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General Information
The Information below is necessary to know for the knowledge of the role play.

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Re: General Information
Races Info

Note that this information is to either help explain certain roles are to give descriptions. So please read all carefully and ask if you have any questions.

   All races from the real world are in this RP, the races below are the ones that are made up and can be found in this role play. Please keep in mind these descriptions are simple. Add if you see fit but please keep everything reasonable. At the moment some names are placeholders

Celestial Unicorns- These creatures are made of light/dark magic blended with arcane essence. The magic within them are so powerful that it is said that these creatures are the ones that birthed the magic of light and the magic of the arcane. These creatures are very rare and are said to only appear when ones heart truly calls for them.

Celestial Dragons- It is rumored that before the world flourished with all its species and life that dragons full of power use to walk upon the land. These dragons are of pure elements and were said to be able to take upon human form. The elements in which these dragons existed are: fire, earth, water and air. Because of these dragons’ connections to the elements, these dragons are said to be the reason that there are several different categories within each element and are the reason why some abilities can never be obtained by regular people.

Mermaids-these are not your typical mermaids. First let’s start with appearance. These creatures are at least six feet long. Their eyes are dark pools of color ranging from black to any color found in the sea.  The females have long tendrils as hair, each tendril is said to like an octopus arm. Their ears are pointy and sometimes are lined with shell like jewelry. Their teeth are like a sharks and extremely sharp. Their fingers and nails are long. Their nails are said to inject a paralyzed liquid into their victim’s body. This is how they catch their prey or anything else they find interesting. Males are the same except they have no hair and their noses are nothing but bone. They are feared because they have caused many a sailors death and disappearance.

Shape shifters- These are creatures that have a little of each magic born within them. They are quiet smart and usually only take to one human. These creatures are usually born deep within the earth and from the start on their own. They immediately seek out companionship. Once one is found they become fiercely loyal and usually form a magic bond. It is known that shape shifters can be powerful but some are not.

Faeries- These creatures represent the element in which they come from and usually bear a season. They usually remain hidden but when they come out it is usually because a particular human has caught their interest. There are good faeries that wish to help and lend their power but there are also those that wish to gain power. It is said that there is a war brewing within the faerie realm as some begin to side with the giants while others side with the fighting heroes.

Klegwor- These giants are 23 ft tall with pale grayish scaly skin. Their eyes are usually pale green snake eyes. They were barbarian clothing. Most of them have bottom jaws that jut out and reveal huge sharp teeth. Their hair is usually kept mid length because they keep souvenirs of their catch and symbolize their power in their hair.

Jolon- Submersed in darkness, these13 ft people have twisted their magic, causing it to become unnatural. Now able to bend space and make it as if they were never there, these people tend to love to prey on others. Living within the ground, they huddle together away from the light for it is said to hurt their eyes. Their howls sound like bats within the night and because of their ferocious tendencies it has become law in most lands to kill them on sight.

Grorus- These giants are also 23 ft tall and have pale white skin. They four eyes that are said to remind a person of a shark during feeding time. These guys have more of a square jaw and a fatter nose. They are known for their painted bodies and boisterous shouts that usually echo in the mountains. They also wear barbarian clothing.
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Re: General Information
List of Guilds

    Black Rose Guild- This Guild started as a way for thieves, pirates, bandits and raiders to get information that was not available on the streets. However, this changed after the King of Bitterblue sent a raid party into the “Hounds Den” that ended up with many behind bars and dead. This event angered one man in particular. This man was named Baron.  Baron was a guy who many feared and stayed away from. They also listened to him and many were scared to disobey because rumors held that if one did, he’d come as a reaper. One no one survived. However unbeknownst to the kingdom, Baron was calling for all “underworld” occupants to meet at an abandoned tower. There it is said that Baron gave a speech that inspired and invigorated those who heard it. And it was on this night that Baron created the Black Rose Guild. At first this guild did not seem like much. It was petty crimes of stealing. Even the stuff stolen was in question. Small trinkets of silver, iron and brass. Stuff not really worth the money. However, Baron had secured a melting pit and was melting weapons while his men raided ships and left no one alive. Baron was creating an empire. Five years passed as Baron and the Black Rose Guild stayed quiet, keeping their raids on the sea a complete secret. They were aware of the talk in town. A ghost ship rising out of the fog to take life, the reaper of the seas. It fit Baron and his schemes. He liked it. At the end of the fifth year Baron heard of the kings passing and made his move. This day, Baron chose a central town and attacked wiping out any armed men there. That tower was to become the home of the upcoming Black Rose Guild.  From that point on Baron raised the guild and helped it take over the town. Steadily the nights in the Kingdom of Bitterblue became known as the Reaping Nights. Children of all ages vanished, women as well. Some men joined the guild out of fear, others fled. None really fought back.  Some time had passed and Baron, now an old man, was challenged by a veteran in the guild. This veteran was named Draco. Baron was killed by Draco causing Draco to become the new ruler of the Black Rose Guild. Note that this guild has missions ranked by difficulty. The categories within the guild are seedling, emergent, reapers and Dullahans. Seedlings are people who just start out. In order for these people to become emergent they have to complete a certain amount of assignments. Once they are an emergent, they have to master the guild magic and complete the next rank in missions. Once they do this they are given a task in which they have to complete and have to leave a signature. In order for an emergent to become a reaper they have to be able to complete a certain amount of the highest rank missions. Now for a reaper to become a Dullahan one must master a specialized magic and be able to combine that magic with his or her other abilities. If they are able to do this then they are sent out on a special mission given to them by the King of the Rose. If they come back from that alive they are considered a Dullahan. I got this idea from Irish folklore. Dullahan within Irish folklore are like Americanized Legend of the Headless Horsemen. However, in the Irish folklore the Dullahan carries his head with him and consumes the life that they kill. Anyway the Dullahan of the Black Rose Guild are given special missions and are the only ones allowed to attend strategy missions with the king, dine with the king. Also all leaders are to listen to a Dullahan. Dullahan’s are also not confined to any group as a seedling, Emergent, and Reaper is. There are very few Dullahan within the Black Rose.

