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Pax Racial Packages

Pax Bellum Racial Packages

T.A.E Human ( TAE )

The standard unmodified human stock originating from or descendants of humans from earth. Adaptable energetic, and tough, Tae quickly adapt to and adopt new solutions to difficult situations and environments.

Due to repeated attacks, and catastrophic losses of life,Tae tend to live and work in small close knit groups and communities with fewer large centralized cities than in previous eras. TAE core colonies tend to be decentralized with only basic utilities, and transport grids maintained by the central agency. Most structures have internal solar or wind based generators.

Tae society and governments are usually small, with limited power over internal, and external defense, infrastructure, and economic regulation. A small professional bureaucracy is overseen by elected officials who serve short terms after they are retired from previous careers.

Due to mandatory education and training programs instituted by the Terran Alliance executive all individuals completing basic education programs receive specialized training to assist local government and military forces in times of emergency.

Only those from tribal, traditional, primitive cultures, or those who hold strong cultural beliefs which prohibit service are excluded from compulsory training. Individuals with physical or mental limitations which prevent military service are trained in non military public works fields such as medical, technical or academic courses of study.

Individuals with significant Latent Psi abilities may be trained by T.A.E sponsored academies, and universities in exchange for future service in the medical, investigative, or military branches of government

choose one package

Mechanic                              +0
drive                                 +0
survival                              +0

Streetwise                            +0
Melee or gun combat                   +0
Stealth                               +0

Life sciences                          +0
Medic                                  +0
social Science                         +0

gun combat                            +0
survival                              +0
drive                                 +0

Primitive human
animal                                +0
survival                              +0
melee                                 +0

Psi Str      2d6-2
one talent                            +0
one talent                            +0

science (Life or physical)            +0
science (Life or physical)            +0
Space Science                         +0

Zero G                                +0
Vac Suit                              +0
mechanic                              +0

Engineer ( any)                       +0
Computer                              +0
Space science                         +0

All TAE citizens are required to serve a term of enlistment in the military, medical, or diplomatic services. Those who complete their service are given a standard package of equipment and supplies they must maintain and have access to in case of civil or military emergencies.

A Hexapod feline race artificially evolved using human and Smilodon DNA during the height of Inter glacial resettlement programs. The Cesti are instinctive, aggressive, and highly adaptable. They live in small family units joined into larger clans which control and operate the industrial and economic centre on Cesti colonized worlds.

Cesti are clearly divided into advanced and traditional clans who live largely separate from one another without any significant conflict. all clans both advanced and traditional maintain strong cultural traditions, spiritual beliefs, and a complex hierarchy based on personal and clan prestige. when dealing with their caste, or the organizations/individuals familiar with Cesti culture the individual's prestige replaces their social standing.

All Cesti have highly developed sense of hearing and smell, as well as an innate low light vision which allows them to track,, and identify prey, or other individuals with exceptional skill. As a result, they often serve as scouts, or trackers for other allied forces.

Their physical structure makes it difficult for them to use weapons, equipment, and vehicles, designed for other races. This limitation has led to a large number of fairly common pieces of gear, which allow them to move on all limbs and still use ranged weapons and technical devices. This imposes a -2 modifier when using non Cesti adapted devices, and vehicles.

Special Gear
Cesti modification systems: allows use by Cesti without difficulty. this negates the standard penalty Cesti suffer but adds a 25% increase in cost to the device, gear, or vehicle.

Non humanoid body                  -2 Dm when using Humanoid devices/weapons/armor/clothing/vehicles
Natural weapons                     2d6
Notable str                         +2
Notable  Dec                        +2
weak edu                            -2
weak soc                            -2
Low light vision
melee claw                          +0 at start
weak Psi                            -2

   Cyberoid is the  generic term for a sentient AI housed in a mobile ( usually humanoid) body. Cyberoid are descended from one of three AI on earth with Promethean Cyberoid being the most common.  Cyberoid have bodies that are bio-mimicking with artificial muscles, organs and other systems that are often as complex and vulnerable to damage as human organs.

