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Thu 14 Aug 2014
at 12:40
Request To Join
I'm looking for street level heroes.

This is a world where super heroes are rare, but there is a history of masked vigilantes.

Please create a 150pt normal person with up to -45 disads and -5 quirks.
  1. Cap at 13 for stats, 15 for ST
  2. Wildcard skills are allowed within reason

Then add in up to 150pt of enhancements/powers. (Total of 300pt hero including any unusual backgrounds, etc...)
In this phase, your stats can go past their base.

Please give a character history and your ties to Empire City. I'd also like a sample post of your street level exploits that will become your first post, when the game begins.

  1. The Dark Avenger  may be known, but won't be a contact or a patron for any characters at start.
  2. Mind Control abilities are not allowed.

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Sat 16 Aug 2014
at 16:11
Re: Request To Join
I just wanted to make sure it was clear from the previous message that there's a 10pt unusual background for super powers.

Once I've got everything on the check list, I can approve characters:
  • 150pt extraordinary, but not powered human
  • 150pt of enhancements and powers
  • Characters history with ties to Empire City
  • Sample post with street level exploits that will become your first post when the game starts.

I hope to get the 3-5 players this week and start the game on Mon, Sep 25.

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Fri 29 Aug 2014
at 23:10
Re: Request To Join
I'll be making the final choices on Monday around noon-ish.
And I'll start the game soon after.