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Tal Atvar
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Sat 31 Oct 2015
at 22:37
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
When Tal sees the ship for the first time, he's impressed is all and a little dismayed by all the clutter.   He understood though, given that the workers were madly getting her ready for duty.   He was thinking that he was the last one of the crew to stole his gear.   He saw Elsbeth and Balkiir inventorying and carrying the supplies on board and quickly without interrupting them carried and rolled his belongings into the ship.   He made his way to the nearest stateroom by the workshops as he could, whereupon he promptly dumped his stuff off before changing into his monkey suit, for the party.
Louis Quatorce Soleil
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Sun 1 Nov 2015
at 02:33
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
I'm afraid this is my best suit. Fortunately it counts as formalwear among the civilized. He says with an air of boredom. I do hope to get some kind of allowance for personal spending from Professor PushK'Hal. It's not like he ever uses his money. he grumbles, but the complaint is hollow.

I'll just check in to the tank for a few hours of fast time and meet you at the landing pad in 5 min. I hope that is acceptable.

When alone Louis relaxes. He goes into the tank on fast time and studies everything he can on the Blood Glutton. Learning how to greet and appropriate jokes in the fellow's language and culture. He also studdies the Blood Gluttons job, his mission and goals. His resume when he came here and what he's done since.

The body opens its eyes as Louis Soleil returns. My that was interesting. He makes his way to the armory to requisition the a pistol to complete his outfit. Not that he knows anything about such things but he chooses. The pistol is long, slim and silver with brass trimmings and lines. It has curve that seems like a series of smaller onion balls going to the tip and is very light. It is of course an energy model with no heavy pack but a cartrige loading mechanism. He finds a suade holster and wears the pistol on his left and turned for a right handed cross body draw. Next to this is an antique looking dagger to complete his presentation in society.

Mr Soleil arrives at the deck as recommended by Poppy.

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Louis Quatorce Soleil
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Sat 30 Apr 2016
at 13:44
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Mr Soleil joins Poppy for the trip.
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
at 15:25
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Poppy Looked up as she walked next to T'risa." Oh boy, not good not good....

"Long range tracking detected a Kraken three hours out, One Adult, six Juveniles, and a swarm of larvae and flyers. Scouts are outbound but they are forty minutes from contact with the Kraken Swarm. Engineering guarantees power, for weapons shields and drives in twenty minutes, we can lift in one hour.All crew reporting in everyone will be aboard in fifteen minutes. We've got a full load of ordnance courtesy of the yard....and fleet threw in two type fifteen 'specials' 1.5 kiloton yield quantum triggered fusion warheads,umm we'll have to fill out some paperwork is we use them....."
T'risa K'mahda
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
at 18:02
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
T'risa tried not to let her expression discourage the others. "Please contact the other ships and find out the resources and weaponry available on each. Find out who is in charge of each vessel and whether or not they're willing to join the WitchNet. I'll be talking to whoever is in charge of the military defence of the system and try to plug us in where we'll be most useful." T'risa paused for a moment "And...umm given that we're launching before the yard officially handed the Rose over to us....find out what they didn't get to."

T'risa linked her mind to everyone on boards. "Everyone, prepare for lift in one hour and battle shortly therafter. There has been a system incursion by several kraken that we need to attend to. Information will be updated as we receive it. To your stations, if you please."
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Tue 13 Sep 2016
at 07:55
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
"If you allow it." One of the deck crew blurred and resolved into teachers form."I can assist in forming a temporary network with the other captains. It is not prohibited in times of conflict.  They will hear your voice instead of mine, and know only what you wish."
Lynn Winters
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Tue 13 Sep 2016
at 13:46
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Lynn took a pitstop to throw off the dress and throw on the coveralls before storming to the main guts of the ship. Every system had better be firing right or heads were going to roll. Once she got her hands on everything that is.

So she came into the engine room like a whirlwind, tools in hand and into the machinery with a laser focus.
T'risa K'mahda
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Tue 13 Sep 2016
at 14:05
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
T'risa nodded towards the form of the Teacher "I am not shy in asking for help, and this war will mean we need to be careful with every resource we have. If you can assist us in any way, please assume that I have asked for it." T'risa looked around somewhat disappointed she was still in her finery for the reception "Now...if you can excuse me, I think I may need to dress more appropriately for our oncoming battle."