As a rule cyberoid are cultured from seed AI in simulation tanks which run thousands of scenarios and upload volumes of raw data into the core program of the forming AI. Direct creation of a sentient is not possible, the coding, and interaction of code with experiences gained during gestation .

All cyberoid tend to develop unusual personality traits, which make them rather easy to pick out from organics with any amount of interaction. These quirks are usually harmless, although in extremely rare occasions an undetected dangerous aberration can cause cyberoid to take on anti-social, or osteopathic behaviours.

Sentient AI were an accidental discovery in the fledgling days of the T.A.E They were spontaneous manifestations triggered by an unknown reaction to fragmented code, and segments of code picked by long range listening posts monitoring deep space signals.

Modern cyberoid have gained full citizenship in the Terran alliance, and are recognized as sentient by the Tau Imperium. Despite the violence and distrust of sentient AI during the AI rebellions early in the history of AI. Over the past 100 or so years Cyberoid have become full members of society. On many frontier, industrial, and mining outposts they outnumber organics.

All cyberoid have the option of being augmented with heavier frames, which are suited for combat, or heavy labour. These bodies gain protection equivalent to combat armour, but suffer a -2 to Dex, and initiative  can be fitted with low light or thermal vision optics without any outward modification

cyberoid use a complex bio-fuel conversion system that allows them to convert organic compounds into a form that can be used by a fuel cell to generate power without the need for constant recharging. However the system requires certain chemicals and metallic compounds be added to the food, or take supplements to function properly.
          These supplements make the food foul tasting to humans and can cause severe distress if ingested by most organics. As a result, many cyberoids carry a supply of gels, and pills to supplement their normal diets. Without needing to purchase special foodstuffs.

As a rule cyberoid are not overly ambitious and may have trouble following the complex social hierarchies of many cultures. This often limits their advancement in careers or in social circles. However, their loyalty and dedication to a cause once they take it up make them valuable members of any organization
Ageless                             Cyberoids do not suffer effects of aging.
Notable str                         +2
Notable edu                         +2
Notable Int                         +2
Weak Social                         -2
Alternate diet                      -2 DM to survival checks without proper hydrocarbon,
                                    and mineral laced food stuff cyberoid loose all their
                                    bonuses and must charge their emergency power cells
                                    every 24 hours.

Foo are perhaps the most alien members of the  interstellar community  they are a silicon and exotic element based life form believed to be native to a high gravity world hostile lethal to any organic life form. they are curious, impulsive, and often viewed as unpredictable and unreliable by other races.

They posses a natural ability to fly, survive in hard vacuum, and withstand temperatures and pressures that would reduce organics to charred cinders. this makes them uniquely gifted explorers and scouts, despite their perceived drawbacks.
      Foo do not see in visible wavelengths, or possess the ability to speak in sonic ranges. Instead, they sense electromagnetic fields, and speak to one another in radio and microwave frequencies. These "weaknesses are not so severe that they cannot integrate into other cultures, but it does require specialized equipment and a bit of adaptation for the Foo.

   The Foo appear to be a small spherical mass of crystal and charged gas, often glowing softy even when resting. They lack manipulative digits,  forcing them to use a form of telekinesis which appears to be based on Gravitic and electromagnetic manipulation rather than psionic. This ability allows them to use simple tools and devices, but severely limits them when a task requires a delicate touch.

when young Foo wander aimlessly from world to world hitching rides on spacecraft or other creatures which can transit into Hyperspace naturally. Able to fly at extremely high speeds in straight line flight, they must slow to just faster than a walking pace, to negotiate cluttered regions or urban environments.
Weak str                   -2
Weak social                -2
Non Humanoid                  can not use human armor, clothing, or survival equipment
luminous                   -2 stealth
poor manipulation          -2 on all skills/tasks requiring fine motor control
flight                      as per grav belt device. Max speed dex x 100mph

immunity                    pressure, heat/cold,vacuum/drowning requirements
Exo-isotope food stuffs     Foo must ingest Xeno matter to heal,or recover from
                            disability or injury
Zero G adaptation           no penalties for zero gee environment
natural weapon ranged       2d6 ( pistol range)( non lethal optional)
No ability to see colour    cannot read standard displays or printed material
telekinetic manipulators    can manipulate objects without touch within 10 meters
                                                             up to maximum lift limits
Electromagnetic sense      can see electromagnetic fields and structural density
                          ( as densometer)
electro-gravimetric shields    Protection equal to 1/3 stamina

