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World Powers, Geography, and Information
Here, I will post any global conditions the PCs are aware of
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Re: World Powers, Geography, and Information
Aurelian Empire - (like Ancient Rome gone medieval)Mostly located on the western side of the continents.  The empire is governed by humans, and mostly populated by humans.  Dwarves being the second most common race, ignoring slaves.  The Aurelian Empire is a conglomeration of the Aurelis, Dearmor, Musat, and Scallis Kingdoms.  Numerous other tribal lands have also been conquered.  The Aurelian Empire is the biggest world superpower at this time.  If all other nations combined against it, they might prevail.  Aurelians are known for slavery, heavy armor, cavalry, and whiskey.

Timiro Kingdom - (classic LOR fantasy) Located on the south eastern side of the southern continent.  The Timiro kingdom is ruled by an elven king who has reportedly reached his 1000th birthday almost a half century ago.  The kingdom is mostly populated by humans, then elves, and then gnomes and halflings.  The kingdom is some of the remnants of the Old Kingdom, now destroyed and in ruins.  Timirians, are known for having an excellent justice system, magic training, archery, naval prowess, and wine.

the Eastern Kingdoms - Located on the east side of the continents and on islands off the coast, lie the kingdoms of Hachiman, Xoa, and Kesre.  These three kingdoms are all ruled and populated by humans.  The Hachi (closely resembling the Japanese) are known for their devotion to their homeland, samurai warriors (sword mastery), ninja assassins, and saki.  The Xoan (closely resembling Chinese mythos) are known for their bizarre yet effective fighting styles, tattoo magic, and lighter armors.  The Kesre kingdom is a desert.  The Kesre are known for their ambushing skills, curved swords, harems, and greed.

the Northern Colonies -
(think Age of Conan)Once the Aurelian Kingdom wanted to expand and sent numerous vessels into the northern continent which did not return.  Centuries later it was discovered that colonies were settled, although lost contact with their mother kingdom.  The settlers inter bred with other tribal peoples that were indigenous with the lands they arrived at.  They now form a series of kingdoms or large tribes populated by humans and half orcs.  They aren't loyal in anyway to the Aurelian Empire.  They have their own wars and are unlikely to get involved with the outside world.  They are known for their barbarian warriors who beserk, throwing axes, witchcraft, and slavery.

Island Kingdom of Garetia - (think Ancient Greece/Sparta) Located in the North Eastern sea, north of even the colonies.  These tropical islands form the kingdom.  The kingdom was heavy into trading in it's early years in order to get all that they needed.  Buying or stealing technology the kingdom has lost it's desperate need to trade.  Still a formidable trader, the Garetians have favorable relations with Timiro and the Eastern kingdoms.  Garetians are known for their fast boats, elemental magic specialists, spear fighting, and mead.

Geographical Size comparisons - largest to smallest.

Aurelian Empire
Northern Colonies - all combined.

Unknown - the world is a dangerous place.  The catastrophes of experimental magic have left the world scarred.  A complete map of both continents doesn't exist or if it does it would be lost knowledge in the ruins of the old kingdom.  Most would-be explorers never return.  The few who do return report expanses of wilderness with monstrous races roaming in tribes, giant sea serpents in the deepest waters who could devour an entire vessel in a bite, terrible dragons rule the skies in the great unknown.  More complete maps might exist owned by the kingdoms/empire, but they aren't available to the public.
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Re: World Powers, Geography, and Information
World History in a Nutshell -

Major Events

1.  A Magical Catastrophe - No one alive has any knowledge of what life was like on either the north or the south continents before the catastrophe.  It was understood that there was an advanced kingdom or empire unlike any the world had ever known.  The civilization was ruled by a guild, for lack of a better word, of wizards who called themselves the Lux.  The wizards had unlocked many powerful secrets of magic.  No one knows how it happened but the magic got out of control.  The damage they did to the world was earth rending.  It is rumored that the two continents were one before the catastrophe.  Now their empire is in ruins, and the vast majority of their lands have been claimed by monsters.  This happened about 2000 years ago.

2.  The forming of the Aurelian Empire - The Aurelian Kingdom became very militant about 500 years ago.  After battling their neighbors for decades, the kingdom made ground and conquered.  Not long after they started to call themselves an empire.  Conquest is all that seems to matter to the Emperor.  Only thirty years ago the Musat kingdom fell.  Now the battle hungry empire is looking for a new victim.  It's eyes have fallen on Timiro.
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Re: World Powers, Geography, and Information
The Human Languages are divided by geography.

Western - the lanuage of the Aurelian Empire - Dearmor, Scallis, and Musat are western with a dialect or accent.  Translating between the western kingdoms dialects is fairly easy.  Dearmor was the first kingdom conquered that dialect is nearly dead.

- is the language of Timiro and a few outlying tribes in the south.  It is said it is the same language of the Old Kingdom

Eastern - is the language of the Eastern Kingdoms.  Again dialects divide the kingdoms but are easy to translate

- is the language of the Garetians.

The Northern Colonies speak Western and Orc
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Re: World Powers, Geography, and Information
The Calendar.

The year has 360 days, 12 months. Each month has 30 days.

Each culture has different names for the days and months, some similar, some absolutely not, but the vast majority of civilized races have adapted to the same 12-month calendar to facilitate trade.

Weeks are a different matter. Halflings, for instance, have five 6-day weeks, two days each week being "days off", or the weekend, though during harvest season these are usually worked as well. Dwarves, on the other hand, have ten day weeks, with only one day of rest each.

Seasons are not entirely like you'd know them in the northern hemisphere in western europe or central or northern north america. "Spring" begins on the first day of the year, and each season lasts roughly three months. The weather can be erratic, however, and temperatures don't fluctuate by much more than 40 degrees (F) between the depths of winter and the hottest parts of summer over the great majority of the continent. Most civilizations simply acknowledge two seasons, one warmer, one cooler--the warmer one beginning in Month 3, and the cooler one beginning in Month 9.

The year, however, remains consistent across the continent. 1842. The great catastrophe happened roughly 2000 years ago, and after a period of what could have been twenty years or forty, the first bits of civilization began keeping time again, with the sun and moon once again consistently visible. It has been one thousand, eight hundred, and forty two years since the first elven kingdom once again numbered their days.

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