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Sun 28 Sep 2014
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Gameplay and Rules
Just for quick reference, here are some basic shooting rules.
Some potential modifiers at at the bottom.

To Hit:

Roll a d100 against your Ballistic Skill
If you are taking a single shot, add +10
If you are taking a semi-burst, don't add or subtract anything

If your Ballistic Skill is higher than your d100 result, you score a hit.


Reverse the digits of your To Hit roll (16 becomes 61, etc..)
Use your new result to determine hit location (table on page 250)

01-10 Head
11-20 Right Arm
21-30 Left Arm
31-70 Body
71-85 Right Leg
86-00 Left Leg


Finally, roll your damage
M36 lasgun
Triplex Lasgun
Las Carbine
Combat Shotgun
Sniper Rifle
Heavy Stubber

That's it, you're done!

Potential Modifiers:

ModifierAction CostValueEffect
Ranged Volley+5
Standard AttackHalf+10
AimFull or Half+20 or+10
Full-Auto BurstHalf-Action-10 One hit per Degree of Success
Guarded ActionHalf-10+10 to Evasion until next your Turn
Called ShotFull-20Choose Hit Location
Supressing FireFull-20Bonus to Pinning
Point-Blank Range (2m or less)-+30
Short Range (1/2 Weapon Range)-+10
Long Range (2x Weapon Range)--10
Extreme Range (3x Weapon Range)--30
Combat Conditions
Target Unaware -+30
Target Prone--10
Inclement Weather --20
Shooting into Melee --20

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Sun 28 Sep 2014
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Re: Gameplay and Rules
Enlisted RanksPossible AppointmentsCommand LevelTerms of AddressSalute
TrooperRifleman, Operator, Medic, etc...SquadTrooper and or SurnameNo
CorporalRifleman, Operator, Medic, etc...SquadCorporalNo
Master-CorporalSquad 2ICSquadMaster-CorporalNo
SergeantSquad LeaderSquadSergeantNo
Staff SergeantSquad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Company Quartermaster-SergeantSquad, Platoon, CompanySergeantNo
First SergeantPlatoon Sergeant, Company Sergeant-MajorPlatoon, CompanyFirst Sergeant, Sergeant-Major, Sir, or Ma’amNo
Chief Sergeant Battalion Sergeant-Major, Regimental Sergeant-MajorBattalion, RegimentSergeant-Major, Sir, or Ma’amNo
Officer RanksPossible AppointmentsCommand LevelTerms of Address Salute
LieutenantPlatoon Commander, Company QuartermasterPlatoon, CompanyLieutenant, Sir, or Ma’amYes
CaptainCompany Deputy Commander, Battalion Adjutant, Chief MedicaeCompany, Battalion Captain, Sir, or Ma’amYes
MajorCompany Commander, Company Operations Officer, Battalion 2IC, Chief MedicaeCompany, BattalionMajor, Sir, or Ma’amYes
Lieutenant-ColonelBattalion Commanding OfficerBattalionColonel, Sir, or Ma’amYes
ColonelRegimental Commanding OfficerRegiment Colonel, Sir, or Ma’am Yes
Other PersonnelPossible Appointments Command Level Terms of AddressSalute
CommissarCompany, Battalion or Regimental CommissarCompany, Battalion, RegimentCommissar, Sir, or Ma’amYes
PriestsCompany Preacher, Battalion or Regimental ConfessorCompany, Battalion Father or MotherNo
AbhumansAnyAnyPer rankPer Rank

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Wed 29 Oct 2014
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Re: Gameplay and Rules
2nd SquadCommand LevelCompanion
Pauline OlivaresSergeantLuna-Maria Hawke
Aleksandr VynCommissar-
Amber "Pip" ValentineMedicNonna Poise
Genevie KaramanlisTrooper-
Mordekayla KanonTrooperYules