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Lt. Gen. Claus
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Sun 29 Jun 2014
at 05:07
Hey Everyone!
I'm Lt. Gen. Claus. I will be your trainer here in Blue and I hope you enjoy your stay. Now. I need a few rules underlined:
1: Fight only in the PVP area.
2: Please, for my sanity, try not to cause trouble for us!
3: I am Awesome. do not forget that.
4: the battlefield is dangerous. If you die, it's hand over. Of course, you can always have a new character.
5: Like these and we'll get along: Shingeki No Kyojin, One piece, Final Fantasy. and Legend of Zelda.
6: Don't you DARE make fun of Zelda. I will make you suffer.
7: remember that we have a Gallows!

That is all. now remember to follow these. Welcome!