She looked at the woman who had been taking great care of her with a smirk on her face "I suspect I know what your answer to this might be and it's not because I'm a precog, but vacc suit...or battle dress?"
 GM, 156 posts
Tue 13 Sep 2016
at 15:32
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
"If it were me id try go for the I want to live let's say somewhere in the middle. I have a lovely EVA combat suit in shoot me I'm the captain white today...." Poppy motioned to the hallway to the captain's quarters. "I put out a nice set of matching plasma pistols as well.I'd keep those close. I really can't do anything about the arms and legs though... silly non-interchangeable organics..not that you don't have nice legs they are just sort of squishy."

She barely paused for a second then looked up." All ships assigned to merchant reserve reporting crew manifest and ordnance logs...We have two combat capable craft ready to join with the Rose once we lift fifteen armed Merchant ships and six civilian fighters...four available on the yard but no pilots.

If I could Mister Soleil would be rally helpful trying to sort through all this...I'm up to my perky little butt in verbal comms and they are sort of slow to process. I could use a couple of the fledglings to speed up the comm net."

Kendrick Johnson
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Tue 13 Sep 2016
at 15:40
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Kendrick, listening to Poppy and T'risa carry on, catches wind of the need for pilots for the empty fighters.

He steps forward and clears his throat momentarily before addressing T'risa.  "While we haven't moved into our formal roles, I assume the time for discussions are at an end.  What are you orders for me?" he said to her with all due respect for the woman who was now his commanding officer.

"While a little rusty I can fly a fighter as well as any one, I also spent enough at a gunners station as well to assist in the respect.  Please tell me where you believe I am best need?" he ended as he stood there at attention waiting for his orders.
Louis Quatorce Soleil
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
at 17:05
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Mr Soleil having served Alex as required made himself scarce immediately when the nasty organic psi voice began manipulating his quantum state buffers against his will. It is with great disgust and wearing a sealed psi blocking helmet that he returns holding his fingers at angle as if tiptoeing through sewage.

Hmmmm, yes Poppy? In what matter can I provide assistance.

He bows to Alex and T'risa but will not acknowledge or look at that Teacher creature in any way.
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
at 17:07
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Ma'am I will get my armor and man a gunners chair - can bring an extra fighter when Mr Johnson loads them?
T'risa K'mahda
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Mon 19 Sep 2016
at 15:33
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
T'risa nodded to everyone. "You should work where you feel your talents are best suited whether that be in a fighter or in a gunners chair. I'll be coordinating the civilian fleet. No doubt the system defence forces will think we're in the way, but I'm sure we might surprise them. An hour might seem like a long time, but it's precious little. Please prepare yourselves." T'risa thanked Poppy with a smile and nod of the head.
 GM, 157 posts
Mon 19 Sep 2016
at 23:47
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
"I'll have The yard load a couple of fighters before we lift."

Poppy volunteered. As sh smiled to Soliel and motioned for hi to join her at the comms console and slip a fiber optic thread from the panel and slid it into a concealed port in her wrist.Set here and help me sort through the signals, disregard anything over the other ships internal net and route any ship to ship comms to me. Umm humans get really excitable when they are getting shot out so expect a lot of cursing, and just plain silly questions."

"If anyone wants to hop in one of the fighters they'll be fueled and armed."

"I have the battle dress for Balki and Elspeth prepped for EVA combat, just in case."

Kendrick Johnson
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Tue 20 Sep 2016
at 00:29
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
In reply to T'risa K'mahda (msg # 52):

Kendrick looked a T'risa and respected the fact that she didn't want to put people where they may or may not want to be however he was a little surprised that she hadn't taken a more definitive leadership role.  While anyone can be shown how to man a gunners station, pilots were another story.  He wasn't keen on getting himself shot up, on the other hand he wasn't keen on just letting perfectly good ships sit in hangars when they could be out fighting the good fight.  With a bit of caution in his voice he responded to her trying to avoid questioning the judgement call.

"If its all the same I will take one of the fighters out." he said to her flatly..."Poppy please let me know as soon it ready, and if you could please point me to where I can changed into proper flight suit?" he asked as he moved to follow her lead.

