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Ace's Room
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Re: Ace's Room
From Jaden's Diner------>

Ace returned to his quarters. He pulled out his deck from his pocket and pulled out his remaining three Aces. The Ace of Hearts was missing. He had given it to that girl from the diner.
They really didn't have much meaning before now... He chuckled a little. I guess now they do.

Ace sat on his bed quietly as he let his train of thought run wild. He already had the acquaintance on one "gifted" person. It would only be a matter of time before he met more potential allies.

Ace picked up a brochure placed in his room. He browsed through the jobs available. He looked for one that would give him access to the most people. Loan shark... no. Shopkeeper... no. Delivery Boy? Yea. That'll do.

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Re: Ace's Room
Ace figured that he should now probably advertise that the is the new delivery boy. That means he would have to go around to various shops saying that his business is available. He checked his watch. He still had time. He headed out in search of business.

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