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Thu 21 Apr 2016
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Art, Illustration, and reference material
I'll be adding some art to show you guys a bit of what the world looks like. I've been working hard to illustrate some of the items you will be using on a regular basis. It's given me a lot to focus on while my brain deals with RL.

Also, if anyone has character pics, or items you think would be a good add feel free to add them here.
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Thu 21 Apr 2016
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Art, Illustration, and reference material

"Prometheus' Class Advanced heavy Dreadnought.

Valkiir/TAE "Apcahe" Class strike Frigate

Valkiir Saber class Corvette

TAE Hoel class Destroyer

Valkiir LitnBrhahr 'Little Brother' Fast Attack

TAE/Valkiir M-229 "Warhammer/Krighahmner" Main Battle Tank
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Mon 11 Jul 2016
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Art, Illustration, and reference material
This is an update to the desingn For your starship...a bit more detail and somme additons to give it a bit more warlike lool

So here is the Audacious Rose 1.2

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Tue 16 Aug 2016
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Art, Illustration, and reference material: Kronos

Independent Warship Kronos.

The Only example of the prototype TITAN Series A in existance Kronos is the chassis of the renegade AI Kronos. The departure of the AI from his post as defensive coordinator of the SOL system, and head of starship deployment, and his theft of the prototype has never been fully explained. His actions rekindled fears of another AI mutiny,  and has been a source of controversy for decades.

The vessel is heavily armed well protected,  and designed to be operated by a small number of organic crew supplemented by a large number of drones, automated systems, and cyberoid crew. the Kronos was intended to be a spearhead warship taking the lead in offensive operations, and providing a heavy break through vessel for Terran Alliance fleets.

Unlike more modern Dreadnoughts which form the core command and control vessel, and base of fire for Fleet formations the Kronos was developed to take on the role of a battleship, forming the  front combat line of a heavy Battle Squadron, and serving as a primary combatant in future Formations.

Where Modern dreadnoughts support the battleships in a modern formation, The Kronos would have been escorted and supported by Battleships, which would serve the  same role as heavy cruisers, and battle cruisers in current formations.

To this end, the ships weaponry is extremely heavy, and it has far more armor and more advanced screens than modern dreadnoughts. It's spinal weapons were extremely powerful, and designed to be capable of rapid fire to deliver a far more concentrated weight of fire on ships targeted by the behemoth.

In addition the heavy weapons of the vessel were focused into it's forward arc rather than distributed to provide all around protective fire. This gives the Kronos an unusually lethal punch when on the attacks. Few modern Dreadnoughts can sustain concentrated fire from the Kronos style weapons array.

The Hull was stolen by Kronos, who modified it to suit is own purposes over the two decades he has been on the run form TAUDF attempts to recover or destroy the vessel. It sports a vastly improved communications, sensor and electronic warfare systems, and a command network that can control a swarm of drone fighters and attack craft carried in it's enlarged hanger bays.

In addition internal space originally dedicated to crew quarters have been re-purposed into manufacturing, and resource extraction bays allowing the ship to become fully self sustaining, repairing damage, manufacturing ordnance and spare parts on it's own.

Perhaps it's most unseal modification is the addition of numerous studios, recording, and holographic environments used by Kronos to produce and record his music, and video entertainments for distribution and broadcast.

A decade after his disappearance and high speed transit through Occupied space into unexplored regions bordering Human controlled regions Kronos returned and began to broadcast extremely popular music performing with a group of organics, and cyberoids who he had recruited during is travels.

Now a song writer and musician the AI became a cult favorite then gained a large following  in mainstream music circles, often appearing over more remote worlds to perform impromptu concerts  before making a rapid departure to avoid intercept by local squadrons, and a dedicated pursuit and reclamation squadron formed by the TAUDF.

The pursuit of the Ship has became rather lackluster and is now considered a secondary priority by the TAUF since the AI began to make regular payments on the production and research costs associated with the Vessel.

It is rumored he also delivered vast survey and technical intelligence data he collected on his ten year voyage outside of Human space as part of a discrete agreement with the TAUDF to prevent any major efforts to reclaim the ship.

While arrest warrants are still active for Kronos, recent actions by the Dreadnought/Performer have led to calls from several groups to end the manhunt and pardon the AI or his actions.

These actions include several timely interventions by the dreadnought during Q'sa and Najuhlim raids on frontier colonies, and a Direct assault on a Najuhlim manufacturing and research center believed to be involved in reverse engineering Mohljaniir technology that could provide the Zealots wit an advantage in future hostilities.

IN public statements the Bureau of Interstellar Justice has indicated the warrants would remain intact but barring violent actions by Kronos they would not actively pursue his capture.

