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Sun 30 Oct 2016
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Notes for current situation
Merchant Reserve

12 200 ton Traders: Pulse lasers and missiles, light armor low speed.
5 600 ton Merchantmen Pulse lasers and missiles, light armor.
10 100 ton private starships pulse lasers, high speed
12 Private fighters Pulse lasers light armor, extremely high speed
1 Armed Merchant cruiser Pulse lasers plasma cannon, missiles heavy armor Low speed.

Commercial ships have  a crew wf 4 to 20 armed with sidearms and light armor
merchantman carries 12 marines with Shotguns combat rifles and combat armor.
Merchant cruiser has 20 marines combat armor and laser carbines.

several dozen armed shuttle are deployed each on carries a squad of Militia with sidearms shotguns and laser carbines.they have no armor and only a single pulse laser.

Larval Flyers equivalent to armed drone, no armor single very short range plasma gun similar in power to ship grade  beam laser.

Larval Crawler equivalent to a human marine with plasma carbine/plasma cutter and light body armor. can fight hand to hand with bone scythes equivalent to cutlas or large sword.

Kraken Fighter: equivalent to human 10-ton fighter, no armor easily injured.

Numbers detected by long range patrols( two groups of nearly identical numbers)
100 flyers
12 transporters with approximately 20 crawlers each( transporters have only a single plasma gun equivalent to main battle tank in armor and ground speed slow in space.)
20 Fighters.
2 Frigate sized Kraken juveniles.( nearly same tonnage and firepower as Audacious Rose)

this is a secondary group to the main body which is trying to flank the system defenses and reach the planet.

Tactical assessment:
singificant threat to merchant reserves lighter ships
Numerical superiority but lower armor and survivability
Kraken Frigates are primary threat. Requires either the Audacious Rose, or the Merchant cruiser to be deployed to halt their advance.
High likelihood that allied ships will be  boarded by flyers or crawlers.

Suggestions from Audacious Rose AI, remain within Range of Planet based missiles and guns ask for assistance fro Militia combat air patrol. Fighters should move to engage transporters before they can get close enough to board civilian vessels.