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Brief Rules
General Rules


1. Ideally, most of us would like to see a posting rate for this game as one post every other day, but thatís flexible.

2. If there are no posts from a player after a week with no explanation then your character will be NPC'ed.

3. If there are no posts after two weeks with no explanation, you will most likely be dropped from the game and your place offered to someone else.

4. Please talk to me if you canít post for a period but still wish to be involved; i am willing to try to accommodate any player who wants to be involved.

5. Avoid one-liner posts, please. This seriously detracts from the enjoyment of everyone else.

6. I'm completely baffled why there isn't a Swimming/Diving skill in Traveller, considering the abundance of water/wet planets and the use of swimming pools.

Gamelords, in their Undersea Environment book, added Swimming and Diving skills to Classic Traveller. I'm borrowing a page from their book, and adding a skill called Swimming, with Specialties. Realistically, nobody is going to know how to dive without knowing how to swim.

     You are trained in various swimming styles (basic crawl, breast stroke, butterfly stroke, backstroke, even the dog-paddle), including simple recreational diving. You also learn how to hold your breath underwater, and learn the typical hazards of swimming in various areas (undertow, riptides, dangerous sealife, etc.). For the most part, Swimming is a general skill. For each rank you have in Swimming, however, you can choose a Specialty, but you do not have to.

    >> Speed Swimming: While anyone who knows how to swim can sprint swim, this is far more involved. You know the proper techniques and form for swimming as fast as you can.
    >> Marathon Swimming: This is your knowledge and ability to swim for long periods of time, of knowing how to pace yourself and how to rest in the water.
    >> Free Diving: This is your ability to dive to great depths without the use of artificial breathing apparatus. While a very specialized ability, it is a technique commonly used by pearl divers.
    >> High Diving: This is primarily your ability to dive from height, off of diving boards, but also covers platform diving. Competitive versions involve twists and turns and tumbles while you dive.
    >> Cliff Diving: Although this is related to High Diving, it involves far more skill. It covers your ability to examine the rocks and terrain to locate the safe spot to dive, as well as timing the waves and tide so that you safely hit the water.
    >> SCUBA Diving: Various sorts of devices can be used to enable you to breathe underwater (aqualung, rebreather, airhelm, artificial gill); this is your ability to use them, and to function underwater while using them. It also includes minimal skill with miscellaneous underwater equipment such as aquasleds and spearguns, as well as underwater combat. Note that vacc suits, combat armor and battle dress can operate underwater, but this specialty lets you know their limitations.
    >> Umbilical Diving: Also known as deepsea diving, in this specialty, your air supply is provided by an air hose from the surface. Motion and movement is usually very limited, and you have to be careful about getting your lifeline entangled

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