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Tue 29 Sep 2015
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Posting (How To)
I expecting decent attempting and good making with grammar and syntax.

Posting (Colors):
Feel free to pick your own color for your dialog per character, but please do not have it overlap with one of the below. Legacy.

Post all combat rolls in Red. These are attack rolls, damage, and offensive effects. Include your reason for the roll, and if applicable, the target, in the dice roller itself.

Post all non-combat rolls in Green. These include skill checks, initiative, beneficial effects, and anything else that isn't Red. If applicable, include the target.

Out of character text is in Orange. If there's a lot of it, consider using the OOC thread instead. No "OOC" prefix to this orange text is required, though if you're already in the habit of doing it, it won't bother me.

I will sometimes post things in Blue as the DM which require player attention. As such, please avoid using this color. Damn it, Oren.

Posting (Subject):
The current time and date will be kept in the subject line of the ingame thread(s). When you respond to it, please always respond to my latest post or another player's that has responded after. You can't control time (yet... fucking wizards), so don't try to roll it backwards on me.

Initiative and Combat:
Please wait for me to either repost the initiative order before you take your turn, or for me to post in the OOC that it is alright to continue. Oftentimes enemies may have readied actions or are delaying their turns, or that table you just smashed over the halfing that owes you money might warrant some Listen checks for his drunken buddies in the alleyway outside.

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