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 off the shoulder of Orion
Tue 20 Sep 2016
at 04:38
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Elsbeth moved with a quick, quiet assurance as she boarded the shuttle, slipped out of her dress uniform and into the combat pressure sleeve immediately.  She appeared to have little (or no qualms) about being in any state of undress in front of the rest of the crew - at least when concerning her combat duties.  It was obvious that she was all business concerning combat readiness.

Once on board the Audacious Rose, the young CMC marine made a beeline towards the armoury; nodding to Poppy along the way.  There she immediately donned her customized battledress, which was laid out just the way she liked it.  Though trained as a gunner, the dark-haired Praetorian knew that her primary job was not going to be long ranged combat most likely in these situations.  She let T'risa know telepathically that she was ready once the preliminary diagnostic checks on her suit's integrity had been started.  She knew the equipment well enough to know what to expect.  Blades and concussion rods were slid into place, as well as secondary sidearms.   But, she saved a grim smile which touched her lips only as the weapons systems came online and the status of her man-portable artillery longarm started to flash green during the linkup and charging stage.  The warm familiar hum of plasma being superheated to its fusion point was nothing short of ecstatic for her.

Her HUD flashed awake as the pressure seal on her visor snapped into place; her on-board computer had properly interfaced with her personal (and internal) electronics.  The light rush of filter perfect air was a comfort to the young genetically-engineered woman.  She was back into a recognizably familiar environment; back in her comfort zone and away from the glittering galas and the backroom political maneuvering.  Elsbeth flexed her fingers as she moved out of the armoury to take charge of the boarding and security detail for the bridge (and the Marshal, in particular).

Along with Balkiir, the young marine knew that the pair's primary function was to keep T'risa above all others alive and safe.  The crew was important - the essential component for a working ship - but to her, the Marshal the most important piece in the whole equation that was the coming war.  Elsbeth knew well what T'risa was capable of, the diminutive Tau had saved her life many times; her immense power wasn't necessarily flashy, but it was highly effective.  So effective, that the young Praetorian had pledged her life to ensure the blue-skinned woman's safety.  As the last Praetorian, Elsbeth could think of no higher purpose or cause than that.  And she was willing to stake her life on it.
Balkiir Kovul
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Tue 20 Sep 2016
at 06:27
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Balkiir moved with a determined stride as he reached the armory. His face was set in an intense frown as he pulled on his personal protective gear over his body sleeve. His hulking set of battledress shivered and jerked as it was powered up and ran through it's automated checks before he cracked it open.

Grabbing the handholds on the rack he easily levered himself up and swing his feet down into the open interior with ease. the his of pneumatics and electro-servos sounded as the shell closed around him and padding expanded to enclose him fully within the shell.

"Have I ever mentioned I really hate kraken, nothing should have that many eyes or that many tentacles." He commented as he ran through his own checks  and tested the reach and flexibility of his newly acquired heavy suit. There was no real emotion in his comment just idle banter for the ears of the marines in the ready room to relieve some pre combat tension.

Pulling a man portable launcher off the rack he connected it to the shoulder mount, then pulled down a second heavy support plasma gun as his long arm.

the advanced combat rifle he pulled out as a sidearm was refitted to serve as a pistol for someone in battledress. Loading it he clipped it to the leg of his suit and took out a combat shotgun.

"fire team Alpha, engineering, Beta, head down to the crew deck. Elspeth has the bridge, if anything burns through call it out and get the soft skins out of the area."

Fire team delta fast response, standby in the hanger be ready to mount up and assist any ship that signals for marine support.

He stepped out of the rack the deck plate ringing as his armor plated boots made contact. He grabbed several satchels filled with spare ammo, and medi-packs slinging it over his now even more massive shoulders.

~watch your back out there, those things love to swarm the biggest threat in the area. that's going to be the Rose.~he sent a thought to Elspeth his mental voice full of anticipation and a good bit of excitement as he patted his own weapon. Valkiir men were expected to stay calm, composed and focused in combat, but at heart, all valkiir were warriors.~About time we had  some target practice around here.~

"alright I have a roast in. So lets clean this mess up. If it dries out because this takes too long I am going to be pissed, and everyone eats pre-pack tonight."

