, more mountainous and heavily forested section of Remorli. It is a large kingdom held by King of the Stone Throne. More isolated from the Second War ruins of the Old Lemora Empire still dot the frosted mountains and forest and have been re-purposed into keeps and temples. The Kingdom is loosely held and the influence of the throne only radiates so far from particular cities. Many villages in the great forest or tucked away in the mountains never see soldiers or tax collectors and for all practical purposes live without a king. Sacunda is a harsher place, where the strength of the King is the most important part of ruling such an untameable landscape. The logic extends that if common men want to be successful they must must be strong and virile. In a land where being able to chop your firewood is a necessity for the long winters being strong is definitely important. Sacunda is a land where they are a constant struggle for survival and thus the people are a harsh people, and their king is a harsh king. (It is often joked by knights and lords of Phrima that if the King of the Stone Throne would put some pillows on his chair he'd be a much happier man.) Secunda is ruled by the king in its capital city of Rüloko, roughly north of the center of the kingdom, next to the banks of the black river. Various Nomadic tribes and clans also call the mountains of Sacunda home. Sacunda is human dominated.

Tertia is in the center but to the south so that it boarder the Great Sea. It it significantly warmer in most of Tertia. Tertia is mostly trade based. Tertia has no nobility, no royal family but instead is ruled by the most wealthy Merchants. There is no main capital, but each Merchant Lord has control over a specific area, and meet only to make decisions that affect the whole province. There are the four Merchant Lords in order of power from least powerful to greatest: Lord Bradly the rogue, Lord Caul the assassin, Lady Penelope the Captain and High Lord Kale Drake The wise and powerful Bezerker. The province makes frequent trade with the islands of Almorza usually sailing around Banamor to get there. The inhabitants of Tertia are often better off than commoners in many of the other provinces. The churches although not as old as those in Sacunda have just as much splendor, glistening in gold next to the water. The races are generally Halfling, Gnome, and Human, with some elves and dwarves. Lord Caul is a Jann and Lady Penelope is human, while Lord Bradly is a Gnome and the High Lord is actually Dwarven.

To the far West lies Quaran the last Elvish Empire. The Elves in Quaran have tried to rebuild their old society from before the day of the united Lemora Empire. It is a land in tune with magic and nature. It is a land where the Old Elven King Rules, and where elvish word is law. All Elves are welcomed as brothers, half elves are the tainted, and all other races are merely second class.

Remorli as a whole was a large impoverish province during the old Empire before the Second War. It has completely transformed since the days of the old empire. It's culture is totally different and has grown without any influence of the old empire. It has virtually no history before the Second War and thus represents a sort of anomaly.

Banamor: Banamor is a large island continent. During the Second War the Emperial Loyalists were lead by the Empire's Grand Marshal Walheart were cut off by some of the Titans from reaching the main part of fighting. Grand Marshal Walheart lead all his forces against the Titan blocking their path. Eventually they slew all the Titans before them. Grand Marshal Walheart gained the name Walheart Titan's Bane. However they were too late, the Titans had already used their super natural power to move the land masses and drifted the Southern Plains of Lemora away from the great battlefield in the center of the Empire.

During their fight against the Titans, the rebel armies that had been chasing the Grand Marshal caught up to the Grand Marshal's weakened forces. Some say it was out of spite, and that the rebel armies never stood a chance. Some say that the Grand Marshal's forces were greatly weakened and that the battle in the shadow of Titan corpses was one that required skill and finesse. But all agree that The Grand Marshal left no rebels alive.

The Grand Marshal first thought was to build a boat, but the new coast line was all all cliff face and rocky bluffs. There was also a shortage of trees and canvas where they were. Instead the Grand Marshal ordered the building of a castle. Barinak Castle was built in only two weeks time, cutting stone with manpower and magic. It was not the Barinak Castle of today, but rather a stocky garrison that later became the palace of the Royal House of Banamor. Walheart's descendants still rule Banamor from the castle he built, even after over a thousand years had passed.

The Sigile of Castle Barinak is still a lion with a heart-shaped mane, even though the name Walheart has been lost to the years.

Initially Banamor was interested in maintaining the empire after the continent was divided but it quickly realized the foolishness of it and so created their own society. Banamor is still a very militaristic society although it has been greatly tempered by honor and chivalry.

Banamor is divided into two basic geographic areas: The north which is dotted with small mountains and is the home to much of the nobility of the land. And the south, which is poorer and more rural and home to more common folk. The South is also home however to many of of the country's port towns, which prosper due to trade between Remorli and Almorza. Fardock is the largest of the port towns, constituting a city by most standards.

