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Planetary/ System Profile: Budikan/The Maiden Stars

" The Maiden stars! where heroes of the Imperium are taken to live a life of luxury accompanied by beautiful women who tend to their every needs!"

-unknown soldier

Many enlisting posters across the Imperium will promote the adventure and life that awaits eager would be soldiers, some exhort the sense of duty of many and some just demand inscription, but these fall short to the outlandish reason that many guards cite as their reason to enlist and continue their work in the army. These guards will say to earn their place in the Maiden Stars.

Like many things in the galaxy the Maiden Stars are simply a myth, or rather the many attributes credited to it are, while it's true that said cluster exists and some regiments call it home the tale of it being an utopia where a man lives a life of plenty without worry are mere fables of veterans. In truth  these planets and the people that call them home had been changed by disaster and the fires of war.

The battle of Ascides lives in infamy for the Budikan Furies and the rest of denizens of the Maiden Stars. When revolution erupted in Ascides and the rest of the system, Imperial guard loyalists where called to quench the revolution. Initially successful high command underestimated the treachery of the rebels, where every battle turned sour when it was clear that the rebels where prepared to sacrifice themselves in order to inflict the most casualties in the loyalist armies. Casualties increased dramatically,every battle and every skirmish indicated that if victory could be achieved it would be a Pyrrhic victory, after 20 years of slaughter the Imperium forces finally broke the rebel forces across the system and in a final push were able to achieve victory. As expected it was a Pyrrhic victory, blood turning the very soil into mud across the planet; of the regiments called to serve few or none were left.

In the end Budikan among other planets were left with their populations severely imbalanced, men were suddenly rare among the cluster, a dramatic situation when considering that male birthrate was extremely low, even now the populations remain healthy by a miracle. Even so tithes don't care nor discriminate, when soldiers are called for the galactic army of the Imperium tithes are expected to be met, and so the women of Budikan and their sisters of the Maiden stars answer the call of war to avenge those fallen and destroy any who might inflict similar pain on imperial citizens.

Shared Heritage
This details some practices shared by cultures in the Maiden stars

" Red day"
A sort of holiday, people remember the battle of Ascides and the fallen in this conflict on this day. People wear red clothing and join in great communal feasts at sundown after a long day of meditation and sermons from Imperial priests. Families light candles at sundown for any member lost in conflict and recite messages to them as if they were present remembering memories and wishes for them.

"Throne spousal"
Many denizens practice polygamy in Budikan and other planets of these cluster, families are large as people want to increase their chances at male offspring as well as maintaining population numbers steady, however male birthrate is  very low. In a gesture of devotion women "marry" the Emperor, seeing as they are his wives and soldiers. Commonly celebrated during the second half of the year this day long wedding gathers all women who have come of age during the year, they parade the long streets of their cities in white dresses under the celebration of friends and family, after their tour that ends at the feet of an Imperial church a priest commences the wedding ritual. Now wed these women normally enlist in the Imperial guard to consummate their wedding.

Now to the homeworld.



Feudal World

Orbital Period
400 Terran Days

Sidereal Rotation Period
27 Terran Hours


1.2 AU

23 C

~7.4 Billion

Star System


Segmentum Pacificus


Budikan is the second planet from it's sun and the primary inhabited world of the system as well as the largest.

Geographically, 3 continents make up the land territories. The largest of these is dominated by a vast plains, bound by the ocean to the east and an extensive forest range to the west.
The vast majority of Budikan' landmasses are temperate, though frozen tundra, mountains are not unknown.

     Because of the planet's large surface area and habitable land, population centers around widespread farming and herding . Cities are sparse and quite large where they house many local traders and people who have come to the city to store their wares for tithes . Nobility are known to enjoy estates and acreages and many smaller settlements exist beyond the bounds of the cities.


Budikan serves as second in command center  in the system the first being the Knight world of Gnomos, and is overseen in this capacity by a Lord-Governess. The planetary Lord Governor is chosen from the ranks of the twelve regional governors and ordained by the Ministorum.


The Imperial tradition of noble ruling classes and serfs is alive and well, though the uneventful life of farming and herding makes life on Budikan somewhat peaceful. Work is hard and long however, where farmers work tirelessly to met their quotas for they see as their duty for the Imperium, a believe firmly reinforced by the daily early sermons of Imperial preachers.