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Gina (God of Life)
Mon 30 Jun 2014
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Available Characters
Lt. General Kuma- Buff Badass Girl.
Maj. General Issac- Not Genderized
Brig. General Catherine XII- See: Badass. Hates Kaylee.
Brig. General Kaylee- Hot-headed. Hates Catherine.
Col. Foster- Arrogant and silly
Col. Xavier II- Menacing, Stay Away From
Lt. Col. Maeve- The Nice one
Maj. Tobias- Mean, Crude
Maj. Mitchel- Funny, bit stupid
1Lt. Franz- Mean.
WO1. Conner XVII- fast, Funny
Sgt. Andrew- Insignificant.

Maj. Gen. Jackson- Sensible
Brig. Gen. Andrew- Nice,  calm
Col. Ashley- Sadistic, Serious. Hates Gen. Xavier.
Col. Kayla- Sadistic, nonsensical
Lt. Col. Brianna- Sassy, Brainy
Lt. Col. Jon- Annoying
Lt. Col. Emily- Evil, Funny
Maj. Nick- Funny, Smart
Maj. Matt- Serious
Maj. Jonny- funny
Lt. Iesha- Sadistic
Lt. Mitch- Serious
Lt. Justin- Egotistical.
Lt. Kaylee- Nice, Explosive
WO1 Denver- silly, funny
WO1 Jacob- serious, humorous
WO1 Stuart- Genius, Inventive
Sgt. Evan- serious, submissive
Sgt. Ethan- difficult, skeptical
Pvt Will- Rash
Pvt. Reid- Crude
Pvt. Jeff- Serious, bothersome
Pvt. Taylor- serious, sporty
Pvt Molly- heroic
Pvt. Jet- Anti-hero, Rouge

Need a name, Type, Asset, Flaw and Gender
(Recruits start with all stats 0!)

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Re: Available Characters
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Comment on the Soldier you are most like, and I shall created you.