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Mon 11 Aug 2014
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Character Creation Guidelines
Please create a 3rd level character. The following books are available to use:

              - Core Rulebook
              - Scum and Villainy
              - Starships of the Galaxy
              - Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
              - The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
              - Unknown Regions

All classes except jedi are available and only 1 force sensitive per group. Any species is available that has been discovered. Starting credits as per class in Core Rule Book. Please refer to pg 119 table 8-2 in the Core Rulebook for costs in obtaining licensed, restricted, or military    weapons and equipment.

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Tue 12 Aug 2014
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Destiny Points
We won't be using the Destiny rules in this game.
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Mon 18 Aug 2014
at 04:48
Character Relationships
As a way of creating a more rich and dynamic story, and as a way of kind of showcasing a character from time to time, I'd like everyone to create at least 1 past or present relationship. These relationships should not be ordinary, in fact, they will serve as plot hooks. Here are some ideas when creating a character relationship:

     -complicated or paradoxical relationships make great plot hooks or plot twists.
     Here are a few:

          -untrustable ally
          -necessary villain
          -beloved nemesis
          -unlikely friend
          -unreliable associate

     -a person from the past can be a great story element, especially if the person and the character parted under turbulent circumstances

     -many movies or series use similar patterns of supporting characters, use them for inspiration

Let me know what you come up with. There's not a time limit on these, so feel free to take you time, or not. From time to time I will choose a character to spotlight for an episode, drawing on the character's back story. Have fun!