   Seterna Guild - The seterna guild has been around as long as anyone can remember. It was said to be older than the kingdoms who are to the east and west. It is said it started in the tower which stands nearly forty floors. The top ten given to the reigning family called the keeper and his brood. The tower is protected by a walled inner city which surrounds the tower. The city has its citizens, the inner circle which separates the town from tower. The towers lowest floors are for the people who haven't met the requirements or are trades men for the towers weapons. The second floor is the mess hall for all the lower levels. The next eight floors bunk the children and non-apprentice killers. These people may make it or die trying. The next two floor are guarded from the lower level livers. The people who live on these next levels have private training their own armory. These people are called Grifters. They have learned the skills of the people. These people as include harriers who are a private policing service the tower provides for lower villages and spies. The next ten level are for the Teres. These are either apprentices who have taken their masters places and are recognized by the keeper as formidable killers. These people are known to be the top killer and get the high risk missions while also receiving high compensation. The next ten levels are training for the teres and the keeper’s brood’s home this is the only allowance for the keeper’s brood to interact with anyone below their circle. These floors are private homes and training unlike any others. The fortieth floor is the throne room and the keeper’s private study and room. The current keeper came by this by his father. His daughter went rouge which caused some problems in the lower levels but the keeper’s son and grandson put a quiet to it all. The teres are the keepers most trusted killers and each one is known to have a legend behind their names. It is rare new names appear but recently the name shade rose from the dust. The others are ancient legends who pass their skills to their apprentices. If a name dies without an apprentice the name is held by the keeper till he passes it on to someone who deserves it. When shade died his name was passed to Kiada who was known as shadow an nobody. When out the master will use their old titles till it is time to kill. They each have their own signatures. They must complete their list of kills in a timely manner or become the hunted. Once one fails the Teres there is little hope to regain their status. Most are killed off by the keeper’s brood.
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Re: General Information

****Note that a person can only specialize in one field of magic. The only exception to this is the specialized magic. This area of magic is explained under Specialized Magic. The reason this is, is to avoid having a character being over powered. ****

Guild Magic- This magic is magic that can only be found within the “underworld” and at specific guilds. One of the Guild Magic’s is called Force. This magic was announced to the “underworld” by a man named Baron, Baron says his grandfather created it therefore he does not know of its origins. This magic is an equip type in the sense that a spell has to be done on an item before the magic can take effect. A rose symbol is engraved on a bag while saying the spell and this causes the magic to be applied. Once applied the bearer only has to place a finger and say the assigned word and the magic activates. The assigned word is created by the bearer upon learning the magic. Basically what this magic does is it pulls any substance into it and leaves none of the substance behind. Note it is said that some people have the ability to control more than one of these abilities. However these people are extremely rare.

The list of magic below is magic that is heavily influenced by emotions and varies in reaction to whom may be using the magic. Also please keep in mind that until one specializes in a magic they can utilize any of the following magic’s, just not to their fullest extent. The only magic’s that this cannot happen with is the faerie magic and dragon magic. Once one specializes they can no longer use any of the others. Just their specializations.
Elemental Magic- This magic deals with the elements fire earth water and air. This magic is basically used like an avatar would. However, elemental pets can be summoned. The pets that are summoned are made completely of the element in which they are called. More than one can be summoned.  A wielder can wield all elements but cannot combine. Keep character limits in mind.

Equip Magic-This type of magic uses an element called arcane. It allows the user to pull a weapon out of thin air by utilizing the magical currents that run through the world. More than one weapon can be summoned. Weapons are not the only thing that can be summoned. Gear, medicine, solid objects can be summoned. Anything one sees fit to summon. Please keep characters limits in mind.

