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Sun 14 Dec 2014
at 03:14
Hell's Rules
Hey! I have a few rules that would be best abided by from here on out!

1.) No god modelling! Sure I know this game will really test your limits but, their is no need to be too powerful. if anything comes off as too extravagant or "god-ish" as I like to call it, you will be advised. Three warnings and you have not corrected your ways will be resulted in immediate expulsion from the game.

2.) Please I beg you keep it M rated! I am okay with cursing, people sometimes say I could make a sailor blush with what comes out of my mouth! But, if there is going to be any "Sexy Sexy time" then please fade out or continue in a different place (preferably private message or rMail) I am okay with kissing and some touching but if you are gonna get too touchy then please take it somewhere else.

3.) Be nice! There is no need to be a complete and total ass in the OOC chat! Some professional argument about something or debate is okay but please be respectful about it. If I have to ask you more than once to "hold your tongue" then there will be consequences.

4.)Try to post as often as possible I know how life can get in the way but, if you are going to be absent for a long time then notify me of your leaving time and when you expect to return. If you are gone for more than a week without one word to me than ii will save your character, but you will be deleted for the time being. I dislike lurkers so to speak.

 I may seem like a total hard-ass but I am just doing this so we can have a fun game! So please do as I ask and I will be a very happy GM, thanks a lot~
                                                 ~Master Hellion

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