 GM, 159 posts
Tue 20 Sep 2016
at 06:39
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
In reply to Lynn Winters (msg # 46):

IN the engineering spaces it was chaos, crews were stripping out umbilical from the shipyards support system and beginning the process of switching to internal power. the dockhands were hauling away their gear as fast as they could often getting bowled over by crewmen in the process of bringing the ship to flight readiness.

An assistant was shouting for a crewman to run the crash start checklist as she began to feed power into the Quantum resonance chamber to initiate a fusion reaction in the main reactors.

Lyn's  assistant was visibly relieved to see her. "Chief we haven't had time to check the calibration on  the fusion bottle yet you might want to have a look at it those settings. if the system scrams on startup it'll take us an hour to reset and try again."

OOC: engineering check 2d6+ Skill...8+ to begin emergency power up.

6 or less two hours
8-9 One hour
10-11 thirty minutes
12+ fifteen minutes.
roll two sixes and you can have the reactor fired up in five minutes.

Lynn Winters
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Fri 23 Sep 2016
at 13:16
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Lynn moved in, nodding to her assistant as she started her check.

"Get everyone moving, triple time. Ship's going to move if everyone has to get out and push it off."

Pulling out several different screens while slapping open hatches, Lynn's hand worked like independent creatures as she looked over connections and boards.

She swore under her breath as she checked and recalculated runs. "I swear, monkeys put this together before we got here. Monkeys!"

One readout flashed over and over, and Lynn opened up yet another panel, looked intensely at it, and pulled out her hydrospanner.

"Well, by the book this should take another hour or so. But we need to leave so it's the quick way."

And as her astonished assistant looked on, Lynn slammed the hydrospanner down into the guts several times. The offending light stopped.

"Ok, we're good."

She punched the comm with her hip. "Firing up, reactor will be up in minutes. If you hear a big explosion it'll take longer."

She turned to her assistant. "Triple time, remember? Go!"

No idea what bonuses I have but it's at least 1, so that's a 12 at least.
09:07, Today: Lynn Winters rolled 11 using 2d6.

 GM, 163 posts
Sat 24 Sep 2016
at 10:01
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
the deck crew seemed to hold their breath as systems energized and a building howl sounded as the turbo pumps poured liquid hydrogen into the fusion core. deep inside its mass gravity cores, ad quantum accelerators sparked to life distorting  space time until a pinpoint of distortions so intense it rivaled the heat and pressure at the core of a star formed. Hydrogen crushed by gravity, and heated to blazing temperatures collapsed into itself fusing into helium, unleashing the forces of creation within the reactor vessel.

the ship shuddered in it's moorings as low voltage power from the starport was replaced  by the reactors full output. The small warship now had a fire at it's heart, and could power a city on it's own. Grav plates hummed to life, lifter ran through automated sequences. and the sips massive drives began to cycle generating hundreds of liters of plasma in storage bottles ready to be released to drive the ship forward as soon as it cleared the surface. for several seconds loose items vibrated and shuddered as the gravity systems calibrated and engaged the familiar feel of grav plating tickled exposed skin then settled.

"I am sword and Shield, savior and slayer. In Living or dying I shall defend those I carry Bar my path at your Peril,If you dare my wrath you WILL BURN." Serena voice sounded though the  PA system and over broadcast frequencies as she announced "first fire" and let everyone within the area know a warship had been brought to life. I AM THE AUDACIOUS ROSE. I fear no foe, will dare any peril, I am at your command."

even with the chaos of the emergency scramble tradition required the ship to repeat its solemn oath to her crew, and warn the universe it was coming.On the docks and from all the ships in the area answering whoops and blaring klaxons answered the announcement

"Audacious Rose Actual, this is defense Command you are cleared for priority departure at your discretion......All traffic will clear departure path for Independent Warship Audacious Rose." System defense replied in calm tones." Merchant reserve form On audacious Rose and proceed at best sped to final defense perimeter. You will hold Final defense line and prevent landing of hostile force at all costs. Good Hunting."

Welcome to the fight Audacious Rose"

Louis Quatorce Soleil
 player, 10 posts
Sat 24 Sep 2016
at 17:51
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Louis is already dressed for Depresurized ops, he looks over to Alex who waves him off and goes elsewhere.

