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Thu 29 Oct 2015
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Qutzl reception
As expected a small shuttle arrived at the appointed time. Not a rough commercial shuttle, or a re-purposed military troop carrier This shuttle was obviously an embassy vehicle, with a sleek, well cared for appearance and comfortable seating, and a small wet bar for passengers.

a pilot, and delegate from the Quetzal Embassy were aboard The delegate dressed in a long formal robe and gown which flattered her slim build nicely.  She stepped down from the shuttles ramp, bowed slightly dipping her brightly colored feathers out of deference to the guests.

His Honored self High Commissioner Pipiltin Etzhuanhuanca-Extli-Quantzin,Known to friends and enemies as Blood Glutton, extends warm greetings, and Offers his hospitality for the evening. Make yourself comfortable and,  please enjoy a refreshment while en-route. She stepped aside with an introduction or giving her name. Not uncommon for a personal envoy. Her feathered crest returned to it's former, completely displayed status, and Her skin did  not betray her emotions. There was only a slight change as she adjusted to the cool night air.
T'risa K'mahda
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Sat 31 Oct 2015
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Qutzl reception
Amara arrived dressed in s formal gown. Not her most extravagant piece of clothing of course, but she couldn't wear that any more. Not bullet resistant enough. She wasn't expecting anything to happen, but there were many roads that led to violence and what she was planning to do would shake up the whole system and not necessarily in ways that others would see as good. She chose jewellery with exquisite taste. Ornate and delicate, in general made of platinum with small gemstones. She wore her hair up, with a tiara crowning her head. Platinum with deep sapphires to compliment her skin and sstandout against her hair. Her shoulders covered with her school shawl, the black and purple diamonds of the Skrinsha academy. The only completely incongruous thing was highly polished cooper shield pinned to her bodice, and the plasma pistol holstered at her hip.

"We are all pleased to meet the High Commissioner Pipiltin Etzhuanhuanca-Extli-Quantzin and his staff. Please thank our host for his hospitality and generosity for this evening on our behalf. You do your employer great credit." T'risa gave the delegate a warm and genuine smile.