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Mon 11 Aug 2014
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Posted: looking for starship crew ( 0 Positions)
Captain Starfall is recruiting spacers for the following positions:

- Pilot (filled)
     -Requirements: Training in Pilot, 1 talent from the Spacer Talent Tree

- Mercenary (filled)
     -Requirements: Soldier class

- Slicer
     -Requirements: Training in Use Computer, 1 talent from the Slicer Talent Tree

- Grifter (filled)
     -Requirements: Charisma 16+, trained in Deception, Gather Information, and     Persuasion

- Medic (filled)
     -Intelligence 14+, training in Treat Injury, Surgical Expertise feat

- Mechanic (filled)
     -Requirements: Training in Mechanics, Tech Specialist feat

In addition, the following ship roles must be fulfilled by hired crew:

- Engineer
     -Requirements: Training in Mechanics

- Co pilot
     -Requirements: Training in Pilot

- Gunner
     -Proficiency in starship weapons

- Systems operator
     -Training in Mechanics

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