Najuhlim are a heat, physically robust race descended from resettled Neanderthal stock. they are belligerent and aggressive towards humans due to generations of religious and political agitation against Inferior "usurpers of the homeworld."

tall, with heavy features, a pronounced brow ridge, a thick chest and legs Najuhlim are fairly easy to distinguish from normal Humans. The constant warfare between humans and Najuhlim has led to strong prejudice against any and all Najuhlim.

The Najuhlim race is split between Zealot, and High command factions, the two factions are the only remnants of the government which ruled the Najuhlim people before the rise of the Zealot faction, and the genocidal war between the Mohljaniir.

There are a number of Najuhlim who live among humans, mostly TAE they are the descendants of Najuhlim captured during the first invasion of earth by the Najuhlim and over the years have become very loyal to their adopted home, and  harbor a strong hatred of the Zealot leaders they feel responsible for the hatred that they are the subject of.

Notable str                 +2
Notable end                 +2
Weak edu                    -2
weak social                 -2
cybernetics                 combat arm or armor equal to poly carapace,
                            with low light vision or personal HUD

  A Hybrid race created by the Osahdii to act as emissaries and soldiers. they are most often encountered when engaged in a mission for the Osahdii or when acting as observers monitoring events among other Osahdii protected races.
   Only recently have Female, and Juvenile Nephilum been encountered.While several colonies, and enclaves do exist they are far too small to support the number of Nephilum known to exist hinting that Nephilum worlds exist outside of Human occupied space.

Notable Int                +2
Notable str                +2
Notable edu                +2
Notable Dex                +2
Weak soc                   -2

Psi    2d6
1 psionic talent at +0

    The O'sadii are a slim, long limbed ,race with a large swept back head compared to their overall physical size. they posses a balance and grace that is unearthly to the human eye capable of moving with astonishing speed and agility.
   An ancient and powerful race, the O'sahdii are generations ahead of most species in all facets of technology, science, and knowledge of the galaxy beyond Human occupied Space. They are the dominant species in the region, they largely responsible for the laws which control all interstellar, and inter-species relations.
   The O'sahdii are largely a mystery to most other species, even their true form is largely a matter of conjecture. They admit to being far older than most species acknowledging that they are the descendants of a species that has been involved in interstellar travel, and massive scale planetary engineering for well over half a million years. The exact origin, and ancestry of the O'sahdii are often intentionally obscured by the O'sahdii limiting the public knowledge of their history.
   Within the past fifty Years a number of O'sadii have began to venture into Human society, without being on a specific mission or conducting a formal task on behalf of the O'sahdii. These individuals are young O'sahdii who have been allowed to to freely travel in Human occupied space, without being escorted, or oversaw by elders or Nephilum bodyguards.
  Young O'sahdii are suspected of having their physical structure altered, and their DNA seeded with biological agents which prevent their DNA from being duplicated, or typed. The O'sahii have also hinted that the Younger O'sahii have not physically matured and that once they mature their physical appearance will change.

Weak str                   -2 Str
weak end                   -2 End
notable edu                +2 Edu
notable Int                +2 Int
Weak Metabolism            Susceptible to disease and toxins, and check made concerning
                           these is made with a DM-2
Functional Amnesia         An O'sahii Player character can not remember any
                           details concerning their race, homeworld, or O'sahdii
                           political and social structure. They retain all knowledge skills,
                           and information related to their skills. These memories are not
                           suppressed or concealed they do not exists, or have been excised
                           through psionics.
Psi 2d6+2
3 psionic talents
Telepathic voice            can converse telepathically with anyone within line of sight.
                            can be overheard by anyone with a Psi str of 3 or better.

