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Thu 30 Jul 2015
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Balmorra: Zabi's Compound
With the events at the gala taking a morbid turn, Lord Zabi's compound is on high alert. There are more security forces at each position then before. And it appears there are heavily armored, and somewhat armed, droids wandering around the grounds.

The compound itself is built into a mountain about an hour north of the city proper. It looked like it was built many centuries ago and showed marks of ancient battles.  Lord Zabi's personal hover-limo came over the rise and the large gates(mostly ceremonial) opened to admit the vehicle.  It continued inside until it came to a stop inside a crowded garage.

The security guards stood aside as a younger man in a close-cut suit opened the door.  "Uncle, I am pleased you made it here without further incident. Baron Redden informed us of the attack and murder at the gala. He ordered me to call all my men and ready the compound for your arrival.  I apologize, but we are still getting everything together. Things are a bit messy and hectic at the moment."

Zabi smiled at the man and put his hand on the man's shoulder.  "It is alright, Arden. We are unhurt and I do not think we are a target. Still, it was safer to pull the family back to the old compound until we learn the full extent of tonight's events. If you will see to our guest, I am going to escort my wife to bed. She is very tired and a bit shaken after all this commotion."

Arden nodded and shook Zabi's hand.  He waiting until the Lord and Lady left, and sent the 2 guards to follow them.  He then stood back and waited for the "guest" to exit the limo.
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Thu 30 Jul 2015
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Re: Balmorra: Zabi's Compound
Jax gave Zabi a seated bow as best he could when the noble left. "Well met. His lordship offered me use of the secure comm to give a report. Would you, or one of your men, be able to lead me there?"