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BareBones Resources
Player Aid (QuickStart) - Details the basic steps to create a character.

Spell Reference Sheet - Details the 17 spells in BareBones Fantasy
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Thu 12 Jun 2014
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Re: BareBones Resources
House Rules


Range: Varies
Usage: 1/turn
Duration: 1 minute per spellcaster level
Resistance: WIL

Effect: Enables the caster to send his thoughts over distances mentally without the need to speak. The distances possible increases at higher levels.
Level 1: distance is equal to LOG/2 in yards
Level 2: distance is equal to LOG in yards
Level 3: distance is equal to LOG/2 in miles
Level 4: distance is equal to LOG in miles
Level 5: distance is equal to LOG*5 in miles
Level 6: distance is not a factor - can also communicate through other planes/dimensions

At level two language barriers are not an issue.
Also at level three the recipient can "talk back" allowing the spellcaster and recipient to hold a conversation for the duration of the spell.
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Mon 9 Mar 2015
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Re: BareBones Resources
Level up

1.DP can be saved to be used later.
 2. Skill increases are bought at 3DPxSkill Level. You cannot progress more than one level per skill between sessions.
 3. Ability increases are 1:1. (ex. Increasing from 55 Dex to 58 costs 3DP)
 4. Languages can be learned for 1DP for reading and basic speech. 2DP to sound native.

A discovery you've made about your location or the people living there?
 What personal stake, if any, did you have in the last scene?

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Re: BareBones Resources

1. Initiative is only rolled once at the start of combat. This greatly speeds up combat in the play by post format.

Multiple Actions in Combat
1. You may, at any time after your initial action is resolved, take additional actions per the standard rules and penalties.
2. I will give one or two days after initial actions are resolved (by my narration) for anyone to post additional actions in a given round.
3. You may, of course always list multiple actions in your initial post in a given round.

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