Onai ( non Player)
   Onai are a race of highly augmented, and deformed entities from several parent races. They are the result of unknown methods which altered their physical and genetic makeup at a base level. to most species they are horrific an terrifying monsters.
     The Onai, tend to be violent, prone to psychosis, sociopathy, and delusions, they work in small bands ruled by a warlord, and served by mercenaries, and enslaved individuals controlled by complex implanted pain stimulators, and self destruct devices.
   Onai found on their own are renegades, rejects, or escapees who managed to free themselves before the conversion process was completed. The tend to be violent, and prone to outbusrts of anger and other strong emotions, and are often the subject of strong discrimination and outright physical violence.
  Onai bands will often raid vulnerable settlements for slaves, and resources, abducting children and adolescents for conversion into Onai. This habt makes the species the subect of formal, or informal kill on sight policies. the Very rumor of an Onai presence in a a region is often enough to draw a strong response form local and governmental armed forces.

weak social             -4
weak edu                -2
weak Int                -2
notable str             +2
notable dex             +2
cybernetics             combat arm x2 or armor equivalent to poly carapace
                                       arms have cybernetic claws automatically
Psi 1d6+2

MínKuhl: (emm-na-COOL)
A species of warm blooded creatures native, or at least common to hyperspace. Resembling a long tapered aquatic mammal such as a dolphin with four ray like wings, two to either side of the body slightly separated by small stiff pectoral fins. The MínKuhl swim through hyperspace propelled by a powerful telekinetic method still not completely understood by xenobiologists.

 Unlike most species in hyperspace MínKuhl are only lightly armored their great speed and agility allowing the to outmaneuver and out run large more heavily armored predators and strike quickly at their favored prey with minimal risk of injury.

MínKuhl typically prey on small reef dwelling crustaceans, free ďswimmingí schools of  fish and squid like animals and  other small life forms living in the more densely populated regions of hyperspace. Often MínKuhl will shadow ships playing in the wake left by their passage or hitching a ride in the ships mass shadow between distant reefs.  Their friendly playful demeanor and relatively benign appearance has led to MíNKuhl becoming a major tourist draw with small sightseeing ships dropping into areas they are common to and taking short hops from point to point drawing the MínKuhl in with a free ride to the next nearest reef or drift.

MínKuhl are quite capable of surviving in real space and can survive for days in the void of space. Cruising from hyperspace transit points to nearby worlds or popping back into Hyperspace if there are no worlds close enough for them to reach.

In hyperspace and other low gravity environments MínKuhl are capable of incredible speeds easily pacing or outrunning starships moving though those regions. In higher gravity regions their flight slows to a mere 100 kilometers per hour.  The nature of their flight is such that even at low speeds they can escape gravity wells of even large planets and freely travel tens of thousands of miles in real space before needing to return to an atmosphere or Hyperspace to take a breath and warm up.

           On worlds with large real space dwelling MínKuhl populations the friendly creatures often become invaluable partners for the locals. Their intelligence, docile nature and willingness to accept training making them valuable domestic assistants to the local populations.
              Like most Hyperspace life form MínKuhl have innate kinetic abilities which they uses for defense hunting and survival. MínKuhl can generate short pulse of EM energy which they use like sonar to navigate and locate prey and predators in the dust veils, and dusty atmosphere of drifts and reefs common to hyperspace. They can focus and intensify this pulse until it can damage electronics, knock down shield packs and stun or injure creatures capable of perceiving the energies.  In addition adults can generate a powerful blast of kinetic energy that can injure man sized creatures and kill smaller creatures with a single blast.  Thee abilities have led to some Militia and armies training MínKuhl much as dogs and other animals have been trained for warfare for centuries.
             MínKuhl will accompany squads of marines or infantry, scout dangerous regions on their own, or fly patrols serving as highly adaptable and self guiding patrol drones with little complaint or hesitation. Their tendency to wander away during down time and their resistance to being confined often means that same individual MínKuhl will not be available with any regularity. However the always return later seeming to become despondent or confused if punished for leaving which frustrates some commanders and trainer alike. However since MínKuhl are social creatures there are usually enough around to allow a standing pool of volunteers to insure that there are always trained individuals on hand to accomplish a mission.

