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The Keeper
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Mon 8 Dec 2014
at 02:07
Out Of Character Random Chat
Thought this may be better than private message since its only two of us lol
Gareki Rhodes
 GM, 3 posts
Wed 10 Dec 2014
at 00:23
Re: Out Of Character Random Chat
Hey So with the 1st post up here I will now be working on Faeren's. Once Fae's post is up, I will then precede to work on on Clockwork Puzzle. Let me know if you like whats being done. It is going to be slow post on there if these two get rolling. My last exam is Thursday and then Ill be completely free.
Kiada Jynx
 player, 9 posts
Thu 1 Jan 2015
at 07:23
Re: Out Of Character Random Chat
I am sorry thing have just been to crazy as of late, my dad isn't speaking to me still and my holidays were odd without him.
Gareki Rhodes
 GM, 9 posts
Thu 1 Jan 2015
at 21:57
Re: Out Of Character Random Chat
I wish I could be there for you. I don't know how. Know that I am praying and always here for you. I worry and I hope that isn't weird. you really are like a sister to me. If you need to chat/rant or whatever i'm here for you. Just let me know

This is more stuff on the previous post but i wanted to ask you something. I have been wanting to create a different type of writing. The basics is that a group of kids wake up in a small space ship  drifting through space. the group cant remember anything but their names.They each have an envelope telling them that they have special abilities and are tasked with a mission. It is basically about exploring a universe meeting new life forms and discovering who they are. eventually i would like them to come upon a planet that is not inhabited but is littered with debris or something like that and the group have a strong sensation to save the planet. then maybe while they are there they find out that each of them belong to an ancient civilization and the planet they are at is one of them. would u like to do something like that? If not Ill start it as my own writing and we can stick with the two we have

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Gareki Rhodes
 GM, 15 posts
Thu 22 Jan 2015
at 18:59
Re: Out Of Character Random Chat
So did Draco break Gareki's wrist or just enough pressure to make it feel like it was?
Bane Durres
 player, 1 post
Fri 23 Jan 2015
at 23:35
Re: Out Of Character Random Chat
Not broken
Gareki Rhodes
 GM, 18 posts
Thu 26 Feb 2015
at 15:52
Re: Out Of Character Random Chat
Ok the way it was put I was thinking either broken or severely bruised. thanks

Where do you want to go in this rp or do you just want to let it unfold? Im ok with whatever. I will reply when I can.