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Sat 27 Dec 2014
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Clownball's Room
It was a large padded room, Rubber walls, floor, and ceiling. In one corner was a normal bed with red sheets giving the room a slight brightness to it. The Desk to the far side had a computer on it and some pens and papers. The Couch in the middle of the room made it look as if staring into the wall. It was a interestingly bland yet spacious room..
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Sun 28 Dec 2014
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Re: Clownball's Room
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John had finished his spare brownie on the way back to his room, wiping crumbs off his mustache and shirt with his fingers. Entering, he closed the door and did a sweep of the area, checking for anything that seemed out of place or new. Satisfied that no one seemed to have been messing around, he sat down at the computer and logged in, getting online and logging into a secure website. He opened up his journal there and began to compose a report covering his day. From powered shenanigans observed during the breakfast shift and anti-social acts he witnessed  subjects doing to one another, he went through a summary of his day. He paid special attention to detail regarding interactions concerning the sociopath branch, given their greater proclivities towards violent crime, avoiding leaving clues in the wording that might point to which powered subject the author was. Even referring to Clownball in third person, as if he'd seen the interaction with Dare, Heno, and Mary from a remove rather than having been the one they'd teased.

At the end of his report came the one bit of silliness (or was it?) in the entry. He signed it B.M. instead of his name.

Signing off, he deleted his temporary files, closed the computer down, and got ready for bed.
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Mon 29 Dec 2014
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Re: Clownball's Room
Waking up bright and early, John bounced out of bed and headed to the restroom to empty his bladder. Washing up more thoroughly might be delayed depending on how many people were in line, but just a piss shouldn't take too long. Not having a bathroom in his own room was one of the few thngs he didn't really care for about the living arrangements. The psychos and socios had private ones for the most part, but lower down it felt a bit more like a prison with communal facilities.

A bit of warm-up exercises would follow, once he returned from using the toilet.

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Tue 30 Dec 2014
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Re: Clownball's Room
After his morning exercise, it was off to see if he could shower (or not) and change into fresh clean clothes for the day. It being a day off from baking, he'd probably wear a clown costume rather than normal clothes, one with an external valve/adaptor so anyone could inflate him via plugging an airhose into it, whether he was cooperating or not. A real danger, considering some of the nuts here, but it was fun (and funny) if he wasn't struggling for his life.
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Wed 31 Dec 2014
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Re: Clownball's Room
Finishing getting dressed - like a tramp or hobo clown for today - Clownball left his padded rubber room in a search for weirdness (and perhaps a bite to eat that wasn't donut).

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Wed 21 Jan 2015
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Re: Clownball's Room
-----> from The Lounge

Arriving back in his room, John made sure that the door was shut and that he was alone (including free of identifiable hidden cameras) as usual before logging onto the computer and then into the site to make his report. He gave a terse but complete report of how Tae had shanghaied two other patients from the gardens, and of the discussions with Dare & Heno regarding breaking out. He also reported Tae's intended party and his concern for personal safety should he attend it, requesting a distraction that would be a suitable alibi for not showing up.
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Thu 22 Jan 2015
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Re: Clownball's Room


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Hey, john its me Maria. I will make sure to document all of the updates you have given me. I would like to say that you should make sure that this plan doesn't get very far, but stay in with it. One by one throw some kinks into each part of the plan, and continue to get this information to me. You know the plan should you be discovered, call for extraction immediately. Don't try to play hero, or the clown that tried to help but actually got himself killed. I have been looking into these people and found some nasty stuff that they have been involved in through out the years.

       Next, about that excuse. We will be sending you in as well to retrieve some information regarding the file of Mr. Tiir last name unknown. You will need to sneak into the main office of the Head Master and look into the files for him. He might be hard to find but we have been assured he is in their. When in please take pictures with a phone we will slip you then you should send it back through the mail.

       Here is how it will go down. We will come to the scene around 20:45 then ask to speak to a John Groan and a Carinel Monteo. Once you are in the interrogation room officer Pratt will come over and search you, where he will then slip a disposable phone into your pocket. We will ask you a few questions then send you on your way but the interrogation will be watched by Master Hellion himself, so the only guards will be our policemen so you will slip in and out before we finish with Mr. Monteo. This should give you a valid enough excuse to miss the party, but I will need more information regarding what went down. Try to get it out of Matthew Dromund then add it into our next check in.
                                          Handler Maria Henson

                         P.S- Stay out of trouble John, these people are dangerous.

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Fri 23 Jan 2015
at 06:33
Re: Clownball's Room
John read Maria's response several times. Monteo... that was Card, the musician. Quite gifted, too, even without taking his sonic power into account. He'd need to look as if he was readying to attend, he decided, so a good shortcake, strawberries, and whipping cream were called for, along with a pie or two. Well, he could get what was needed when he had lunch (or would it be brunch, given that it was still his first meal of the day?). But how to put kinks in the plan? He'd have to come up with something, and keep his eyes and ears open.

Sending a quick confirmation of receiving her instructions, John logged off and shut down the computer. Reaching out into nowhere, his hand faded partially before returning to normal as he withdrew it, a thick red book grasped in his fingers. 'Hackmaster Player's Handbook' the cover and spine proclaimed.

Opening the book to the magic section, John started looking through cantrips and 1st level spells for anything that might be good for messing with Dare & Tae's planning.