         The high level of intelligence, ability to comprehend complex concepts and highly evolved group and social structures has led many groups to consider MínKuhl to be sentient. As a result sometimes groups will protest the use of MínKuhl as cheap labor, or military assets as slavery and abuse.  When telepaths explain their views to MínKuhl the most common reaction is amusement. They reply most often using their limited empathic vocabulary. ďHuman, happy, no fear, good foodÖ.No human no happy, scared, hungry.Ē

             MínKuhl will occasionally bond with a sentient creature forming an unbreakable link similar to a lesser mind link. Once they bond with a human, they will travel where it travels and serve as both companion guardian and mount for them. A MínKuhl can carry and medium sized or smaller person and their gear as long as it does not exceed a total of 250lbs. Beyond that the MínKuhl will suffer as encumbered up to 350 pounds where it can no longer remain aloft in a gravity well. Outside of a gravity well the MínKuhl can carry his rider an his equipment up to 500lbs without trouble. Mass load in excess of 500 kilos reduces the speed of the creature by 25% masses above 800 pounds can not be carried.

Notable Dex +2 Dec
Notable End +2 Endurance
Weak    Soc -4 Social
Weak    Edu -4 Education
Non humanoid body                     -4 Dm when using unmodified Humanoid
                                      devices/weapons/armor/clothing/vehicles specially
                                      modified devices are available for +100% of normal
Swimming                              Can swim at 20(+1 per dex) Mph through water like
Natural flight:                       Can fly at a rate of 200+(2 per point of dex) mph
                                      in atmosphere. In space or hyperspace they can
                                      generate an acceleration of (dex/3 minumum) one Gees
Natural attack   Bio-plasma           equivalent to a laser pistol.can be used 1 time per
                                      point of endurance before needing to rest and
                                      recharge the organs which store the energy to
                                      create the blasts. this takes 1 hour per blast or
                                      consuming one days food and water in addition
                                      to the normal intake required.
Bio-plasma defense                    As per Body Armor Psion but uses End instead of Psi
                                      does not stack with armor.
Electromagnetic sense                 can see electromagnetic fields and structural density
Immunity                              pressure, heat/cold,vacuum/drowning requirements

Zero G/aquatic adaptation              no penalties for zero gee, aquatic environment
Non technological                      M'n'Kul suffer from an addional -2 on all
                                       untrained technological skills and take twice
                                       as long to gain the first point of any technological
                                       skill they attempt to learn after character

An older race that has features of both reptilian, insect, and crustacean features. Q'sa colonies and ruins of large Q'sa civilizations have been discovered that date back to at least fifty thousand years. The appear to be highly advanced, with significant traces of technology far in advance of of typical human cultures. However all known Q'sa worlds are no more advanced than typical humans worlds, and show signs of long habitation and serious depletion of natural resources.

    Q'sa are by nature xenophobic and do not readily interact with other cultures except to trade for vital resources. They frequently extort other smaller groups for resources, and labor using armed force when ever they have a significant advantage.
    As a species the Q'sa are largely identical to one another, the tend to function as a class oriented group with individuals being assigned to specific duties based on their genetic class/caste.

Fast metabolism              +2 initiative/ -2 end
low light vision
weak hearing                 -2 modifier any check involving hearing
sub dermal armor             +3 protection, cannot accept other cybernetic armors.

Tau O'maeda
The O'maeda are small, slight, psionically adept race. they are a matriarchal majority female race native to the World Avandii. There tend to have a dark blue, or gunmetal blue skin tone with dark hair and dark eyes. few are taller than five foot six, and are physically attractive and fit.

For every ten Omaeda females one fertile male is born. this has led to the males of the race are sheltered and under severe restriction. In Most O'maeda regions males are considered second class, or inferior to females. The sheer lack of males in society has led to a system in which females form the bulk of the workforce, military, and social/government structure.