From north to south, Fardock to Castle Barinak is about a 20 day ride on horseback. From East to west Banamor is a six or seven day ride from end to end. Although the land is big, it is relatively flat and makes for steady, easy riding.

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The World of Lemora: Expanded
Almorza: Almorza is a series of islands, smaller and larger islands. Although there are numerous island there are three main larger islands: Serim, Colgon, and Nerviza.

Serim is a large desert island, as far to the west of the world as is possible to easily travel. The large desert is inhabited by nomadic Human, Halfling, and Elven tribes and clans. Scattered throughout are Gnomish caravans. It is generally accepted that the elven tribes are the majority, but no strong census has been taken in many years, partly because there is no central government. The desert of Serim is full of lost treasures and gems hidden throughout the sands. At the far western end of the island is great mountain they call the Mount Kalkak, but it is more commonly known as The Mountain at the End of the World, or The World's End. Because it is the last piece of land before you hit the Great Western Sea.

Colgon is a jungle island populated mostly by tribes and wild animals. It is a harsh wild place.

Nerviza is a more settle island. It's main port city is called Galandale. The port Island has strong ties to Tertia. The Regent Lord of Galandale (but not the whole island) is cousin to Kale Drake, a member of the Drake Dwarven Merchant family. The island of Nerviza is just as capitalist as Tertia, but is far more lawless, cheating is the order of the day. There are no guilds to protect the merchants so mercenaries stand guard over shops.

The other Islands range in size and have a variety of social structure. But they are naturally affected by living in such close proximity to the main three islands.

Harmor: Harmor was orginally a Dwarven run province in the old empire. The Dwarven lords were somewhat autonomous, although they owed fealty to the emperor.

Harmor is a continent is controlled by humans and dwarves, although Dwarves have more history. The bulk of the continent is ruled by various Dwarven and Human City States. It is a practical culture. The city states vary greatly but they all have a Jarl or a Council that rules them. All the lords have Thens, or body guards as part of their retinue. There are smaller villages too in the mountains that hunt, or log or fish.

The far north of Harmor has frozen over and become a tundra, where wild tribes wander. Harmor is a harsh land that requires its people to prepare for the worst and yet provides them only with the bare essentials.

Cloudmor: Held in the sky by the power of the Titans, Cloudmor is a small country in the clouds. It has hills and countryside as well as the shining capital city of Old Lemora. Ruled over by the Sky Lord, who is usually a priest or wizard of phenomenal power. Clouds often drift across the country in majestic banks of fog. It is a magical county and many believe that it is the most powerful country in the world. Cloudmor usually floats in the air somewhere between the four main continents. Usually it hovers in the clouds between Harmor and Remorli in the North Wester part of the sky.

The Sky Lord is generally regarded as a beacon of peace and the most powerful world leader.

Dunmor and the Underdark:
Dunmor, the drowned land, had been the most war torn part of the conflict during the Second War. The Titan which sunk the enormous battlefield was known as Grom the Terrible. The land known as Dunmore is directly in the center of the other four main continents. This makes traveling between certain contenents somewhat of a challenge because sailing over Dunmor often invites trouble. Undead, or monsters or other latent spells still lurk in the drowned land waiting for ships to sail over. It is a bad place to sail or fly over, so people rarely do.

The Underdark in Lemora also suffered greatly from the Second War. Remorli is the only continent with the entire Underdark fully in tact. However the places connecting the underdark to the surface are few and far between. There are almost none in Phrima, they can be found in some ruins in Sacunda, and in Quaran they are venerated by the Elves at protected places for others of Elven Kind.

Most of the other continent's Underdark have crumbled in and contain nothing but horrible monsters. The Ruins of the Underdark in those places are far more dangerous than the Underdark in Remorli.

The Underdark in Cloudmor is totally gone. In Almorza very little remains as well.

In Banamor pockets of the old Underdark are occasionally uncovered, although the creatures there are feral, dark, and twisted, attacking any surface dweller on sight.

The Underdark in Harmor is unique because in some places it retains its monsters, in others the underdark has been taken by the city states and repurposed and as treasure troves or burial pits.

Strangely enough the Underdark in Remorli connects to the Underdark in Dunmor. However, the path is long and trecherous and there is a sheer drop separating the two parts of the Underdark.

In Underdark in Dunmor is ruled by a powerful Lich Warrior named the Lord of Dunmor. The Deep Underdark it is called by some. It is rumored that the Lord of Dunmor alone controls that part of the Underdark.

There is a saying that "if you go low enough you get to Hell or Dunmor," and "there isn't a difference anymore."

The Lord of Dunmor is synonymous with the boogieman. His name is invoked as a swear.

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