Faerie Magic- This magic is only available to a person who has come in contact with a faerie. The elements a faerie can manipulate is more seasonally directed. The seasonal elements that are bestowed upon the human in favor are thing such as Ice/snow, Lava, earth, lightening, thunder, and mini hurricanes. Such seasonal elements can actually be applied to weapons. Skill is needed to do that. This magic is one of the magic’s that is affected by emotion.  The higher the emotions the more dangerous the element becomes. People who use this type of element risk losing all emotion and becoming Fae like. Not all users struggle with that.

Celestial Magic- This magic is more arcane related than dragon or unicorn related, however, those both do play a role within this magic. There are two ways to a person can obtain celestial magic. They can be favored by a celestial dragon/unicorn and bond with them receiving abilities of that said dragon/ unicorn. Another way is for one to find the birthplace of a celestial dragon/unicorn and while there find iridescent stone and claim it for themselves. Once the stone goes dim the power will have shifted to the holder of the stone.  After that the stone becomes useless. Now to discuss the magic in which one gains from this type. Celestial magic depends on the elements but in a different way than most. It depends on the creature in which the element comes from. First I will start by saying that two people can have the same element but wield a very different version because elements mold and become that of their wielders heart. Now for the elements. The elements that exist in this type of magic is: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light and Darkness. Now with that said there are different forms of each and as pointed out earlier it all depends on the creature in which the magic comes from (dragon or unicorn). I will start with the unicorn because they are easier to explain. The magic a unicorn gives is that of healing and defense. It’s made to protect and save loved ones. Make up the abilities that this type may give you. One thing to note is that unicorns do not possess the element of darkness. Their magic comes from the pure essence and pure innocent feelings of its wielder.  Now for the dragons. The reason I find these guys difficult is because they both traits of light and darkness giving variations to the elements. With that said I will explain the Light and Dark scenarios with the dragons.  Just like any being a dragon can be good or bad, however, once one picks a side their power takes on that purity or the tainted essence of the choice. Of course one can switch sides but in order to do that there is a quest that has to be taken ( I’ll leave the quest up to anyone that decides to take that route). Now once a side has been chosen a person can wield up to two elements. Those elements are dependent upon the dragon the wielder is linked to. The properties of the elements is also dependent upon the person will/heart and is greatly affected by darkness and light. I will do one element for both light and dark as an example. For the light example I will use fire, since Kassim wields it though the dragon Akuja. Kassim wields a flame that is said to be a pure intense flame. As he uses the magic, his body sometimes will show some signs of a dragon, such as scales and eye pupil change. The fire mixes with a little of earth and creates an armor. This means he can only wield fire and earth. He can’t wield earth separately since he is mainly fire.  At the same time Kassim can turn parts of his body into flame. He is a close combat flame user. So everything he does with his flames is designed to be close. The stronger his emotions become the more the intensity of the flames increase and the heat. When this happens he has an opportunity of losing control and hurting himself.  Now for the darkness in dragon magic. Basically one who subscribes to this have more harmful elements to others and their elements always have a shadow like ring around the element. Use creativity in these abilities. Be careful not to make your character OP and remember character limits. Note that one who uses dragon magic has the change of going insane. Kassim struggles with this. This happens for several reasons but one reason in which it happens is because the user is switching from a human perspective to a dragon perspective when using the magic.
 Note one who uses any type of celestial magic shows signs of slower aging and longer lifespans.