Unfortunately this stereotype has carried over to other races which tend to view them as incompetent,physically inferior, and unreliable.However, the males of the society seem to possess uncanny abilities to read, and manipulate, social and political events, as well as several unique psionic abilities that give the typical male a great deal of influence over the women in their lives.

The Oímaeda House is the largest and most financially influential of the Tau Houses. While not able to trace itís founders back to one specific terran location itís leaders often claim descent from Mediterranean traders spirited away by the Oísahdii During the late bronze age. OíMaeda are not well liked by other houses since they have a reputation for deception, political maneuvering and discrete removal of rivals.

Oímaeda are without a doubt the most talented and gifted with Telepathic abilities that they use freely, and often without the permission of their target. They regularly screen and evaluate Young OíMaeda for psionic abilities and aptitude, those who are found to posses exceptional talents are often trained to serve as spies, Special security operatives and occasionally assassins to serve the Empire and the OíMaeda.

While the OíMaeda appears to be a single House in the Empire over several generations the OíMaeda has absorbed several smaller houses. The members of these houses form the bulk of the labor, and front line troops for the house. Persons not belonging to one of the OíMaeda families can only expect to advance to low level management, or administration positions or serve as an NCO or crewman on an OíMaeda ship. Higher levels of Administration and Higher ranks are reserved for ďFull MembersĒ of the house.

Weak strength                -2 Str
Weak End                     -2 End
Notable Social               +2 Soc
Notable Education            +2 Edu
Starting Psi                 2d6
2 Psionic talents
telepathic voice   can converse telepathically with anyone within line of sight. can be
                   overheard by bystanders with a psi str of 3 or better.


Valkiir, are warriors, explorers, and adventurers this is the common stereotype of the Valkiir. They are a physically powerful race, with a history of violence, and aggressive behavior that lends to a reputation for being Big, blunt,  brutes. while they are viewed as less refined, and less eloquent than other human races, they are intelligent, and can speak with great intensity, and emotion when they are inspired.
They are direct people, who are both easily angered, or amused. when they are angry they are angry, when they are happy they are very happy. the celebrate their passions and seek the most enjoyment life has to offer. Ambiguity, deception, and word games bore and frustrate most Valkiir and lead to them becoming blunt, abrasive, and to the point verbally blasting anyone who fails o realize they want to dispense with posturing, and platitudes to deal with the matter at hand directly, and return to more enjoyable pursuits. .
Blessed and cursed with a powerful, metabolism that allows them to endure great physical hardship and injury, the Valkiir have been to actively seek new lands and sources of food, to fuel their supercharged bodies. In ancient times this meant seeking unsettled areas. where farmlands, and fisheries could be claimed without fighting the local clans and families. In more modern times this has translated to settling new, and sometimes less favorable worlds where they can find the resources they need.
Possessing a latent, ability to psionicly boost there strength, and react to threats with surprising speed and precision. the Valkiir excel at combat and high risk occupations. they often react at a subconscious level to threats, and actions almost before anyone can notice the cause of the Valkiirs behavior.  This makes them excellent soldiers and crewmen but has led to a reputation for unprovoked violence and sudden inexplicable actions at the least suspicion of trouble.

Valkiir are a gregarious people, they enjoy associating in close groups of friends family members, associates, and lovers. this makes them seek out groups to join, cuases to support, and companions to share their passions, and pleasures with. often they seem to form attachments, or devotions without an explanation a non valkiir can understand.
However, once the value of a valkiir is recognized. the sometimes confusing motivations for a Valkiir's allegiance, or friendship is seldom of concern when a Highly motivated, physically powerful Valkiir wants to join an organization or begin a friendship.

Size: Valkiir Males may select the large racial trait at character generation
Valkiir Gain                  +2 survival, in military or scout professions due to
                               danger sense and initiative?
Notable Strength              +2 strength
Notable Endurance             +2 Endurance
Fast Reactions                +2 initiative
Psi strength                  2d6-4 minimum 1
weak Social                   -2 social
weak Int                      -2 Int
Melee large blade             +0  at start
Gun combat pistol             +0  at start
Danger Sense                  Can sense threats or danger without being able to discern
                              the source of the danger. The can respond are seldom ever
                              caught off guard and receive a +2 DM to any roll involving
                              surprise,and react as if they are aware of any attack or
                              danger.( they are not aware of the source and gain any
                              information other than they are in danger.)
Additional nutritional Needs  -2 survival,
                               if x2 food intake not maintained, valkiir
                               Loose all racial abilities and starvation applies.

