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Tue 2 Feb 2016
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Ship's Locker
Densitometer, Compact (TL 13): A handheld version of the standard densitometer, giving slightly better resolution. Wt 1.5 kg, Cr.28,000.

Forensic Sweeper (TL 13): This complicated handheld device is a multi-medium scanner which looks for radiation residue, ballistic particles, chemical traces and bio-organic remains all at once. Within an hour of sweeping a 20 square metre area with the handheld wand and succeeding in an Investigate skill check, the device will know all of the following pieces of information. Weighs 2 kg, Cr. 7,500.

• The types of weapons fired in past 36 hours.
• The known species of any beings passing through the area in the past 12 hours.
• The known species of anyone injured in the area during the past 48 hours.
• If any chemicals (drugs, poisons and so on) were in use during the past 12 hours.

Bug Detector, Advanced (TL 13): A handheld scanning device designed to detect electronic listening devices. The standard bug detector can only be used to scan for bugs but for Cr. 7,500 a detector/jammer is available. This unit has two more settings: it can overload and destroy bugs within range (a few metres) or simply jam their output for a time, leaving them functional after the jammer
is switched off . The advanced detector only detect, jam or destroy bugs up to TL 13. Cr. 1,000.

Bioscanner (TL 13): The bioscanner is a small handheld unit which ‘sniffs’ for organic molecules and tests chemical samples, rapidly analysing the make-up of whatever it is focussed on. It can be used to detect poisons or bacteria, analyse organic matter, search for life signs and classify unfamiliar organisms. Analysing a sample will normally take 1-6 minutes. Wt 3.5 kg, Cr. 350,000.

Electromagnetic Probe (TL 10): This handy device detects the electromagnetic emissions of technological devices and can be used as a diagnostic tool when examining equipment (+1 DM to work out what is wrong with it) or when searching for hidden bugs or devices. Cr. 1,000. The Sensors or Investigation skills can be used to sweep a room for bugs.
Darrel Cromwell
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Mon 8 Feb 2016
at 12:28
Ship's Locker
4 stun grenades
6 stunsticks
1 sonic stun carbines
3 teargas grenades
2 tranq rifles with ammo (20 rounds)
Walter Zeller
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Mon 8 Feb 2016
at 15:27
Ship's Locker
Laser rifle
Pablo Esteban Ryzov
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Wed 24 Feb 2016
at 21:09
Ship's Locker
Detachable semi-mobile freezer unit
5 portable cooking/heating units

100 kg pre-portioned packaged Aslan meat products
20 kg assorted Aslan spices and condiments
200 kg assorted cuts of beef and pork (or reasonable equivalents)

1 case (20) of:

Khyeseir (Mousebot, TL7): These little drones are mobile food carriers,
designed to remind Aslan of natural prey on Kusyu. They are used
where live food would be impractical. Freshly heated meat is attached
to the khyeseir’s spikes and the drone is released to run around the
dining area.
Strength 1 (–3), Dexterity 5 (–1), Hull 0, Structure 1
Traits: None
Price: Cr. 50

3 Snub SMG (Aslan configuration, based on Aslan machine pistol)
20 Snub SMG (Standard configuration)

Snub Submachine gun (TL 8): The snub SMG is a submachine gun
version of the snub pistol intended for shipboard combat. It is fed by
a 30-round magazine using 10mm snub weapon ammunition. The
weapon is capable of semi or full-auto fire.

