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Tue 3 Jun 2014
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Rules, Typing Conventions, and Request to Join
This will be used to denote what language someone is speaking in.
English: Blue
Spanish: Red
French: Aqua
Vietnamese: Green
Japanese: Dark Blue
Chinese:  Royal Red
Old Realm: Dark Green
Italian: Brown
Latin: Purple
Clawspeak: Gray
Any Ancient Language (Specify): Goldenrod
Any Autocthonian Dialect: Monotype
Written: Cursive, with the color of the language

Out of Character Text: Orange

When rolling dice or using a charm, use a private message to let the Storyteller know (just copy paste dice results, inform me of mote/wp costs)

Stunts will be added by the Storyteller post-roll, with the successes from the dice added to your result. I'll inform you when you're awarded stunt dice, so that you can recover motes/willpower accordingly. All experience from three die stunts will be sent to you in a Private Message.

Experience: At the end of each "episode" I'll award experience points based on the number of posts you made (typically, post count/3, unless that number is ridiculously high or low; this game will probably be fairly high in XP).

Spending Experience: List your Experience purchases on your character sheet, and inform me of them in a Private Message entitled "Experience". Keep that one thread in your private messages for whenever you want to spend experience.

This game is using Exalted Errata 2.5 rules.

When rolling dice, post the reason for your roll. If you don't want other players to know the reason, write "Secret!" in the reason box and send me a PM. Remember to change the system to White Wolf: Exalted when rolling, and if you use a charm that changes your target number, do that too.

I rated this game "Mature" as a kind of buffer, though I don't honestly expect anything more graphic than the upper end of the PG-13 scale.  The site doesn't require a statement of age and legality for Mature rated games, but I'm paranoid so humor me.  When you send me a request to join, please state or age, date of birth, and that you are legal to view the material in your place of residence.  Thanks!