Large Valkiir: The species is considerably larger than the average for sophonts. Large creatures generally have a Strength and Endurance of 4d6, and a Dexterity of 2d6. Life support requirements for Large Valkiir are x4 compared to normal humans, and they often have trouble operating in buildings and spacecraft designed for smaller creatures.


A race of Aliens with a strong blending of Human features mixed with reptilian features. Quetzl have a mammalian biology warm blooded, bearing live young and feeding their infants on milk produced by the females.
Quetzl have curious features that are neither Mammal nor reptilian they posses a crest of brightly colored feathers on either side of their head as well as hair that grows down the center of their head. Quetzl have no body hair other than their mane.
Quetzl skin is usually smooth and supple with a slightly pebbled texture and thick bands of modified cartilage over their chest stomach and shoulders to provide protection from abrasion and cuts. Many Quetzl posses skin pigments that shift according to their mood and the surroundings allowing them to blend into their surroundings with surprising ease.

The Quetzl trace their ancestry to an experiment by the Cohl Kuhl while that race occupied enclaves in prehistoric past of their homeworld. The cohl-Kuhl are now extinct, with only mummified remains available for study.
Quetzl were genetically engineered to combine thier own DNA with various strains of alien DNA in an attempt to produce a fast reproducing race of warriors to serve as shock troopers and guardians the Long-lived slow breeding Cohl-Khul.
Historically in addition to genetic engineering.The Cohl-Kuhl practiced a form of Eugenics for many generations. Taking the best warriors of the Local tribes, and demanding that the locals gather as many captives as possible. These captive were then used as research specimens, breeding stock and slave labor by the Cohl-Khul.
Why the Cohl Khul chose the Quetzl or why they chose the particular genetic variation remains a mystery. All inquiries into this portion of Quetzl Histor are met with polite refusal. Repeated inquiries,may be met with more vigorous refusals, or summary deportation.
  After a millennium of service to the Cohl Khul the Quetzl rebelled against their overlords. the rebellion was a catastrophic war. It resulted in the loss of the bulk of the Cohl Kuhls technology and scientific knowledge. The Quetzl have developed since then on their own developing technology gleaned from the wreckage and ruins of Cohl Khul origin and adapting it to their own needs.
   While more advanced than most Human factions the Quetzl use their superior technology sparingly, and do not seem to have the same attachment to technological devices as their Human cousins. In most towns and homes advanced technology exist but it is often concealed, or used only when non technological means are not sufficient to fulfill a role.
   While allied to Humans the Quetzl tend ot stay within their own sphere of influence, trading within a small number of client states, and various human groups for basic goods, and services. They are extremely hesitant to offer their more advanced technologies to Human forces out of a fear that they might destabilize the sometimes tenuous relations between the Human factions.
  Historically the Quetzl have shown a willingness to assist humans in times of warfare, with outside forces but have repeatedly refused to assist any party during sporadic internecine conflicts among humans. When the Quetzl have involved themselves in military maters they have often deployed a fleet of highly advanced warships with weapons not possessed by their human counterparts. The result of confronting a Quetzl force is often bloody, and costly due the sometimes ruthless, and brutal combat tactics used by the Quetzl military.

Motion sense                  as per motion tracker
Pheromone scent               Can identify, race, gender, and individuals by smell
notable education             +2 edu
Additional Stat               caste
Melee Blade                   0 Free at start
Gun combat (pistol)           0 Free at start
Enhanced Survival             +2 survival Rolls, in noble,scout, merchant,rogue,
                               and scout careers due to motion sense and pheromone scent
Quetzl - Substitute Edu for any physical stat when making career survival rolls to reflect their very thorough training

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