2,760 rnds (92 magazines) 10mm snub tranq
2,760 rnds (92 magazines) 10mm snub HEAP
2,760 rnds (92 magazines) 10mm snub ball
Pablo Esteban Ryzov
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 08:19
Ship's Locker
4 Emergency Hostile Environment Suits (Vargr)
4 Emergency Hostile Environment Suits (Aslan)
20 Emergency Hostile Environment Suits (Standard)

J-Drive Toolkit (Aslan-adapted)
J-Drive Toolkit (standard)
Maneuver Drive Toolkit (Aslan-adapted)
Maneuver Drive Toolkit (standard)
Electronics Toolkit (Aslan-adapted)
Electronics Toolkit (standard)
Life Support Toolkit (Aslan-adapted)
Life Support Toolkit (standard)
Power Toolkit (Aslan-adapted)
Power Toolkit (standard)
Mechanical Toolkit (Aslan-adapted)
Mechanical Toolkit (standard)
Scientific Toolkit
Survey Toolkit
Forensic Toolkit

2 Life Support Mask (Aslan)
4 Life Support Mask (Vargr)
20 Life Support Mask (Standard)

2 Environment Suit (Aslan)
4 Environment Suit (Vargr)
20 Environment Suit (Standard)

2 Body Pressure Sleeve (Aslan)
4 Body Pressure Sleeve (Vargr)
20 Body Pressure Sleeve (Standard)

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Vonon Ronkunu
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Sun 27 Mar 2016
at 20:19
Ship's Locker
In reply to Pablo Esteban Ryzov (msg # 5):

Uh -- heh-heh -- um, Vonon did a little shopping "for the ship", just like he threatened promised. It would have been delivered just before launch...

50 pair of one-piece utility "shipsuit", color: fluorescent sage-green; variety of sizes, in styles to fit Human, Vargr and Aslan bodyforms
    A patch is on the left shoulder, attached with Velcro, with Longshot ship logo

1,000 kilograms of prepackaged, "snack-size", gourmet meat jerkies (that's right, one metric ton!)

100 kilograms of Kaff (hot beverage stimulant; Vilani "coffee", it is hypoallergenic and can safely be metabolized by all known races (except Hivers))

300kg pallet: 10mm Autopistol Ammo, Ball (100kg)
                    10mm Autopistol Ammo, HE (100kg)
                    10mm Autopistol Ammo, Tranq-round (100kg)
(I don't know how many rounds this would actually be - I bought in weight ^_^)

Just for chuckles, I sent a copy of what I thought Vonon's "ship patch" would look like to Star*Master. Maybe he'll put it up in Maps....

Pablo Esteban Ryzov
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Sun 27 Mar 2016
at 20:33
Ship's Locker
In reply to Vonon Ronkunu (msg # 6):

One can never have too many gourmet meat jerkies.  Which now and forever more shall be dubbed Vonon-snacks. We'll use them to get him to do ridiculous things while seeking clues and unmasking fake monsters!
 GM, 713 posts
Mon 28 Mar 2016
at 02:37
Ship's Locker
Somebody at Galaxy Outfitters must have screwed up the order... or else it was a computer glitch.

The shipsuits Vonon order did arrive, along with two other sets: one flat black, and one pearl gray.

Also, the patches aren't fastened on by Velcro any more. They are fastened to the suits using Tac... this is reusable adhesive like that on the re-closable cookie bags. It is activated by water, then you place it on the suit. It can just be pulled off after that.
Kaengarr Ruzokh
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 Gvegh Vargr
Mon 28 Mar 2016
at 03:41
Ship's Locker
  Which species are the flat black and pearl gray ones for? It matters!
 GM, 715 posts
Mon 28 Mar 2016
at 06:21
Ship's Locker
Same as the green ones. The entire order was triplicated, just in different colors.

Vonon did consider those options, so maybe the program hiccupped them into his cart.
Darrel Cromwell
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Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 12:35
Ship's Locker
Higher-end cuisine (long-term) for month/9 persons (including Aslan/Vargr). Cost, up to 100Kcr.

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Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 13:49
Ship's Locker
Small note, higher end Aslan cuisine means it is still living.

Have fun in the kitchen Kaengarr.
Kaengarr Ruzokh
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 Gvegh Vargr
Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 13:51
Ship's Locker
  Hey, Darrel's the one who has to figure out how to store it in the locker!