Of Course my dear, Louis bows magnanimously as though he is being gracious rather than getting the honor of supporting a superior. He does, however maintain the social awareness to add flattery and ask questions when required.  You honor me, truly to permit my humble effort here on the bridge. Now then, let's lock into the neurocomm, now then can you help with my technique?

He locks into the comms and sensors Hmmm it's not unlike data mining, there what next?

13:41, Today: Louis Quatorce Soleil rolled 12 using 2d6+2.  Int or edu.
To learn and perform the task set out for him by poppy

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Sat 24 Sep 2016
at 22:45
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
The Nephalim bids the cyborg luck and makes way to his room to dress appropriately.

He returns wearing advanced marine combat armor with a personalized skin job based on a fractal pattern.
This image mapped with self similar repeating themes over the wrist mounted rocket launcher and side arm.
If I were an artist I would map it onto some armor and make a picture.

I am not being the great pilot such as you but if I fail I may move about EVA and still shoot.
He says with a smile.

Alex checks the fighters for any psionic interface that could assist him.
Kendrick Johnson
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Sun 25 Sep 2016
at 04:17
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Kendrick wasted little time removing his cloths and dawning a flight suit for the coming battle.  As the ship crew continued to rush about him in their preparations he was happy to feel the shuddering and jarring motion of the beast as it prepared to take off.

"seems I had better get to my own fighter" her muttered to himself, knowing that he had finish making his prep work for take off.  With a final zip of his suit he reached for side arm and flight helmet, securing the one while holding the other under his arm as he made for the ships hangar bay.  Once there he looks for the quartermaster on deck finding them he asks to be pointed to his fighter and moves to make a final inspection of it as deck crews are finishing their own work in rapid haste.
T'risa K'mahda
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Mon 10 Oct 2016
at 14:59
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
T'risa arrived on the bridge, dressed immaculately in her armoured vacc suit. She took the time to acknowledge everyone's presence, before taking her place next to the tank where she could keep a track of the oncoming battle.

"So Poppy, what do we have to work with?"

T'risa frowned for a moment as she cast out her mental net to coordinate with the other battle witches on station. She nodded at Alex, smiling at the combat armour "An interesting choice."

As the voice of the AI resounded throughout the ship and over the comms system. T'risa spoke softly back to her, making what appeared to be a vow "You are the sword and shield. The protector of the innocent. I am the seeker for justice and the scourge of the oppressor. In my guidance and care, you will flourish and thrive, while laying waste to those who dare threaten our worlds."
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 off the shoulder of Orion
Thu 27 Oct 2016
at 23:52
Independant Warship: Audacious rose
Elsbeth dutifully watched the bridge as the ship prepared to launch.  She was stationed off and back to the right of T'risa's position, carefully keeping out of the Marshal's way.  When prompted to the tall Praetorian quickly reviewed the stationing of the marines on board through their secured channel and gave her status report to T'risa, "++All security personnel are on station and primed for action, Ma'am.++"  She sounded confident enough and her surface thoughts were just as calm.

The servos in her powered armour gave a gentle hum as they continued to cycle as she scanned the bridge and watched the tactical displays on scroll all sorts of information.  Though she had some basic training in naval tactics, and her HUD helped to collate plenty of information - much of the nuances of display data she was not privy to.  However, she knew that the Marshal was taking it all in and more.  Elsbeth just need to be ready to do her part when tasked.  Her left arm throbbed slightly, or at least it felt as though it did through the phantom receptors that were cybernetically linked to the heavily armoured and augmented limb.  The lanky CMC Marine's eyes darted to the upper left hand corner of her HUD and double-checked the status of her own weapons and then the statuses of all of her squads and the other squad leaders.

As the multiple tactical displays at the front of the bridge blossomed forth with the dancing, multicolored kaleidoscope of the unfolding opposed fleets readying to engage, a tight thin smile crossed her lips.  She broadcast to Balkiir the sight of the brightly, shifting array tinged with her own eager and dread-filled anticipation.  Elsbeth held the scope of her thoughts tight, but was sure that the others like T'risa and Alex who where much more adept than her with the powers of the mind could likely see what she was on the telepathic link between herself and her paramour.