Heritage/ Bloodline magic-
This type of magic will come from certain bloodlines making the magic rare and powerful. The ways in which one obtains, or awakens their bloodline magic is several. However, it is all done by picking which path he/she want to take, Concerning the paths, one must keep in mind that picking the path is very important and once a path is chosen it can be a very difficult road. With that said once a side is chosen one cannot change the type of magic they have allowed to come forth. Here are the roads in which one may go down. There are three of them. The three are: Emotion, Elemental, and Manifestation.
The first road Emotion. This road is broken down into three different pathways. The pathways are RAGE, PASSION and TRANQUILITY. These three, as choices have a significant impact on the magic chosen and the gifts given by each. So let’s start with the pathways of RAGE. RAGE is a magic that is dipped into the emotions of hatred, anger, malice and that of the like. Even the thought process of I deserve this… can fuel this type of magic. Because of this RAGE makes the magic produced a darker, denser type of magic. Almost a suffocating type. So as one uses their magic, their attacks are stronger or weaker depending on the RAGE within them. Now RAGE comes with a special ability (as do all the others). The special ability of rage is called The Void. This magic basically is the ability to summon dark magic and bind another with it. So one can create various prisons, chains, or something that would force another to be obedient can be created. Multiple shapes can be made by the Void, each having the ability to sap the strength and magic from its captive.
Now for the pathway of Passion. Passion is a magic that is field by desire, love, and the want of protection. The stronger these feelings are within a person, the stronger their magic. Because of what this magic draws from the magic produced by people who choose this pathway is always lighter as if possessing a pure core that radiates deeply. The special ability that Passion holds is, of course, completely different from the void. This pathway has a pathway hidden inside it. A pathway in which one has to make a choice concerning the special ability. The special ability allows for one to protect others and themselves in two very different ways. One allows the user to create shields and block with them. The other allows for the magic to warp into extra layer of protection around its ability doubling attack power and speed.  Here it is good to note that one cannot both double attack power and speed and have the shield. It is either the shield or the attack power and speed. Choice cannot be reversed.
The third pathway is the pathway of tranquility. This pathway is the more natural pathway of them all. As the other two stuck to the extreme of emotions rage and passion this one seeks balance, inner calmness as the other two emotions arise. The person who choses this pathway is one that though they hold both the emotion of rage and passion, they do not allow for that feeling to conquer them. Instead they seek a balance. This longing for balance is what fuels this type of magic. Because of that, the special ability given to by the pathway of tranquility is that of healing. They can also temporarily numb their opponents without seriously injuring them.
The pathways of the first road has now been laid out and only one path can be chosen. Once chosen the choices the person makes will affect the strength of their magic. Whether they allow their magic to be strong and stick to the emotion they have chosen to follow or if they will dim their magic down by trying to change. Note that if a person decides to say pick rage and later decide that rage is not good. That they want to change the type of person they are. They themselves can change however their magic will not. Now for the second road.
Now the second road is the road of the elementals. This road has four different pathways, one for each element. The elements are as follows: fire, earth, water and air. Once an element is chosen one is to undergo a trail where they will meet the raw element themselves. In this case the element would take ion a form of a person. Also the trial is up to you. The reason that one has a trail is so that they may become one with their element. This allows them to be completely submersed within that said element. The reason such submersion is needed is so that the wielder may then apply the effect of the emotion they chose on the first road. Now for the final road.
The final road can only be accessed if the first two roads are completed successfully. The reason is because this road relies heavily upon the other two. This is the road of manifestation. Basically this road is the road in which the user of this magic choses how his magic will be seen by others and thus combines the emotions, elements and their soul (mind? Idk the word to use) together to create the overall product. The three pathways that are presented in this road are: The animal transformation, avatar transformation and the vale transformation. The animal transformation is where the user picks an animal (can only be one and dragons, unicorns, faeries and shape shifters cannot be chosen) to represent their inner mind/soul and is able to take on that form. They are also able to transform just parts of their body into the animal. So like a hand into a claw, etc. The second pathway is that of the avatar. This pathway relies mainly on the element because the element itself manifest into a creature that surrounds and towers over its user and copies their movements. So say the user throws a right punch toward the enemy. The elemental “avatar” copies its wielder and also throws a right punch. It is good to note that if one has the effect of their emotion on here (so say the one to increase movement and power) that is also related to the avatar, not just the user. In the case of the animal transformation, it is applied to the user, who is the animal, so there’s no two different identities like it is with the avatar, Note that if the avatar is beaten and vanishes the only harm done to the wielder is that the wielder is completely exhausted.  It is also good to know that the avatar is not completely invincible so it can be avoided and an attacker can get the opportunity to get to the wielder. With that said here is the final pathway. The pathway of the vale. This is basically where the user actually becomes the element themselves (most likely transforms into the being in which they met when choosing the element). This allows for extra power in whatever that element can provide. I leave the effects of this up to you. Keep in mind we do not want an over powered (op) character.
On a side note the final rode can be accompanied by a trail as well. For me personally I’m combining the two trails of element and the final rode when it comes to Gareki. They do not have to, it depends on the character. Now with everything laid out. I would like to say that I personally think that if one chooses to awaken their bloodline/heritage magic they should not be able to use the other types of magic because this magic is extremely powerful on its own. So as a rundown there are three roads each with different paths. Only one path can be chosen at each road and once choice is made, everything is permanent. All roads work together.

What magic’s can be used together and what magic’s cannot be used together.

I decided to write this part because I feel this may be needed. The magic’s that cannot be combined are: Faerie magic, celestial magic and heritage/bloodline magic. The reason is, is because alone these magic’s are extremely powerful and to avoid making an OP character. They stand alone.

The magic’s that can be combined are: equip and elemental magic. Together these magic can be powerful but as a combination they can be just as powerful as the other types of magic.

I hope this seems fair. I tried to balance everything to the best of my ability. If you want to change anything let me know or if you have any questions. I think that guild magic should be allowed to be combined with anything simply because Guild magic is more about making oneself unseen and unheard, leaving no trace behind.
With all that said this is the end of the magic section, hope you enjoyed!