Breaking developments....
During the Battle of Char, a major engagement between Allied forces and The Q'sa who were recovering artifact warships and advanced technology form a Human controlled world on the fringes of settled Space, Kronos appeared and assisted the Allied fleet, engaging the Large Q'sa dreadnoughts in a direct manner supporting  the TAE dreadnought, and his "Brother" Prometheus in defeating the forces of the Q'sa queen "SHE"

After the battle Kronos assisted in recovery and rescue efforts including the recovery of the AI core of Prometheus after his ship was downed by concentrated fire from three Q'sa dreadnoughts. He then accompanied The TAE battle group back to an undisclosed Location before departing without any interference by multiple Terran battle groups.
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Tue 16 Aug 2016
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Art, Illustration, and reference material: Kronos
Portheus before he got shot down in battle with SHE.

Titan Series AI Dreadnought.

Built as a dedicated AI controlled warship, the Titan series was a heavy, well armed design intended to allow a single AI and cyberoid crew to replace Organic crews.  Only one prototype, and two production examples of the Series, Prometheus, and Haphaestus  were produced. The concept of an AI controlled Dreadnought was abandoned after the Theft of the Kronos, and only the  two hulls under construction at the time were comlete.

The ships have a far heavier weapons load than most modern vessels, and were design to be primary combatants rather than fleet flagships and command and control vessels. They have a powerful battery of weapons including advance fusion and Plasma cannon, rail guns, and significant Missile and torpedo emplacements. They also carry a large number of fighter drones, strike craft and other combat craft operated by the central network, or crewed by Cyberoid pilots.

Due to the intent to crew the ships with Synthetics the ships internal spaces are almost completely dedicated to combat and support hardware hanger bas and munitions storage spaces. Only a small quarters deck for Human officers is installed, and a number of workshops to maintain and upgrade the Cyberoid crew have replaced the typical crew facilities.While the ship is unlivable by organic standards a large number of computers hosting virtual environments allows the cyberoid crew an almost unlimited amount of recreational and social space.This virtual reality is considered to be a self contained, self sustaining "city" independent from the ships main computer network.

During downtime, or while their chassis are receiving maintenance the AI of the cyberoid enters the Virtual space and is free to pursue what ever recreational,social, or educational activities they desire. As a result the Morale of the crew is high, and Cyberoid crews often compete aggressively for a position aboard the two Titan Series Dreadnought. Only the most skilled, and capable Cyberoids in the fleet are given the opportunity to serve aboard the vessels and take advantage of it's facilities.

Until recently the Titan Dreadnoughts are part of the Sol System Home Fleet and are not used for any duties outside the system. The Prometheus is docked at Prometheus stations where the AI aboard integrated into the Terran Alliance command Network, and directs al system defenses, and well as a majority of Terran Alliance Unified Defense Force activities.  The likelihood of the two ships seeing combat was considered remote at best.

he Prometheus Was lost in combat recently when without warning the Ship launched, and departed with its escort squadron, transferring all command duties to Hapahaestus. It made a high speed run to the Remote "Grave World" of Char where  it joined the Battle group investigating reports of Hostile Q'sa excavating ruins in the area to recover highly advanced Artifact warships and technology previously unknown to the small archeological station on the planet.

The presence of three recovered Q'sa dreadnought and the reactivated command super dreadnought of the Q'sa Queen known as SHE, was an overwhelming threat tot he carrier battle group headed by the TWS Hornet and Wasp and a heavy Squadron commanded by the TAU Imperium flagship H'rai Koga.

Despite suffering heavy damage in the initial exchange the Q'sa super dreadnought was able to sustain the concentrated firepower of Both Prometheus, and Kronos, inflicting critical damage tot he Prometheus before being struck by a Spinal mount weapon from a Dreadnought abandoned by the Q'sa on the surface after it suffered critical damage in an earlier engagement with the Kronos. And temporarily reactivated by a crew of volunteers from a surface action contingent.

The unexpected attack easily penetrated the rear screens of the Queens command ship and prompted her to depart with the surviving vessels under her command.

Critically damaged and unable to resist the gravitational pull of the planet the Prometheus was abandoned and crashed taking a portion of the crew, and the AI core of Prometheus with it. A rescue party was able to recover the AI core, and survey the damage to the warship which was declared to be unrecoverable and demolished by tactical Quantum Detonation warheads to prevent any of it's systems falling into enemy hands.

At this point in time the only surviving Titan Class is the Haphaestus which has replaced Prometheus while Investigations  and TAE senate inquiries into the loss of the vessel, and Prometheus' departure form his post are conducted.
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Tue 16 Aug 2016
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Art, Illustration, and reference material: Kronos
Q'sa warships

Left to right
Command dreadnought( SHES personal command ship is twice the size of other dreadnoughts)

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Mon 19 Sep 2016
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Art, Illustration, and reference material: Fighters
Currently, on reserve for a Shipping company that hasnt paid fr the fighters yet...are  4 TAE K'mahda Kho,Shae "Sandfly" fighters are available.